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  1. Got back into FFXIV; in particular, RP. Started fresh with a new character (new RP character; basicaly just fantasia'd and renamed my existing high level boi). He's Doman, through and through (excepr perhaps, not Hyur). As such he knows very little Eorzean aside from very basic words or broken grammar. I thought it'd be interesting as a sort of linguistic challenge for him. Buuuuuut. I've encountered a problem with this. The Doman language itself. How in the world does every single RP character and their mother, Doman or not, just HAPPEN to know perfect Doman? Either that, or they, eve
  2. I haven't played in quite a long while. In fact, probably since February-ish, of this year. I was excited to play again because I wanted to level up Astro. Until I looked at the cards. All of the cards effects? Gone. And replaced with boring, homogenized 'DPS+' effects. Lord and Lady? No burst damage or heal. That too was turned into just 'DPS+improved'. Where did the effects go? Where'd the uniqueness of Astrologian's card system go? Are... are fun and unique mechanics no longer allowed? Is it because the devs were listening to the top 1% statics who were crying because 'nOt oPtImAl'?
  3. So... with the Viera confirmed, I started to try adn think and work on my Viera's backstory, at least a little bit for now. The idea is that she is a Viera who was raised from kithood(? babyhood? Childhood? Puphood? Basically since shortly after birth) in Kugane, or in Doma in general. While that's all well and good, I'm still struggling to figure out just HOW this would've happened. I can't seem to figure out a 'This is how it happened', in terms of logistics. Rough idea is that she was heavily sheltered and never went very far beyond Kugane, IF at all. Does anyone have suggestions or is
  4. It does! And also, Viera has been confirmed! HYPE-DESUKA!
  5. Question! This is mainly intended as a question for when the Viera are released. Just how much lore do we know about them? Their origins? Would it be possible for one ot have been raised in, say.. Kugane, or no? Ideas rolling around in my head, that's all.
  6. Just an oddball question, one that I'm curious about. Seeing as there was an event several years ago, involving an NPC-character stepping into the world of Eorzea, from their origin-land of Vana'Diel... Now, I realize this may sound kinda dumb, but, seeing as that is apparently possible.. Just how likely is it for an RP character to, say, do the same thing? Step through a portal, poof, they've gone from Vana'Diel to Eorzea? Can it happen? Is it something that RPers would allow?
  7. No, I'm not necessarily talking about becoming a primal or summoning one yourself (although they could be valid, depending on the FC) ICly, but I'm talking about the ones summoned by say.... the Ixal, the Kobolds, and the Ananta for example! Can Primals be validly fought in an IC scenario? Considering the beast tribes seem to be able to summon them with relative ease (given prayers and a hefty supply of crystals), is it reasonable to say a character could have ICly clashed with one as part of a plotline? Likewise, is tempering (not necessarily Ifrit's manner though) a possibility?
  8. Howdy peoples! I don't remember if I posted several MONTHS ago about my lungs dying and kinda... left it at that and went rather silent for the most part, but I figured I'd take a peeksy into the forums again and give all of y'all an update!! So for a rough idea of what I've had done---- Over 50 large tubes of blood drawn over the course of the months. Several arterial blood-gas drawings (if any of you have enough experience in a hospital, you know those HURRRRRRRT like an Au Ra's tail being tugged too hard!) And over 30 tests performed. After some deliberation, they ha
  9. Hi there! Just a derpy little RPer here with a bit of a conundrum.. I can't decide on a character concept! One day, I wanted Lami to be just a .. glamoured moogle or something. Before that, I wanted her to be some sort of Garlean experiment involving magitek. But now I just can't decide and I need some advice I do have one detail clarified about her though; her job, which is something akin to ehh.... FF3 (Japan's FF1) Sage, or soemthing like the FFXI's iteration of scholar..
  10. What my point really is to all of this, is the following. If you ask me to DPS while I'm a healer, and I'm stancedancing, please , please, please don't expect a miracle. Will I try my best? Yes, yes I will! And I will try my best! But please don't expect me to be able to bring you from the brink at just a split-second's notice!
  11. Alright!! PSA TIME!!! If I am the //HEALER// in your group, and you ask me to "stance-dance"? You have thusly nearly //forfeited// your right to complain or scream at me if you lose a lot of health or end up dying! Will I still rez you and keep you healed ? Yes, but don't expect that to be a priourity. I mean, after all, I'm doing what you asked and DPSing.. Am I saying that I won't stancedance? No I'm not saying that. All I'm saying is that if you expect me to stancedance, you have fucking accepted the risks that come with it, and that you shouldn't complain if those risks an
  12. *flail* Senpai mentioned me!! :tonberry: *foams at the mouth*
  13. I'm thinking she might have an item or the likes that allows her to glamour into a more common race; Lalafell being the only reasonable thing, methinks. As for stepping aside from my 'usual group'? Ehh, typically I'm not noticed since I'm a potato, so no need to worry about that
  14. :tonberry: Just as the title says ^^; Lami-moogle is in need of some connections! The moogle commonly resides in the Gridanian woods, but volunteers on very, very rare occasion as a Mailmog and can be found wandering all along the place, but primarily stays in one of the Shrouds. I don't exactly know what she would do to persay, START getting connections.. Perhaps she's on a postmog run and happens to deliver a letter or two? *shrug* Also... I need an FC for her. I'm hoping one that won't bash me to bits for my character And ICly, it'd take probably a lot to convince her to join.
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