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  1. Keep in mind that jobs are rare and often forgotten jobs. Some more than others. Some are pretty common in the far east but still gated behind various things like social status (samurai) and secrecy (shinobi). Some are even illegal (blm, whm). Some are just starting to be discovered (mch) or rediscovered (smn, brd, etc). Some are just left among a handful of survivors or practitioners (monk, drg), or just one survivor (rdm). Being the practitioner of a job, can be a rare thing, depending on the job. Two of them...? All of them? Warrior of Light material. THE WoL. Not the 1.0 WoLs. Classes are very common though. Then it's mostly a matter of believably. How much time do you think it takes to master swords, katanas, daggers, polearms, unarmed combat and martial arts, a wide array of different magic sciences..? Depends on what everyone considers believable or not here.
  2. As Skae said it, it greatly increases the speed at which you learn things. The crystal mentors you and feeds you new knowledge every time it feels you growing, and not only that, makes you literally feel and hear and listen to past experience from other users through various forms. However a lot of jobs require a crystal to work either properly, or not at all: - BLM: partial requirement, you can still cast standard black and thaumaturgic magic, but for the most powerful spells, you'll just cook yourself from the inside and die horribly without one. - MCH: complete requirement, it provides the link between your own aether and the aetheroconverter (your glam lunchbox). - SCH: complete requirement for the fairy iirc. - WhM: hard to tell considering how the crystal is handed to us in the job story. - AST: at least partial requirement not to lose all power.
  3. Valence

    Limsa Lominsa and clemency for pirates

    Most of Limsa per se is constituted of former pirates and thieves, so not the most savory of sorts. However I think Jacke says it the best. To confirm that last part, piracy being outlawed doesn't mean that every pirate crew always conforms strictly to their new privateer status with lettres de marque allowing them to go after garlean shipments. Captain Carvallain for example, in spite of all his soft protests, is certainly not following the law to the letter. All in all, even if no you have a semblance of law with the new admiralty, turning the city state into something more constitutional than it used to be, the common back alleys and deals still exist and you're still basically dealing with a bunch of pirates and thieves, and the yellow jackets can't be everywhere. So while a lot of pirates never cared about the codes, you still had a fair amount of them that did and took upon themselves to lynch trespassers. The code however, has fallen progressively out of fashion and is mostly applied by the Rogues Guild. In any case, being caught pants down breaking the code will ensure that nobody will ever even lift a finger to help you. If you want to know more about Limsa, I can suggest the lorebook if you have it, and also taking a look here Or doing the rogue quests to be honest. They're your main source of info on the matter.
  4. Valence

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Miqo'te living in Coerthas isn't even an assumption. We have examples of those, at least in 1.0. I don't really remember past that point though. Precise demographics of Ishard: 70% elezen 20% midlander hyur 10% "other" Also keep in mind that when I mentioned the inquisition as one of the worst things, it's because it is. When they start to investigate around you or your house, it already smells really bad for you. If they find the smallest evidence of whatever fabricated (or true) claims, you'll get into serious trouble and this can lead you pretty fast to judiciary duels to defend your own life facing execution for heresy. This of course, is for Ishgard, the isolationist Elective Theocracy, not new Ishgard the eorzean Constitutional Republic, which is a huge religious and doctrinal mess (nobody and not even scholars know exactly what to do and what is the current dogmas supposed to be now, cf Scholasticate quests). Edit: on the matter of city housing, many roleplayers often tend to forget that all those housing wards, in all cities so far, are always specifically open to adventurers, and no one else. At least for residence, not for exerting your trade and affairs (vendors, tenants, retainers, janitors, or whatever staff is required to work the public infrastructure). They really are those expansive districts for the wealthy, with luxury pools and whatnot, and walled off to the poor and common rabble. I'm sure you can think of many analogies IRL of that thing.
  5. Valence

    Ala Mhigo Occupation Timeline Question

    I always assumed that Ala Mhigo was located somewhere on the south-east of the Peaks, and so that they were probably exposed earlier to Garlemald. The lore stating that Garlemald stationed north of the capital before invading comforts me into the idea that Ala Mhigo and its citadel are probably actually located on the far east part of the region, just before the strait of land leading up to Ilsabard. I'm sure all those installations saw the day pretty fast once the invasion was on its way/finished. Especially Velodyna and Specula Imperatoris. Considering the awful terrain you have to cross into very narrow and sharp mountain paths to join the Lochs with the East Shroud, which only seems to leave a few hard roads slithering in the Peaks, it would only make sense to me that an army like Garlemald's war machina would need an extensive infrastructure to work its logistics properly.
  6. Valence

    Is my story concept lore-friendly?

