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  1. We aim to provide an 'underworld bar' atmosphere, with softer lights and discrete lascivious tones, some variety from the most commonly cheerful sunlit locales. There will be dancers and performers personified by our FC members, but we do not promote or sell any ERP. This is not our goal, and not our interest, so please do not expect that from us. We want The Red Hibiscus to become a point of reference as an underground bar for all RPers on Omega, and we hope that you will enjoy the warm, crimson-hued atmosphere that we will provide. From the 28th of February onward,
  2. Hope so indeed and thanks. I would be perfectly fine with this person, if he made his own things. But at this point, I'm inclined to believe there may be some mental problems or some weird juvenile fixation into stealing other people's things that motivates him. Otherwise, why keep roleplaying my character for months? For just a prank, it seems a little excessive, especially since I never found out until way after we'd already parted ways. So yeah, I share your feelings of 'WTF' entirely... Baffles the mind, this entire thing.
  3. Yeah. All I can do really. I'm glad I found out. I was also told that someone had cringed seeing me on the RPC forums, after they'd had bad experiences with my copycat... So like... I'm GLAD... that I know now so I can go and say to the world: "that ain't me!" x___x
  4. That's kinda my worry. That he's doing shit just to stain my rep. That's the primary reason I reported him to SE.
  5. A friend made this. Makes the situation seem a little more amusing :'D


  6. I figure I acted a little rashly there, yeah. Was very late in the night and I just couldn't believe someone I'd once upon a time trusted had the gall to do that to me, so... yeah. I was very upset. I still am. But I did try, even in my anger, to be careful not to blast his identity in any way that would harm him for real. Could've been a TAD more careful with it, though. And I did have that fleeting thought of 'should I check the RPC rules before posting this', but in the worst of it, surpassed that thought with 'I'm in the right, and he's doing something that's obviously bad, sur
  7. And for the record, the person responsible blocked me on all mediums without ever saying a word explaining to me what he was doing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not much else I can do, but let people know, that ain't me.
  8. All of the above has been done. The person has been contacted. This has been dealt with by reports in the appropriate channels, BEFORE... I made this post. This post over here was to let people know those characters are not mine and I want nothing to do with them, and that my screenshots, my identity -and- my concept are being stolen without my consent - most likely from these forums too. After the initial anger flew off, I edited the post, realizing that there was too much information there. It was my fault for not having the patience in the first place and for that I apologize.
  9. Oh yeah. Once my disgust fades, I'm going to forever condemn him in the pile of 'people you don't talk about because they're not worth it' pile. I'm glad everyone has been very supportive in this matter. I had heard about things like these happening to people.... but never ever did I think how widespread it was. Is it like a new generation thing? I feel so old. People used to have pride in what they make. Wouldn't using someone else's creation feel insulting to your worth and skill as a roleplayer - as a person, to be so.... fake? That's one of those things I just don't get about peop
  10. I've done so With all the details and proof that was posted on tumblr. I wish they just gave him a 'please don't do this' kind of warning, that'd be enough for me.
  11. A side note... I think I better start adding watermarks to all my screenshots before putting them anywhere, if this sort of thing happens.
  12. The thing is, the FFXIV terms of service also states that impersonation of another person is against the rules. And if he just made a character with my name, and appearance and did what he did behind closed doors, that wouldn't be enough. But the fact that he posts as my character, using screenshots stolen from me... is kind of like... I think grounds for impersonation at this point. Also, the culprit has been known to me all this time. It was obvious due to the way he posted his discord handle on his own tumblr, and having been using that same handle, when dealing with
  13. Time to go to bed at 7 am my time, fml. As a final quote of the day:

    "Stealing is bad, m'kay?" :P

  14. Mhrm... Not sure how it's any of this place's business where links outside go to, but... I took it away. If it's in the rules, it's in the rules and I get that. Don't much matter to me, I said my piece. Can hide this if you want. I'd prefer to be able to check its' contents however, even if no-one else can. Sorry for the hassle.
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