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  1. Where you in my O9S party, pretty sure that was me asking for a countdown... Then the tank proceeded to wait for like 2min before pulling. To their defense I guess they didn't seem acutely aware of the existence of the countdown function. Not gonna blame them not to know anything about MCH either. Nobody knows it even exist and even less how it plays.
  2. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    The gunblade/gunspear is said to be the arm of choice for most officers. I think ingame we also see full squads wearing the pureblood imperial uniform (and not the eorzean and doman enlisted militia suits) all firing their gunblades on Estinien, among others. It's a pretty common weapon, but very garlean in culture, tradition and origin. They don't seem to hand them out to non garlean militia and cannon fodder. It's a weapon common enough, even in conquered territories and in Eorzea, that it's possible to find them on black markets (cf one of the Namazu quests in Yanxia). The gunhammer is a personal invention of Nero though, so you'll probably be hard pressed to find gunhammers everywhere like other gunblades.
  3. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    I don't think he's especially worst than Cid at their craft. The recent chronicle where both are portrayed as teens in the Magitek Academy shows them coming up with inventions of equal skill. Nero has always been in the shadow of Cid because of his rural origins, where Cid was the kid of the head magitek engineer of the Empire. Nero never made up his feelings of injustice in that regards, they're well founded. He's as good as Cid, but never could quite compete with the favor treatment Cid got every time and it drove him mad, due to his very competitive and jealous personality.
  4. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    In the military. Unlike Cid he enlisted after his graduation from the Magitek Academy because he was mostly interested into the various Allagan Ruins on the frontlines. He ended up as the second of van Baelsar and so got the "tol" title (second in command to a legion Legatus). This is also why Nero is probably the most knowledgeable scientist to that day when it comes to allagan tech, on par with the Sons of Saint Coinach on the eorzean side.
  5. Valence

    Question about making chacacter

    For rain, storm and water, the first region that comes to mind is La Noscea, especially in the mountains around the volcano. Ingame it translates by North and Upper la Noscea, especially around Oakwood. You also have Bronze Lake here, and the slowly emerging ruins of the ancient city of Nym. The Shroud is a viable alternative. There is a lot of fresh water running (or not running) around. The weather can be all sorts of things. Ingame, you'll find a lot of thunderstorms in the South Shroud. Idyllshire is also a possibility, albeit with less thunder but lots of rain. There is also the Thaliak river a little down there, and lots of inundated areas. If you're into an area that we don't know much about and want to be from there, there is the nearby Farreach too, said to be another home for Keepers though. One last zone, that you'll probably have to find a few explanations for though, would be the rain valleys of Yanxia. Those are very humid, foggy, rainy and sometimes thunder-y (?) areas where rice is cultivated on paddy fields and terraces, all embedded into steep valleys. The main issue is that miqo'te don't seem very native to the Far East regions, and probably very hard and unusual to find in such isolated countryside. Maybe they're from foreigner traders settled in nearby Doma? Maybe they came with Garlemald?
  6. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    When it comes to crafstmanship, especially regarding Magitek, I would say that it's the most regarded of all artisans that will probably see all gates opening to them especially if their skill is high. Like the Magitek Academy of Garlemald, the cream of the cream. Most of the Legati of the empire also come directly from that academy, so this tends to prove that magitek engineering holds even more value that military genius in the garlean society. I would rate painters and all artisans relating to culture to be the lowest among their peers. The last Ivalice raid presents us the crew of the Prima Vista that were held in very high regard during the reign of late Solus zos Galvus, patron of the arts, and then went all the way to the state of fugitives when they didn't bow to the heavy censorship and overall disdain for the arts by the new emperor Varis. So in the modern day Garlemald, the last few months have proven very hectic for artists that have to bow to the new rule or get crushed. I would argue that you can certainly continue exerting your craft but mostly under the wing of the imperial propaganda machine... I also believe that a lot of garleans are blond and fair skinned mainly because they have lived so long in the arctic areas of North Ilsabard. Keep in mind that their ancestors that possibly lived in Goug in the previous era, were not even living in the snowy lands of the north.
  7. Valence

    Free Company & RP Trouble

    It mostly depends of your expectations and criterias. Some people have very low expectations and are happy with it, and will find FCs easily. Some will have high expectations, specific tastes out of the mainstream, specific criterias, maybe timezone issues too, and will struggle. And then you come into the RP triangle of death: - OOC relationships and timezone/playtime compatibility - RP theme and character fitting in - RP ideals (super heroes vs average joes, etc) and RP style (slice of life, adventure, etc) Pick two.
  8. Valence

    I have this idea...

    I mean, I didn't mean to say that it's always the men to take care of the kids. This was kinda tongue in cheek on my behalf to say that. This might not be true. Or true for some tribes and not others. For instance the U tribe in the Sagolii all seem to be hunters if you speak to them, even the Tias, although the greatest of them all is a female hunter, U'lamana. On the other hand M'naago sister in the Peering Stones for the M tribe states that the Tias are "just here to challenge the nunh", and "if they fail, they remain as tia, or go attempt to create tribes of their own". But it's also possible she's mostly getting free snipes at M'zhet Tia who's a lost cause. What I'm trying to say is that it's not binary by any mean.
  9. Valence

    I have this idea...

