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  1. Background: I've make an account here before, lost interest in the game, and then rekindled interest in the game. I wanted to get a backstory together for my one and only character. The backstory is summarized as thus. Lalafellin girl awakens to the Echo in a semi-secluded village as a result of the 1.0 starshower and devoured a talent for arcane magic afterwards. her village grew to fear her and encased her in crystal stasis, which was then weakened by the calamity (and also destroyed her villiage). Treasure hunters from Coerthas (tentative, was the closest I can think of for "North Pole" esque locations) find her as her seal breaks, and then takes her in before she decides to leave to find her original (now destroyed) village and start her adventuring career. she then finds said village and takes a certain caravan to Ul'Dah. I was wondering if this is too complex compared to other backstories (Admittedly due to being a retcon, that kind a happens when you forget most of the original details. Plus I was bit compelledto justify the multicolored eyes from a in-verse standpoint). But I also wanted to know... What known locations on the Source are prone to auroras? Does "regular" aether usually have the ability to affect appearance? How widespread was knowledge of the Echo at the time of 1.0. I'm assuming it was only known by the Circle of Knowing. Is there any precedent for a lifeform being trapped inside a crystal? More importantly, was the area known as the Burning Wall inhabited prior to the calamity? I also would like to know what the ramifications suspended animation, the idea that your community fears you and such might have on one's psyche
  2. Auaura "Aurora" Aura came to Eorzea primarily out of curiosity. She seeks Knowledge and Power (the latter being used to help her with the former.) and was interested in seeing firsthand how drastic an Umbral Era could affect the landscape.
  3. My Apartment and my new hairstyle
  4. Arcanist is the closest, since their weapons are books. A certain pair of Crafted Weapons might be useful since it has fire particle effects, but you will likely need some deep pockets or repeated trips to the Bowl of Embers to get the key ingredient for this. Speaking of Crafting, I have a small (and semantic, and a little embrassing) question about the Leatherworker's Guild, specifically Geva. Her Claim to Fame are some sort of patterns. I thought she meant design patterns until she mentioned the odd detail of...conserving leather out of respect for the Twelveswood. Odd regarding design patterns...but not so much when in the context of Shoes. On the other hand IIRC the type of shoes called "Patterns" are usually CRP crafts. So I want some confirmation (the hindsight has mean leaning more towards "shoes" then "tessellating/repeating designs")
  5. I should note that the Reapers come if 4 varieties. The basic black one. The White and Red ones used in the MogStation...and the Gilded one. While the Red and White ones seem to be there as something akin to say...Char Azable's Gundam, something to show that the characters are high on the chain of command. the Golden ones have more relevant use. Serving as protection against the magics of Eorzean mages. You also left out the actual weapons themselves. Weapons that wouldn't look out of place in RWBY. Heirsbane, Bradamante and such would be just as worthy of inclusion as the mechs and smoke signals IMO Also for some reason, Toto-Rak and the Darkhold have Magitek fields. The latter might explain their use in Bismarck, but I have a feeling those two dungeons are in the same continuity limbo as Hildibrand
  6. For the Homosexuality and Necrophillia sections I should point out two things The people that ask you to defend the Tonberries form the Mamool Ja seem to be a Gay Couple, who face bigotry. Not homophobia like one would expect, but racism (Specifiably opposition to mixed couples). Edda's entire character arc, is either Necrophillic or Necromantic. Given her (granted, likely inflected) obsession with reviving Avere as a zombie head. That is all I'm gonna say about it. If you didn't want people posting here yet, I apologise
  7. Now I have a question, I figured between my brother being a fan and this collaberation, I might as well give the anime a try so I watched a few episodes. Its...a little more like a Slice of Life show the the likes of Pokemon and Digimon. I want to know why you guys think of the show and games? BTW I'm going for the minions as well. And trying to get the weapons for collection's sake
  8. Aurora put the book down, feeling she can requests a copy when she leaves the library. The mention of the Great Gubal Library fills her with a little nostalgia. The reminiscence was disturbed when she heard a sound from one of the shelves. She anxiously brandished her specter and looked to the other explorers and realized that they didn't notice the sound. Thinking it her imagination she decided not to mention it an withdrew her weapon. With few books of interest to her on the South Wall, she decided to wait until the group goes to the next wall to purview the contents there. She remembered Quint and the librarians' mammot characteristics, and was enamored by the poppets. She realized however that much like the tomestones and original copies here they are likely off limits, and how difficult it would be to explain why she would have a life-sized automaton with her in her report to the Immortal Flames. Curiosity about this Xyla and how she is able to create this tower, hidden by the forces of the Holy See and the Dravanians, continue to well with in her.
