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  1. [Details TBA]
  2. A time to meet and discuss! Taking place upstairs!
  3. Maaaaappppssss!
  4. As Lady Scythewood makes herself comfortable at the Obsidian Holdings, more odd-jobs are being offered to those with the free time. One of them includes helping escort a 'friend' of hers from the Silver Bazaar to the Goblet who has rather important items on hand that she needs to look over in person. Any help is appreciated and she will pay handsomely for any...complications.
  5. Our recruitment has closed due to multiple new applicants! Recruitment may reopen in a few weeks pending trial period outcomes and the FC's overall comfort level with adding more new members to the fold!
  6. Since last time there was an error that kicked us out before, going to try this again!
  7. <Scythe> joins <SHADE> for a little fun and relaxation at their Club Underdark event!
  8. Screenshots of our membership in and out of roleplay!
  9. Delilah Scythewood


    Screenshots of our members doing content together!
  10. Delayed update, but our recruitment has officially reopened! We have changed some things with our apps and updated other documents as well!
  11. Touching base with members now that the expac hype has simmered down! There will be an officer meeting after the main membership meeting.
  12. The Scythewoods have had time to recover and collect their bearings so as to focus on the original reason for coming to the First to begin with - searching for the scattered remnants of the Eye of Aurora. With the help of Lady Scythewood, Delilah had located the possible location for one of the fragments in Amh Araeng.
  13. Gotta make that gil and get that sweet loot!
  15. After some harrowing experiences all around, the Scythewoods touch base with their original plans and intentions - finding and reassembling the pieces of the Eye of Aurora.
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