    Keeper and Seeker hybrids usually don't fit well in either society since both traditional cultures are pretty much at opposites. This generally means that either the female or the male will have to adapt to the culture of the other, or that both totally drop their tribal culture or already live in cities like standard hyurs (which is already a huge chunk of the miqo'te population anyway). This to say that such unions between tribal mooncats and suncats, if they were just made in the moment without regard for the future, usually end up badly and the children might probably face hardships. Either way, even if Nunhs only exist in a position of power because the females allow it (those are usually the best and most hardened hunters and fighters of seeker tribes, I feel that most nunhs, while skilled, might just get splattered by a lot of the best females of their own tribes that spend their days actually outside and hunting), I don't see your case as an impossibility for two reasons: 1) Nothing says that a specific subtribe can't have an authoritarian leader, or a very harsh local culture without much regard for empathy, and more devotion to strength and honor and whatnot. 2) A hybrid not even born in the tribe would probably never be considered as a true member of it. As a combination with the above, I don't see why not. The main problem in my eyes is that I also don't see a true reason for it to happen. Why would anyone offer the nunh such a "gift"? At least anyone from the tribe. But maybe a traveling merchant? A slaver? That's a real possibility here. Things start to get murky and complicated however when you try to imagine what happens next... 1) Why would all the seeker females, especially the proud ones, allow the nunh to mate with an outsider, and not even a full seeker at that? How would they take to see the nunh considering her as their equal in bed? How would they feel to see children come out of this? 2) If said tribe isn't full of despicable bastards, I have a hard time seeing how nobody would have a problem with the nunh mating with a stranger like a sex slave (unless your character is somehow okay with being a sexual gift I guess...)? You'd be better going for the Coeurlclaw king at this point, the problem wouldn't really arise here. 3) Why would the nunh accept such a gift? The nunh can be a clueless and pervert idiot with some solid backing of friends though, but you can see how it's not so easy to come with. You however have other possibilities: 1) Going directly for the Coeurlclaw king, even if that's going for a keeper instead of a seeker. Coeurlclaws are bandits and reprobates with a king and a few males exploiting desperate keeper females or whatever they fancy. A lot of those females actually have no real better choice than to stay willingly with the only hand willing to feed them. 2) Creating your own coeurlclaw clan of reprobates, on the seeker side. Can be a small circle of a dozen criminals or outcasts, nothing too huge to upset the lore (but that's up to you). 3) Going for any other group of people being okay with sexual slavery or arranged female trade because to this point, there isn't much a difference except they wouldn't necessarily be seeker only (Corpse Brigade, Serpent Reavers, etc). In any case if you manage to explain all that you can also come with interesting shenanigans. The nunh could be totally hitting on your race hybrid and cause a lot of ruckuss in the tribe, damaging his own reputation so much that he would constantly get challenged by Tias despising him, see a certain amount of females denying him for everything, and putting him into a more and more awkward position. Now then, if you didn't mean a sexual gift but more like a gift that the nunh would eventually consider as an adopted child or something, then you'll probably not come into as many issues probably. All in all, nunhs and especially tias are probably taking care of seeker children on a day to day basis more than their own mothers that are away hunting anyway.
  10. Valence

    Server Question and Time Zones!

    I don't necessarily recommend to move out to a NA based server. I always see and speak more with aussies as an EU on a NA server than with americans during the whole day, until near the middle of afternoon where it starts shifting to NA players when Aussies go to bed. So it really depends when you play in the day actually.
  11. Valence

    Question on Miqo’te backstory

    The amount of non tribal miqo'te ingame is staggering. The current seasonal Moonfire event features a couple of keeper brother and little sister that both refer to their family as a standard non miqo'te family, but that's only the most recent example that comes to mind. SB itself had a few in Ala Ghiri, and you can find those either for seekers or keepers scattered across the game in various storylines. So this is an option. Most of them however still use traditional miqo'te names, either seeker or keeper. The adopted option always works, especially with such a simple and strong concept as the Calamity.
  12. Valence

    Seekers of the Sun (Lore)

    When several Nunhs are required is when the tribe has grown substantially enough in size that they need two of them (or potentially more). Their role doesn't change, they are both breeding males. The M tribe in SB is such an example. Nunhs often have a lot of responsibilities other than breeding, like teaching, supervising, or even leading for some of them, but that's not a requirement. They have such responsibilities simply because of their position of power and probably also because if they reached that position it's probably not only due to sheer luck but certain skills (martial yes, that too is important... but some like the leader of the U tribe in the Sagolii are very shrewd politically inclined). link to seeker lore
  13. Valence

    State of Mateus RP

    Watching that casually unfold everyday on the NN on Balmung I've seen regular cries of joy from players stumbling on plots without anyone camping them. A couple of weeks ago, it was someone stumbling on a free plot without a timer. Most of the time though, it's the usual camping with adversaries.
  14. Valence

    State of Mateus RP

    Plots go on sale pretty regularly on Balmung. All you have to do is camp the spot for hours and hope you click faster than the other people camping too. Pretty sure it's more or less similar on Mateus.
  15. Valence

    Cameras in lore?

    Pictures on magazines are done through painting and drawing as far as I know. The covers of every newspaper and magazine in Eorzea seems to be made that way. For cameras I have literally no idea. I'm pretty sure we've seen screens and monitors in Allagan tech, we've also seen them in Omegascape, but for Garlemald it seems unclear to me. They certainly use doodads and monitors showing data as seen in various castrums and their airships, but do they show actual pictures taken with cameras, or just raw data?