    Hi, lore nazi here. I compliment you on doing what I've probably never seen up til now. You're very much aware of what would miqo'te nobility imply (impossible) and you found very good workarounds in my view. Your elezen father figure is the pillar of all of this and it works well. The idea that there is no miqo'te in Ishgard is patently untrue. Nobility though, yes, indeed, probably. Even midlanders aren't portrayed much in ishgardian nobility, or mostly as servants or lower vassals and tenants, but rarely as direct lineage. This is why the fact that your elezen father figure has unorthodox ways and views allows you to cement your little family in the nobility. His exile makes him pickup up refugees of another race without breaking any suspension of disbelief and just confirms him into a big eccentric. His return eventually with his family and covering them under mere maids/servants is perfectly fine (I suppose some bad gossip could happen eventually). The guy is already a weirdo to most upstanding ishgardian citizens so... Using as part of his staff 2 miqo'te would just add a confirmation into many eyes that he's a lunatic employing lesser races and whatnot. Once he dies of course, your 2 miqo'te are probably going to get into a lot of trouble. Who will protect them? Who will feed them? They won't inherit of the house or any nobility status and resources. They might still get sympathy and help from a few house tenants and contacts that for some reason might have taken a fancy into them, but more likely that none, they would probably quickly get tossed in the street by the people with the real power. I think however that the Brume is a fine compromise. They wouldn't be the first "dregs" of the nobility fallen into disgrace and dumped into the Brume because they just have no other choice (see Hilda for example). I think you might also have to consider how grave are the father "sins". What kind of witch hunt was it? Just some annoyed noble bigots on his ass, with the occasional temple knight sent to investigate for various foul reasons, or the full inquisition? Why did he leave Ishgard to go venturing? Just because he said "fuck that noise"', or because he was forced to? How did he get allowed back after his antics with the eorzean alliance and Carteneau? If he didn't really got booted for serious reasons, then I don't see a problem, but then, why would the authorities welcome back an exile? It's possible of course but you would have to find a reason. Since you spoke about him redeeming himself by battling the Horde, might I suggest taking a look on the Convictory? It's in my mind a very convenient excuse: it's a group hunting the Horde without any care for people's backgrounds and deeds. As long as they manage to kill even one dragon (not a small deed), they're already seen by most Ishgard as worthy of social ascension. And in what state was his house after such a long absence? Did he use his venturing spoils to revitalize it?
  7. I think the only thing that I would be cautious about is to err too deeply into the mechanical, factual side of the story, like amaritama and what it does, how those critters exactly turn into millenia old kami, etc. I would stick to the folklore side of it, because that's what the common people of mortals would really know, and tell around each other.
  8. Valence

    How Much Time Has Passed in Hydaelyn?

