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  1. Valence

    Can I has ur opinions?

    The lore around RDM availability is rather restrictive since technically the npc trainer is the last one of a dead art, and he teached more recently the WOL, Arya and Alisaie so that they dabble a bit with that magic. Sharlayan is probably the best place to learn about lost obscure arcane knowledge in any case, especially if you are a native sharlayan.
  2. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    Okay so I parsed through what I could find to back up a bit what I claimed above:
  3. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    I'm not totally sure how the Dotharl being fond of slaughter has been somehow invalidated by SB release though....? The only side we didn't know of them was the explanation behind the bloodthirsty behavior, because they believe in reincarnation. If people chose to forego everything that we knew of them before, then I don't know what to say. The Dotharl remain bloodthirsty warriors that will kill and maim as they revel in battle. The only thing SB and the namazu quests showed us was that most xaela tribes don't spend their time fighting each other all the time and have an actual culture, sheep herders, traditions, horse riding, etc. That's it's not just black and white with warrior tribes like the Adarkim, Dotharl, etc, and peaceful tribes like the Uyagir, shying from the outside world in caves (that are showed to still fight like demons when threatened by an hostile tribe in a FATE nearby their caves btw). And SB also showed us the yearly Nadaam which is a rather brutal affair with its fair amount of dead and maimed. The Xaela have always been portrayed as this duality between peaceful life in a harsh environment and an unforgiving warrior culture that tends to scare even the garleans. Anyway yes, the Dotharl are aggressive reincarnation fanatics, and the only difference is that RPers didn't know about the reincarnation part before SB came out. However I definitely see your point and taking the Nadaam for example, it has very little to do with the actual IRL old mongolian Nadaam, let alone the more modern incarnation of it.
  4. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    I don't think it's a crime per se but it surely will be highly frowned upon. We have to keep in mind that samurai are the high hingan and doman caste of warriors that are akin to lower and high aristocracy, much like during Edo Japan.This can range from Ji-samurai (IRL denomination) that were basically country samurai, rather poor tenants but part of the warrior caste nonetheless and never lowering themselves to other crafts than combat and martial arts, to noble daymios or imperial families. The only exception to this rule in Hingashi is the Seikisegumi that is composed of commoners to apply the law in the foreign port district of Kugane. They are looked down by their true samurai peers by the way, if I remember my SAM questline correctly. So as you see it's already a matter of castes, teaching foreigners to actually be samurai? Sounds like heresy to me, or more exactly, disturbing the correct order of things. And yet that's exactly what the samurai trainer (Musoshai) does with the WoL. But he's an exile right? Who cares as long as he stays away right? Sounds similar to your idea, but I don't see why some wealthy and zealous/bigot samurai from a noble hingan house or two wouldn't care... and send their shinobi after him/her? Maybe I'm reading a bit too much into IRL though. Take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Î didn't say that dancers are in a state of sexual slavery (although 1.0 lore history around the miner's guild will disagree with you here), I mentioned dancers on one hand, and all the women we've seen in sexual slavery on another. Also no, Pillow Houses in Uld'ah and Pleasure Barges in Limsa are everything but illegal, much like the brothels and pleasure houses of the Far East. The people that work here are "employed" as well, with all the implications that come with it. What's illegal in Eorzea is human trafficking, and I would honestly be surprised to see the latter authorized in Doma either, except under Garlean occupation, and that's the crux of the matter if we are to talk about Doman customs with Yotsuyu as an example: this happened during the early occupation, where trafficking was heavily condoned by the Empire as a way of cheap labor, prostitution, military manpower, etc, exactly like it has been the case for Ala Migho in Eorzea. Edit: actually maybe not during the occupation...? I am not sure she grew up during it? Maybe? How old is she?
  6. I remember having seen women in the Seikisegumi and positions of power, in Hingashi... Also the far east has Geikos (geishas), which can probably play in favor of that woman trade being valued in some ways. Which is basically the same than Eorzea with its (miqo'te or not) dancers and just all the women we've seen in a state of sexual slavery all over the place, especially in Limsa. It is also hard to draw blanket generalities out of a specific case. But in any case I don't seem to see much different with Eorzea, and gender equality in Eorzea doesn't mean that women aren't generally a lot more subject to mistreatment and abuse than men, which definitely seem to be the case.
  7. Black Mage is an ancient art mostly lost to the obscure corners of History for most people (like a lot of jobs), and said people mostly remember that Black magic and White Magic are what caused the War of the Magi in the previous era to ruin the world and cause a calamity, thus why it's still considered illegal by more arcane authorities that know that it's more than just myth and legends. Thaumaturges can come into many brands. Like conjurers, what mostly differentiate both casters in lore is the school of thought and how they gather and manifest aether to cast their spells. To make it short thaumaturges use their own powerful personal but very finite reserves, that can regen "fast", and channel it through staves and rods, using the gem as a focus. Conjurers pray and connect to their surroundings, seek nature's bounty, and "borrow" on the aether of the immediate land around. This gives them a way greater pool of mana, but still finite and they can't really abuse it since they depend on the good will of nature itself. Conjurers have always used the elemental wheel to weave their spells. They have somewhat scorned Fire/Thunder/Ice elements more recently since the 7th Calamity though, but they technically can use them as well (probably less easy since you'll probably get more access to water and earth in forests, wind in high or open places, fire around heat, etc). Thaumaturges used to weave a few elemental aspected spells but were mostly focused on the polarity of the Wheel, so used to cast non elemental Astral and Umbral aspected spells (like Dia, Banish, the old Bio, Scourge, etc), at least under the guidance of the corrupted old master of the Ossuary. Since the Coco brothers replaced him they have shifted the balance on a half of the elemental wheel, which is Ice/Fire/Thunder spells. Which is coincidentally also the method used by Black Mages. Either way, going Umbral is a good way to open yourself to mana regeneration by dismissing a greatly increased power spell. Also this here will be my personal opinion but I totally believe you can play a thaumaturge casting Astral Water as damage spells and Umbral Earth as sustained casting. Or Astral Ice / Umbral Fire, or any combination. But there is nothing in lore that says that though, I just don't see why not. So unlike ingame, being a mage that casts Ice under Astral then Ice under Umbral doesn't seem to be far fetched to me if you want to play an ice mage for roleplay. Also, keep in mind that unlike Black Mages that were all formed through the old Miachi tradition, and White Mages through the old Amdapori traditions, most cultures on Hydaelyn have developped their own brand of thaumaturgy or conjury. They come in many different flavors. Ishgardian chirurgeons certainly don't have the same devotion to nature than the Stillglade Fane conjurers we have as a base class for example.
  8. Valence