  9. While everyone was busy exploring, Aurora noticed a book labeled "War of the Magi" below the book Julienox took. She read a page and noticed that the tome was a small chronicle of the eponymous war between the civilizations of Amdapor, Nym and Mhach. Her interest piqued she took the book and spurred by Julienoix's question, asked "In addition, Are there any other books like this? Books about the history of civilizations like Allag, Gelmorra or Bella'dia?"
  10. As long as the Weapons can be stored in the Armoire I am, Just a side note, This works like the Atma step for the Zodiac and the initial step for the Anima, that means FATEs, that means likely mi to low drop rates an that means a certain adamantoise in Southern Thanalan will likely have his days numbered
  11. Preemptive Video The Maelstrom as we know it is primarily comprised of Pirate crews. The addition of Hullbreaker Hardmode among other things have pushed two of these crews into the spotlight. The Sanguine Sirens, an all female crew and the Kracken's Arm who I speculate for contrast's sake to be all-male. The Sirens are led by Rhoswen, a female Roegadyn who seems to have a Tsundere-ish relationship with Carvallain the Elezen leader of the Arm. Another related NPC is the ex-Siren chef Melkoko Melko. While the pirate crews wee re-purposed into the Crimson Fleet Navy an the bulk of the Maelstrom's forces. These two crews in particular seem to be in a rivalry of sorts. From what I notice an remembered (mostly form the first Boss fight, the Siren Lalafells seem to rather avoid letting their hair down, Melkoko's hair is in twintails an the Gunners have either the Odango hairstyle or lower pigtails (Though I'm certain this is just SE being lazy with the models combined with a coincidence with Melkoko). Meanwhile what can be inferred from the Kracken's Arm is that they seem to have a affinity with capturing feral beasts resulting in the appearance of Arouchs, Dodos, Jackals an likely Tigers, all of which appeared in La Noscea as mobs (the latter being exclusive to the MCH intro quests), and more tellingly the 2nd boss Ymir. These two crews seem to be high in the chain of command of the Maelstrom, possibly the 3rd and 4th (or 4th and 5th) in command Now what else so we know about these two crews?
  12. The Lalafell, was awestruck by the wonders the Library may hold. Were she not aware of the possibility of bobby traps hidden in this tower, she would had immediately rushed into the library. After a few moments she gasped. "I'm so sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. My name's Aurora Aura." She went towards Evangeline an took out her scepter. Being a little excited by the knowledge contained by these tomes.
  13. [spoilers for Palace of the Dead, as well as level 30 MSQ and Tam-Tara Hard] I want to see if I got the gist of things right and maybe practice my writing a little
  14. A Lalafell woman, clad in a peculiar purple robe, noticed a door that read "Library". Her eyes gleaming with delight at the idea of studying esoteric tomes. "Can we try the Library?" she asked.
  15. Okay I want to clarify something. This will be my last post until I decide I am ready to post my journals (or if I want to ask/answer questions on the Lore section) I think that when it comes to RP, there are no protagonists, only bit characters acting out their parts. Anyone attempting to place themselves as the protagonist of a given roleplay outside their own journals treads on dangerous territory, they if a character is named, they instantly become too major for RP, and that ironically enough RPGs nowadays lend themselves less to actual roleplay while extreme Sandbox games like Minecraft and Terraria lend themselves more because they lack a story, and thus they lack protagonists. The question I want answered is? Are Being a RP character in a group and being the protagonist mutually exclusive concepts outside of Journaling? I think i know what the answer is, but I want confirmation, to make sure?
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