    The current canon states a bit more than 5 years, so it stays around those 5 years that were already announced during ARR. However digging a little bit more into it we have a couple of rather esoteric quotes and references (that I don't really remember, would have to summon the Sounssy for that) that seem to point out that one year might have passed since ARR. Just for long travel times alone (like the journey to Othard), that the WoL will only do once, but that other characters do several times. And sometimes I feel that the story team often fails to take that into account but that's another story... Anyway, 5 years yes. Time bubble. If you're asking that for roleplay, a majority of RPers I know tend to follow their own rule of 1 IRL year = 1 ingame/RP year. My personal opinion over that is that it conflicts heavily with lore to a point that I consider greatly lore breaking since your story eventually totally sticks out of the lore timeline like a sore thumb in a parallel universe, so I prefer to stick to what the lore tells us, no matter how some things can seem a bit off at times. I believe that it feels a lot more silly when not following time lore anyway. And to be honest I also like the ability to just not care and roleplay through time ellipses and what truly happens rather than when exactly and followed by what and whatnot at precise times. Totally unnecessary for any adventuring/daily life narrative in my opinion unless you're really trying to write a journal (DAY 1: I did go farm my popotoes... DAY 2:...) . But that's up to you and a matter of preference.
  9. Where you in my O9S party, pretty sure that was me asking for a countdown... Then the tank proceeded to wait for like 2min before pulling. To their defense I guess they didn't seem acutely aware of the existence of the countdown function. Not gonna blame them not to know anything about MCH either. Nobody knows it even exist and even less how it plays.
  10. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    The gunblade/gunspear is said to be the arm of choice for most officers. I think ingame we also see full squads wearing the pureblood imperial uniform (and not the eorzean and doman enlisted militia suits) all firing their gunblades on Estinien, among others. It's a pretty common weapon, but very garlean in culture, tradition and origin. They don't seem to hand them out to non garlean militia and cannon fodder. It's a weapon common enough, even in conquered territories and in Eorzea, that it's possible to find them on black markets (cf one of the Namazu quests in Yanxia). The gunhammer is a personal invention of Nero though, so you'll probably be hard pressed to find gunhammers everywhere like other gunblades.
  11. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    I don't think he's especially worst than Cid at their craft. The recent chronicle where both are portrayed as teens in the Magitek Academy shows them coming up with inventions of equal skill. Nero has always been in the shadow of Cid because of his rural origins, where Cid was the kid of the head magitek engineer of the Empire. Nero never made up his feelings of injustice in that regards, they're well founded. He's as good as Cid, but never could quite compete with the favor treatment Cid got every time and it drove him mad, due to his very competitive and jealous personality.
  12. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    In the military. Unlike Cid he enlisted after his graduation from the Magitek Academy because he was mostly interested into the various Allagan Ruins on the frontlines. He ended up as the second of van Baelsar and so got the "tol" title (second in command to a legion Legatus). This is also why Nero is probably the most knowledgeable scientist to that day when it comes to allagan tech, on par with the Sons of Saint Coinach on the eorzean side.
  13. Valence

    Question about making chacacter

    For rain, storm and water, the first region that comes to mind is La Noscea, especially in the mountains around the volcano. Ingame it translates by North and Upper la Noscea, especially around Oakwood. You also have Bronze Lake here, and the slowly emerging ruins of the ancient city of Nym. The Shroud is a viable alternative. There is a lot of fresh water running (or not running) around. The weather can be all sorts of things. Ingame, you'll find a lot of thunderstorms in the South Shroud. Idyllshire is also a possibility, albeit with less thunder but lots of rain. There is also the Thaliak river a little down there, and lots of inundated areas. If you're into an area that we don't know much about and want to be from there, there is the nearby Farreach too, said to be another home for Keepers though. One last zone, that you'll probably have to find a few explanations for though, would be the rain valleys of Yanxia. Those are very humid, foggy, rainy and sometimes thunder-y (?) areas where rice is cultivated on paddy fields and terraces, all embedded into steep valleys. The main issue is that miqo'te don't seem very native to the Far East regions, and probably very hard and unusual to find in such isolated countryside. Maybe they're from foreigner traders settled in nearby Doma? Maybe they came with Garlemald?
  14. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    When it comes to crafstmanship, especially regarding Magitek, I would say that it's the most regarded of all artisans that will probably see all gates opening to them especially if their skill is high. Like the Magitek Academy of Garlemald, the cream of the cream. Most of the Legati of the empire also come directly from that academy, so this tends to prove that magitek engineering holds even more value that military genius in the garlean society. I would rate painters and all artisans relating to culture to be the lowest among their peers. The last Ivalice raid presents us the crew of the Prima Vista that were held in very high regard during the reign of late Solus zos Galvus, patron of the arts, and then went all the way to the state of fugitives when they didn't bow to the heavy censorship and overall disdain for the arts by the new emperor Varis. So in the modern day Garlemald, the last few months have proven very hectic for artists that have to bow to the new rule or get crushed. I would argue that you can certainly continue exerting your craft but mostly under the wing of the imperial propaganda machine... I also believe that a lot of garleans are blond and fair skinned mainly because they have lived so long in the arctic areas of North Ilsabard. Keep in mind that their ancestors that possibly lived in Goug in the previous era, were not even living in the snowy lands of the north.