    Jobs/Classes and their weapons

    PotD weapons and HoH weapons are made of pure aether like Alisaie's first rapier. This doesn't meant they don't act as focus like physical ones. They are actually very hard to keep up and consume an absurd amount of aether.
  9. Valence

    Beast Tribe and PCs

    I suspect that ishgardian quote/leve against the goblins to come from an isolate individual, and a very religious bigot, as they seem to be legion in Ishgard related various quests. One of the BTN quests where they trial people and condemn them to death for saying that chysahl greens aren't native to Coerthas is pretty telling imo... But who knows, maybe, but I would be wary of considering it representative to the whole view over goblins. For the sahagin, to add on what has been said, it's probably, even more than the amal'jaa or the ixal, the most hostile and dangerous beast tribe to man for that their tactics employ very active primal tempering, and the use of lominsan tactics and tools against themselves through the Serpent Reavers, who behave just like particularly nasty and unethical pirate renagades. Like the amal'jaa anyway, they can be pretty cold and ruthless when it comes to man, that they will consider like a nuisance, a bit reciprocal to the view man has of them at times. Other beast tribes are usually more passive and only tend to react to hostility or mistreatment more than anything else. The ixal are a bit different and are just driven mad by revenge, which makes them a lot less calculating. Granted, the attack is lead by Travanchet (Ascian) in the following video and some unusual and unique stuff happens, but we can clearly see (not in the video) the leaders of the Sahagin/Reavers commanding their ships. The result can be quite nasty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSwWLbUn44o
  10. Valence

    Beast Tribe and PCs

    During 1.0 trading with beast tribes was actually a kinda big (and new) deal and exclusively done by the Ashcrown consortium. This trade was mainly aimed at buying big amounts of invaluable crystals in exchange for goods and trinkets given to the tribes. The Consortium was a vital and big part of crystal resources for all the city states. This came progressively to a halt when said beast tribes suddenly expressed mistrust and stopped trading their crystals, or trading, period. This threatened the Consortium finances and they contacted the Path of the Twelve (or was it the Circle of Knowing....? duh) to investigate, and pretty soon found that the beast tribes were using their huge crystal production in order to summon primals in order to defend themselves against a more and more oppressive human presence, especially garlean (and this under Ascian schemes, but that wasn't revealed until very much later). For more info check Sounssy's compilation here
  11. Valence

    Jobs/Classes and their weapons

    It seems unlikely to me that an arcanist based class can cast spells without their book. They need a physical manifestation of geometric patterns to materialize their spells, and the ink itself is the aetherial focus. I suppose you could maybe make a case of "I see the patterns in my mind and screw the focus/medium", much like for a thaumaturge throwing off the focus (the gem) and catalyst (the cane) but so far lore hasn't shown anything like it, unless you start exploring non caster jobs like monk, where the body acts kind of like a focus through chakras. All other jobs manifest their aetherial abilities through foci of their own: musical instruments for bards, aetherotransformer+gun for machinist, the blade and shield for paladin, the inner beast for warrior, the inner darkness for dark knight, the drachen mail for dragoon, etc. Primals however don't really seem restrained by such rules but they are... primals, beings of pure aether. As for Ascians... I don't know. They aren't really human anyway, or are way more than just human. A case could be made that if you are powerful enough, maybe you don't need those pitiful tools and foci, and proceed to pull off a god Kefka and whatnot... But even the Warrior of Light, who's supposed to be the most powerful warrior around as far as we assume, still uses canes and staves and whatnot. Alisae has been an interesting case before she got offered her current rapier by Urianger in that she used to summon directly an aetherial blade acting as a focus for her red magic. So with that in mind it's possible to replace a physical focus by a magical one, but Alisaie actually had to sustain it and keep it fed in aether constantly once summoned, which she said was very taxing and hungry in aetherial resources. In any case, for jobs, the lore has yet to show that you don't need a magical or physical implement to cast a spell.
  12. Valence

