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  1. Most of the type, people aren't really with these mounts ic'ly. Specially Ixion. Most IC mounts are either chocobos, or less silly flashy mounts, but ultimately it's down to the person really, there's no RP Standard regarding mounts besides common sense.
  2. So far only one gave an actual Discord RP Link. C'mon guise.
  3. I just want a goddamn susanoo weapon is that too much to ask
  4. Althought I never leave it for more than 2+ Hours. More than that, and I'll just log off.
  5. I'm not shy from using the exploits, but I mostly use them around peak times. I know, perpetuating the cycle, but if I'm 90kd, then I might as well just turn it off and go to sleep, because in no way I can relog in 4 hours and want to play again. I don't leave Balmung because of the friends I've made here, we all have our reasons. It's probably selfish, but I wanna play the game
  6. Nothing like a 2 hours queue to make you regret everything! Seriously, still at Ruby Sea. Friiiick.
  7. The Wall fell. If I wasn't watching cutscenes goddamnit, but still. Zevos is a fabulous SoB
  8. Because of a bug, I had to redownload the whole game. Thank god early access is tomorrow
  9. I just check the stuff on e3recap. Bethesda heavily dissapointed me with their paid mods shit again.
  10. XRkrascT_iM Honestly, a this point, I'm only posting because I did it back then. Western Developers amaze me time and time again.
  11. Derplander is the WoL stand-in meant to be our character in all the cool CG scenes. It's important to note that he is NOT the Warrior of Darkness and Derplander's friends are NOT the Warrior of Darkness's friends. (So the CG Lalafell is not Lamimi). I'm not sure about the actual name, if he even technically has one. I just always saw him as placeholder in nice CG. I will always feel dissapointed it isn't. I mean, I get it's a stand-in for ours, but making it seem like it's own character would feel like a parallel story. Heck, on that reveal, making he appearing on the HW made it make sense. I dunno. Wasted opportunity, more parallel universe BS, we're going to Ivalice and slaughter everyone like Mache did.
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