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  1. Hey Lamiaris, while you won't find any sort of consensus about what is and isn't accepted as a whole as every little group has their own rules, I would also encourage you to be up front with folks you're looking to have long term roleplay with about your character concept. I have to admit I'm sort of curious about what prompted this question from you as well! What aspect of interdimensional characters was appealing to you and why the interest in the concept? All Roleplay is just make believe and if you know and can zero in on why you want to try certain things it doesn't really matter what oth
  2. I know plenty of characters who are single heterosexual males who's players ask the same questions of where all the straight women are. I've never seen anyone act repulsed by heterosexual pairings or found a dearth of straight males who I go looking for them! I don't know how large the Rp community is over on Brynhildr but with how many people there are on Balmung and Mateus it just seems to me a matter of statistics, there's bound to be plenty of fish in the sea you just might not be looking for them the right way. It sounds like you're interested in something a bit more meaningfu
  3. Hi there Kona! Sorry to hear you had some trouble with OOC blending. Romance RP can be difficult to find a good match for. I'm a big fan of it myself since one of my guilty pleasures tends to be romance novels and romcoms so naturally that informs some of my roleplay preferences. It might help your responses if you went into a little more detail on the character side of things for what sort of relationship you were looking to play and something about your character as a hook for people. Without stating what sort of character Kona is you could be getting hits from anyone and might j
  4. Thanks everyone for all the replies! Lots to think over and work out and I've got a little better idea of some lore stuff thanks to you all, been peeking at the wiki a little but since I'm trying to avoid spoilers somewhat for the main story I didn't go on a full wiki dive. Considering what everyone's been saying I'm leaning more towards Conjuror or Astrologian as a focus for starters. I've found at least to get the hang of the world settling into a class really helps to flesh out the world for me and help define at least a little bit some boundaries. Crafting is also really fun so I migh
  5. Hello everyone! New player and long time roleplayer here and looking to get a few feet into Eorzea. My friends and I picked up the game about two weeks ago now and have been really having a great time so far. The game itself is great, the world is really nicely realized, and the emote system and UI stuff is still constantly blowing me away. We've had ever intention of transferring to Balmung to join in on the roleplay and really add to the immersive nature of the world and settle in. We're looking to find a way to both enjoy the community and the game at the same time. I'm a long ti
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