    Social Classes within The Pillars of Ishgard

    A decent amount of smaller noble houses have been mentioned here and there in various quests. The middle class is composed of all the people that aren't seen in the Brume to sum it up on broad strokes. As Sounssy says, there are merchants, clergymen, or just commoners... I would be tempted to divide Ishgard into several classes, more or less the same as seen in the middle ages IRL: - Peasants and other commoners of low birth. Mostly found around in Foundation, and not only in the Brume. You can find them in the chocobo stables, etc etc. And also in Coerthas outside, like Eagle's Nest, the Observatorium, isolated farms like Gorgane Mills (probably at the service of higher land owners), and villages, etc. - The bourgeoisie composed of merchants and other commoners of low birth that raised above their status. You can probably find a lot of those lingering around the Jeweled Crozier, for example. - Clergymen and religious clerks. Every man of the Cloth really. - Nobility, composed of the aristocracy of all the noble houses of Ishgard, on top of them, with the most influence, the 4 major houses, Haillenarte, Dzemael, Fortemps, and Durendaire (possibly in order of might and resources). - Royalty, that is a class on its own here, probably similar to papal states IRL or other Church governed lands in History. They are part of the Church and rule it, but their status also grants them lands and whatnot. Not to be confused with nobles though, who are secular by nature. I think separating social classes in Marxist way is possible of course, with the poor masses on one side and the rich rulers on the other, but you have to keep in mind that not all commoners are Brumers living in their own dirt, that some of the lowest clergyman are probably piss poor like in the Brume while others live in wealth... That's my take on it anyway.
  13. Valence

    How big is Eorzea?

    Awesome work. To muse a bit on it, if Eorzea is smaller than Australia, it means that it's like 2 times Australia away from Othard. We know we need approximately 2 moons (months) to do the trip to Kugane from Vylbrand, and half that time to Raz-ad-Han/western Othard. Australia is around 4300 km long (Perth to Brisbane). The distance from Oriens to Kugane being roughly 2 Australias long, that would be a bit above 8000 km. The distance from West Vylbrand to Kugane would therefore be around 12-13k km. For comparison, the flying distance between Tokyo and the Canaries is 12300 km. To me it seems to match more or less with IRL. As for travel times, it's a bit more complicated and actually makes me think that travel times can be bent quite A LOT for roleplay purpose without even breaking the lore too much. For comparison, Columbus took around one month to get from the Canaries to the Bahamas in 1492. Columbus also took one month and a half to get back to Portugal, so a bit longer. The distance is around 6500 km, so half the trip to Kugane. This also seems to match. Another example with Magellan, who took almost 4 months to sail from west Australia to south Africa, with a distance of around 9500 km. So 2 months to do 4500 km. This takes 50% more time per kilometer than for Columbus. This really reminds me that the times to sail were prone to heavy changes affected by weather and wind and overall sailing conditions like water currents and whatnot. I would expect Eorzean sailing ships to face the same issues, unless they cheat with ceruleum engines like some. As a sidenote, eorzean ships, at least the ones seen used by Lominsans, are absolutely gigantic. This in itself doesn't mean they are faster than IRL sailing caravels of the Renaissance, but by physics alone their max speed is probably way, way higher. The longer your ship is, the higher the max speed is. They could technically be faster than IRL old sailing ships. At least when powered by secret magitek engines. In any case, since the lore seems to give similar results than with IRL old sailing boats... I would expect those ships to have but similar speed abilities, just a higher potential is all.
  14. Valence

    No Love for Straight Women

    I feel that maybe you haven't been lucky, and also that we're dangerously verging on making blanket statements on complicated subjects that are even harder to tackle without surveys of significant scope... That said, I'll leave my own (non judgmental) blanket statement and state that a lot of RPers choose to play the opposite gender and are usually attracted into more gay romances. This goes for both genders, and somewhere it seems a lot more balanced than 10 or 15 years ago where the female population of gamers wasn't... on the same scale at all. I'll admit that this blanket statement is mostly based on my own experience and acquaintances in roleplay in this community. It would also be totally dishonest not to point out that you just have to take a look at the connections forum to see that there is indeed still regular appearance of heterosexual characters. Edit: oh also, I somewhat suspect that how romance in RP communities is usually envisioned by roleplayers is far, far away from what you would usually find in any non erotic novel. Not that there is anything wrong with the latter, but I think there is a true lack of the former. And I bet people would be a lot less turned down by any kind of orientation with such romances, but maybe I'm dreaming. It's just that there is often a shift in my opinion toward the more carnal side of romance.
  15. I know this isn't Balmung but... cherish your luck this time though. Congrats and have fun!