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  1. I honestly feel the lore team didn't think this out totally through at times. Take the M tribe in Stormblood, the Nunh has been nunh for decades now. He's the only nunh, the other one is long gone. How do his female offspring mate? With him? If you want to stay sane, as said above you'll have to find some workarounds..
  2. Maybe he got towed by a boat? ... The voyage forth and back to Othard is so full of time and resources inconsistencies all the time that I stopped trying long ago.
  3. Samurai IRL actually were trained into various weaponstyles, the yari or naginata being ones of such. The bow was also one. I know the FF job specifically refers to the skills with a daisho but well, this is even less a stretch than actually learning a completely new trade like ninjutsu imo. Samurai, including ingame, is also more of a mark for a warrior of hingan or doman caste that goes with it. Like Gladiator is someone trained in the way of the sword/shield in the eponym guild, it's before anything someone trained to fight in the pits of the Bloodsands. A Samurai is someone tra
  4. Viera can't return home if they leave true, but there is still a fair amount of them around, especially in Dalmasca, but not only. Practicing Astrology with an advanced skill and knowledge would probably mean having studied in the Studium in Sharlayan, as a sharlayan native. I see no reason barring a viera to be a sharlayan native though since that nation seems very cosmopolitan. At worst, might be a curiosity to see one around as a citizen but honestly the lore is vague on this ("though diverse in nature, sharlayan does not make census of their population in the name of equality"
  5. Might be convoluted but it's not necessarily bad in itself as long as you focus on your character traits and personality too (flaws, etc). I'm just a bit curious about that crystal stasis thing the village did because if they get afraid of her, it pretty much hints to me as fear born out of ignorance from common people rather than... arcane enlightened erudites that would actually have the knowledge and be able to imprison someone into a crystal stasis magic contraption in the first place? Erudites that would really need a strong reason to fear the character, certainly more than just the echo
  6. This is only assuming you want to play a tribal seeker, which isn't the only fish in the ocean. You'll find tias (and nunhs) that have lost all attachment to a life in tribe and live in cities instead like anyone else. It's more likely that nunhs that leave their tribe probably get back to their tia suffix, unless they want to boast about something... Also, a tribe leader isn't always the tribe nunh, even if both tribes that got pictured ingame with the story (U Drake tribe and M Marmot tribe), both have tribe leader nunhs. Tribes will tend to have several nunhs if they grow big en
  7. I would probably take a look to goblin tech tbh. It's pretty steampunk and they really seem to have beliefs not far off the "soul of machines". Even their machina tends to have emoji faces. I would suggest running the Alexander raids in priority if you're after some pristine source material on the matter because I don't have the time right now to compile a lot of goblin lore, and it seems that Sounssy doesn't have a compilation either... You can also take a look at mammet technology (which is clockwork tech) and creates automatons that have kind of a proto soul born ou
  8. We don't have a lot of Hrotgar culture on the Source/Eorzea. We mostly know about their background with the lore bits we have and the gunbreaker quests... But their culture and their quirks are hard to tell. The only hrotgar we have (the GNB NPC) is like any other human really. There is indeed quite a lot of Hrotgars (Ronsos) in the First, in ShB areas and quests, but like most races in ShB they don't all have clear cultural/tribal backgrounds like in the Source. The population in the First has been mixed up quite a lot together and roots are less showing. Individuals mostly lost
  9. As long as they understood it was a misunderstanding...
  10. Were you scolded out of character or in character?
  11. We tend to often forget that ingame base classes, like jobs, are NOT encompassing to what a style of fighting is in the whole lore/world, but can be equated to a specific cultural background, much like jobs are, albeit less narrow and legendary than the latter. Gladiator doesn't encompass any fighting art and skill with a sword and a shield. Gladiator is taught by the gladiator guild and trains pit fighters either from free men or noxii to fight on the Blood Sands for the pleasure of the crowds in Ul'dah. Lancer doesn't encompass all spear martial arts of the world, b
  12. The job and class skills we have ingame are just a sample of what's most representative of it and acts as a core for the job's identity. This only relates to the standard final fantasy staple spells and abilities, and can obviously be expanded upon in the lore since they just act as a base guideline of what kind of stuff you can create. Also there is a lot of actual variations from the ingame vanilla classes seen all across the lore, like ishgardian chirurgeons using conjury healing spells, etc. Also, a lot of NPC use abilities that the PC has never used nor has access to, like the
  13. The moogle post got through a lot of flak with the outrage around their head admin and founder last year. Didn't survive it.
  14. To cut it short, before the founding of Gridania, the races of man living in the Shroud were mostly elezen and hyur, and lived underground in a vast network of connected caves/cities that was called Gelmorra, until the Spoken residents of the Shroud managed to get the Elementals pissed at them enough to ban them out of the forest. Meanwhile, Gelmorrans developped conjury and were taught by the moogles to reach out to the elementals, and finally managed to get acceptance in the place of the Ixal. When this happened, the majority of the population migrated out of the caves of Gelmorra, except a
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