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  1. More maps! More gil for ShB yes, yes!
  2. Screenshots of our membership in and out of roleplay!
  3. Make sure you have Sophia normal beat and Sophia (EX) unlocked. If you want to come and need help unlocking, send Kashim a message! Note that you can also collect 10 tokens here for future gunblades/chakrams.
  4. Starting between 5-6PM PST (whenever people are around!) to help newbies get a better jump start on Eureka!
  5. In honor of work well done, Delilah is treating members of the company to a dinner outing at the Bismark.
  6. With early access less than a month away and one completed storyline under our belt, the Scythewoods continue to remain active and going full-speed ahead towards the expansion's launch! We ask that those who put in an app keep in mind we are still currently closed for recruitment save for select instances!
  7. The calendar has been updated and our main FC storyline events are lined up from now leading into ShB! Our In the Dark of the Night storyline is having its finale this week and we have multiple personal plots picking up alongside the continuation of The Eye of Aurora!
  8. With ShB on the horizon, it's time to make some extra gil!
  9. The Sarius family has one major shipment that is supposed to turn the tide on their family misfortunes, After poisoning some members of the Holdings during their celebratory outing, it's time for a little payback...
  10. A time for everyone to get up to speed with the comings and goings of the Scythewoods.
  11. The Sarius family's regime is starting to crumble. It's time to celebrate!
  12. We got our last few members in tonight and reached our 15-20 ideal active membership numbers! With that, recruitment is officially closed for the Scythewoods until further notice! Thank you so much! Already we've accomplished more in a month than in other FCs we had stayed in for months. It's a wonderful feeling! We'll still provide other updates along the way but recruitment will remained closed until we say otherwise. Have a great rest of the week!
  13. Kashim is recovering nicely from his injuries. Now it's time for everyone to find out what exactly happened and who these 'Eaters' are...
  14. We have started on the downward slope to our In the Dark of the Night storyline and started up our ShB storyline known as The Eye of Aurora! Both storylines will be running alongside each other as one ends and another begins. We're starting to reach our 15-20ish membership activity mark (meaning we have roughly that many people around at prime times) and thus will start looking at closing recruitment. For now, we're still at a soft close and thus continue to accept applications! Below are some pictures taken by officers and members from recent gatherings and events! Check them out!
  15. Delilah Scythewood


    Screenshots of our members doing content together!
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