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  1. After another batch of recruitment and an extended time closed due to Covid-19, the Scythewoods are going to be opening recruitment within the coming days! Stay tuned
  2. Been a while since we posted an update! Holidays kicked off and the typical November-January busy season took all of us as it usually did. We also hunkered down and worked on our main FC plotline, the Eye of Aurora, and finished it as of Monday! Now, we're looking to make room for smaller scale plots as well as reopening recruitment so that we can get people in that's not in the midst of a crazy storyline! While we'll continue to remain active, we have decided to cease the use of using the RPC's calendar function here on the page! Rest assured, however, we are still having active wee
  3. The reopening of the FC's original main plotline: the Eye of Aurora! Details TBA closer to the date!
  5. The Holdings' first official meeting since their rather abrupt move! Will be taking place in the new meeting room on the second floor!
  6. A relaxing night on the beach to celebrate the Scythewood's move into the beachside manse!
  7. The Scythewoods are finally commencing their plans for the Honeybee Heist!
  8. Just folks hanging out and chatting at the Crystarium bar!
  9. An FC run of the Copied Factory!
  10. Details pending!
  11. Let's get some more mounts!
  12. Our recruitment has once again closed! We'll likely be reopening in a few weeks - a month! Thank you to those who messaged us with questions or compliments on the FC's house, aesthetics, or otherwise
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