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  1. Delilah Scythewood

    Game Day!

    While the game is down, <Scythe> will have various opportunities to play other games together such as Stardew Valley, Cards against Humanity, Overwatch, and more!
  2. Delilah Scythewood


    With a surprisingly active start and a flurry of new members and interest with allied FCs and affiliates, <Scythe> is putting a soft close on recruitment for the next 1.5-2 weeks to allow new members time to settle and pass their trial period. Updates will be posted when this soft close restriction lifts!
  3. Strange messages. A crate with a surprise visitor delivered inside. Missing employees. Leads are finally obtained and answers start to surface. First official event for the In the Dark of the Night storyline.
  4. Delilah Scythewood


    Map run for gil, mats, and fun!
  5. Delilah Scythewood

    The Scythewood's Opening Celebration

    A private celebration in Shirogane for those under the Scythewood employ to celebrate the official opening of Obsidian Holdings!
  6. Delilah Scythewood

    Volunteer Night

    An evening where members help each other clear old and new content, farm, and anything else that might be of need.
  7. Delilah Scythewood

    Memberships & RP

    Screenshots of our membership in and our of roleplay!
  8. Delilah Scythewood

    The Scythewood Symbol

    The symbol used by the Scythewood family and it's various appearances.
  9. Delilah Scythewood

    My Kugane Viera. How would I make this work?

    Pretty much as Valence said. Viera females, according to the lore we learned from the raid, didn't have much interaction with the males. It's very likely your viera's mother could have left to explore the world while pregnant after an encounter with a male and settled in Kugane prior to her birth. The rest from there you can spin how you will.
  10. Delilah Scythewood

    Progress Report

    Hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and new year! The Council has been quite busy as of late with recruitment reopening after a brief closure to welcome and familiarize ourselves with new members. Here's a recap over some of what has been taking place as well as what is to come: Our mission board has been updated with new missions and assignments to undertake. We're updating the board every month or so to keep the selection fresh and interesting! We have an IC meeting tonight to go over the next step in some recent missions as well as our FC storyline. Tomorrow night is one of the FC's monthly Social Nights - where we as a group attend a community event IC rather than host one of our own. This time we're attending the Grindstone! Our large FC house is currently being redecorated! We're currently in the process of keeping our FC documents up-to-date as we grow as a group and figure out what systems work and which ones do not. This includes rank and structure, structure of the discord, and more! If improving a system helps us as a whole, we're looking into it! We updated our FC album here on the RPC! Our recruitment status currently remains open at this time!
  11. Delilah Scythewood

    Progress Report

    Happy holidays one and all! The Council has been busy with the aftermath of our first FC storyline event this month with plenty of questions to be answered and more missions being run! We attended the Garden of Words Starlight event for our Social Night while characters have been celebrating and getting ready for the holidays. We have more planned for the new year! Stay tuned!
  12. Delilah Scythewood

    Progress Report

    We had our first free company storyline event tonight! A forray onto a Mhachi warship! Putrid filth, flying mantis creatures, and other disgusting denizens of the Void awaited them! They emerged...mostly intact. Mostly.
  13. Delilah Scythewood

    Progress Report

    We've had a variety of events lately from a class on thaumaturgy, map and PvP runs, a DM event in the Dimwold and now an upcoming event involving a Mhachi airship! More to come soon and our recruitment still remains open!
  14. Part of our personal free company MSQ storyline!
  15. Delilah Scythewood

    Progress Report

    With various FC-centric and character-centric storylines underway, the Council has been busy with events and getting settled before the holiday lull kicks in! Our recruitment is still open and we have a wonderful assortment of characters who have all come together under the beliefs of the Council! Below are a few pictures from past events with more updates to come soon as we have our first IC and OOC meeting this Saturday.