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  1. Thought I add into this, as I see many new folks who don't know of this trick! When you like to use an animation in your poses, such as a bow, but don't want that pesky text (I know I hate that text, cause I sometimes use facepalm to remove masks/helms), all you gotta do is /wave motion By adding the word motion to any emote, it will do the animation, but not the text.
  2. So, I have one boy on Mateus still, my oldest character, and a few over on Lamia, but I am looking at bringing a character back to Balmung as I haven't been back home on my old server in some time. I am fairly sure they don't have a block against people willing to spend money and so I'll probably be throwing over one of my alts who is almost into Heavensward and I've done some work on her. Also looking at reprising her old identity I did with her on Mateus before moving her to Lamia (and now she is going to Balmung, maaaybe). What holds me from moving her over is she is connected with Garle
  3. One thing I've learned over my 8 years of observing Yoshi P is-- he is a troll sometimes. Unless he or his team confirms something, like officially, don't place your hopes up to high. Sure, you can make up ideas, even I'm doing that, but don't be in so much anticipation that when you find out it isn't the case, you fall into despair... and then the Ascians get you. (Heck, I've been wanting to play a Pureblood since 1.0, and we didn't even know Purebloods were their own thing till like around the end of 2.0/beginning of 3.0 -- and I still wanna be one, but I am always convincin
  4. I would have loved this, I /do/ love this. I tend to be a big Garlean empire fan girl since 1.0 when we first got introduced to the Magitek they had... also Gaius. I got the cutscenes that made him a very, very fascinating character back then. Sadly my Garlean boy is or was on Mateus, but now is over on Lamia. I have spoken about making an alt on Balmung again (as it was my original home going back to Besaid), but I am not sure if my life would really allow me the time or even energy to give this its proper respect. I will, however, keep an eye on this thread and your endeavors to
  5. Thank you You may want to get in touch with Rhys over on Mateus, since she has the largest of the Mateus RP Discord and she the queen when it comes with Discord working. I'm not sure what other leads are out there for the other small rp groups and I'm already sure you had plans too, so I am glad to see this is happening. Honestly Roleplay to me was never really about server separation or singular server identity over another, but rather roleplayers themselves were one large family, sometimes scattered, but this will give people a chance to truly unite as a Roleplay family an
  6. This, right here. Small pop servers need the population help, this is how Mateus was able to become what it is today. The way an RP community to grow on a current non-rp server, is you need a small population, a willing population, and the desire to just go public. Don't be afraid of trolls, take things in stride, and show the normal community that RP is not all about ERP (which is a mass public belief that is /all/ RP is about thanks to some particular sites out there for gaming news & Moon Guard). It is /NOT/ an easy task, it can be hair pulling, wall-to-head slamming, b
  7. So far... Though I have a theory on that "race", outside of the possible Viera, but I am not going to say it publicly. Just that I've been waiting since 1.0 and while it may never happen and I know to not hold my breath on it... I am just curious to see how much of those leaks are true and if speculations from said leaks are right.
  8. While I am in the process of moving from Mateus to Lamia to aid the RP scene there, I am-- feeling 50/50 about the whole Data Center thing. Balmung, since Besaid, has always been my home. I may not currently be there, but it will forever hold a close place in my heart. However, I don't think people should see it as a massive negative either. Balmung, or should say, Besaid had the fear of having problems when we had our first merger in 1.0, it survived. It will survive and thrive, as it always has even with this new shift in Data Centers, if anything it means aiding further the smal
  9. One, I will admit I didn't read this entire topic, so-- sorry for that! But I will say, as a female gamer, I'm straight rl-- I play all my females straight. I also play 80% of my men straight as well. There are people who want to play folks straight, you just have to be patient and they will crop up eventually. There are more of 'em out there than you realize too, just they are not so obviously looking for love in all the places.
  10. Hey there and welcome! Hopefully you can find some connections, as many folks from the Mateus RP community tend to hang out in Discord and don't get over here much (for whatever the reason), but there are a ton of them and the tend to have regular events going on from time to time. If you like the discord servers, I can post them here for you, but again, welcome to Mateus!
  11. Most everyone has said everyone I would say on this subject. I will admit, as a fellow roleplayer, I don't have a problem with anyone lore-bending so long as they done their homework on the subject and get fairly close to remaining true to the world. I, however, can't stand lore-breakers. I typically will let bygones be bygones, but I will be squinting at them fairly hard going, "Why are you breaking my immersion?" The rule of thumb for most people is about the same. Bending is fine, because we all bend the lore in some way in truth. Breaking however? Most people will have issues w
  12. Name: Garlemald Of Mateus Links: https://discord.gg/pqumWuj Brief Description: A Discord Community for Garlean Roleplayers and Supporters Of. A place where like minded individuals can get together and be able to make connections for their characters, no matter if traitor or still loyal supporter of the Empire.
  13. While this is not my event nor am I the one running this, it was something linked on the Mateus RP HUB and given we have had many faces joining Mateus, I felt I would post this up as it is one of our regular events on the sever. For information regarding this, you can find the info on their event here: https://fallgourd-float.tumblr.com/post/174262616502/oschons-sands-mateus-server-hq-map-june-3rd If you like to join the Mateus RP HUB and keep up with the latest on Mateus RP events, you can join them here: https://discord.gg/77DDRUg
  14. Gaius surviving doesn't really surprise me, but then again I was in that camp that has been shouting since 2.0 "He isn't dead! There is no body!" In truth, I jumped and dance in my chair soon as they zoomed in on him after his sniper-shot display and if I wasn't sure then, I was when they did his slow walk; which echoed so hard back to 1.0. If I had the video editing abilities, I'd probably do a very short clip to Elton John's "I'm Still Standing". but most of the verse leading to the whole: I'm still standing, better hand I ever been. Looking like a true survivor-- and probably ending it ther
  15. Most of them tend to hang out in the Quicksands and random locations. The best way to get in touch with the RP community is also via Discords. Here are two of them and the first is the larger one. There is a ton of roleplay on Mateus, we even have some very large events, just most of them tend to linger on the Discords and less here, don't ask me why, but they do. Hope this helps! https://discord.gg/77DDRUg https://discord.gg/XsBTbZv
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