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  1. Valence

    Hexblade Feasibility?

    Weapon enhancing spells are very common in Eorzea. Those are called enthunder, enfire, etc. They basically transfer a magical property to the weapon attacks, like a burning sword, or a spear crackling with levin, etc. This is also one of the classical FF jobs seen in some other titles (Spellblade). Even gladiators are known to use other variants in the forms of Flash, the ability that concentrates aether on the tip of their weapons to provoke a blinding light. Enhancing martial prowess though is usually done through various means depending on the medium the job user relies on to draw their aether. Monks will directly tap into the energy/aether flowing through their chakras and channel it through their bodies for example. Dragoons will use it to jump yalms into the skies, etc.
  2. Valence

    Goblin Diet

    They also love cheese. Very pugent cheese. They use a lot of herbs but I'm not sure those go into their diet. They at least use them for their masks to purify the air they breath and give it a better smell (it smells bad for them). I'm sure I'm forgetting things, that's all I can recall on top of my head.
  3. Valence

    Cost of Living, Daily Wages

    Speaking here about the most expensive wine on Hydaelyn (or one of the most sought after), the Sud Viandja. It's compared to the price of a house in the Mist (so about 3M to 40M), so that would at best be "worth a birdhouse in the Mist". With this in mind I feel more compelled not to take too seriously the price inflation of a lot of consumables ingame.
  4. Valence

    Viera loredump from the Wandering Dramaturge

    Thanks, I couldn't be bothered to rewrite down everything I read during the quests themselves!
  5. Valence

    Dalmascan/Rabanastran Character?

    It's totally possible of course. We are also starting to get a reasonable amount of lore on Dalmasca and Rabanastre. Keep in mind that Rabanastre was the seat of the imperial regional authority under garlean occupation (which still continues so far) until the uprising caused by the Doman liberation got crushed and the city razed recently.
  6. Valence

    General Lore Questions

    Miqo'te origins are toublesome because ingame lore speaks about an origin in Meracydia, while the first lorebook mentions Ilsabard frozen areas. It is possible that one of the subrace came from one side and the other from the other locale? Either way, we don't seem to find them in the Far East so far. Either way Dalmasca racial ditribution mentions a 25% of "others", which could or could not include miqo'te. The same way that Doma's includes 10% of others and Hingashi 25% of others, yet we have not seen a single one of these "others" in the case of Doma unless they point at Lupins specifically (probably includes them at least), and in the case of Hingashi it probably includes the melting pot of the trading enclave of Kugane. So in short, we don't know shit. Anyway, traders are a thing, and Dalmasca is described as a melting pot of cultures and races, more than any other city state / nation. It's what defines its cultural legacy. Make of it what you will.
  7. Valence

    Cost of Living, Daily Wages

  8. Valence

    Cost of Living, Daily Wages

    It's ultimately hard to tell because I don't remember much lore about that. When high amounts are mentioned in quests, like for example when Ascillia ends up at Phrondale's for medical care in 1.0, they just talk about "a lot of money" without giving specifics. The only thing we know for sure if I remember correctly is that teleporting fees are usually seen as quite prohibitive, especially if you port often (presuming that you can do it often or even do it period in the first place... not given to everybody). I tend to assume that 100 gil for a small distance teleport is already a certain sum of money, especially for the average joe.
  9. Valence

    Foreigner Viera possible? Kugane bunny?

    We had way more lore on xaela before 4.0 hit than we have currently on Viera. SB didn't fundamentally change anything. If people had to retcon things, it's mostly because they didn't pay enough attention to the lore in my opinion. We even had already our first lorebook to complement what we knew on Au'ra. The only thing I've seen happening on my side was some obvious adjustment especially on Dotharl players since the tribe description wasn't mentioning their spiritual side at all.
  10. Well, there is Y'mithra and her allagan book familiar I guess. And the Immortal Flames dedicated squad although they're still in their infancy/learning. SMN is far from being the worse in terms of teachers. Neither is WhM even if you can't really justify that the Senna white mages would teach you in the first place. Red mage is a real issue since there is only one surviving teacher in the world currently. SCH can also be a problem unless you find a lucid tonberry teacher I guess. More generally for restricted or lost jobs, the teachers are scarce and often a couple of famous NPCs, which isn't always very suitable to RP characters. Self teaching is probably worse, but it's almost always a strong option if you're willing to come with all its shortcomings (you'll be an amateur dabbling in the art, it will be gruesome teaching full of dangers, etc). Some job quests (like RDM) explicitly tell about repositories other than soul crystals for the art, scattered around the world (one of the RDM sources can be found in Ishgard library of all places). It's a lot about spending years chasing after myths and legends really.
  11. Well consider me stumped then. I stand corrected, I totally forgot those quotes. Machinistry does indeed combine magitek with aetherology. The Skysteel used to also be a big producer of heavy equipment for Ishgard military. The Magitek Reaper Armor actually uses magitek weapons. The main cannon is hard to tell, but the secondary weapons are photon streams. Nero's personal Armor also makes use of several variations of the main Magitek Cannon: Diffractive Magitek Cannon (a scattered shot) and a High-powered Magitek Cannon being an overload of the main cannon dealing a huge beam of energy instead. As seen here There is also a quest in the Fringes where you're asked to use a modified Reaper armor to fire electrical arcs on quest targets. Arcanists, like all casters, have to get a clear picture on their head of what they are trying to cast. Since it's final fantasy, and reinforced by the Polyglot trait of black mage, as well as silencing abilities, spells require the caster to speak in order to manifest said spells. Conjurers and Thaumaturges then use their canes and staves as mediums to channel aetherial energy. Arcanists use the ink in their books that just conveniently represent their spell repertoire indeed, where arcane geometries are what define every spell they use.
  12. Magitek is a word personally tailored by Solus when he became de facto emperor of his new empire of Garlemald and decided to be the patron of a promising engineer that came with the combustion of ceruleum, thus creating the first ceruleum engine. The garleans having always lacked in the magic and aetherial manipulation department, he coined the word as a way to replace magic by technology, thus Magitek: a technological way to come on par with magic. Magitek primarily concerns garlean technology based on ceruleum. The only magitek contraptions "commonly" (not that common though) used in Eorzea so far are mostly ceruleum engines used in Highwind Skyways airships or more generally still handcrafted things incorporating said engines (like the infamous ship of captain Carvaillain having a secret ceruleum engine under the deck). Rowena's commissioned ironworks sets, or the recent scaevan sets, are also using magitek. Another example: the falcon mount is Magitek, but Garlond's manacutters certainly aren't since they don't use any ceruleum engine but just eorzean traditional wind crystals (that's my take on it anyway). To be honest it can almost always boil down to "Does it uses a ceruleum engine? Then it's magitek". Note that Death Claws are magitek only because they run on a crude ceruleum source of power, but the technology inside is aetherochemical, which is a widely different beast (allagan). Ishgard industry is quite advanced in regards to most of Eorzea free cities, but it's mainly based on brute force and mechanical devices rather than ceruleum. They make heavy use of firesand to power their cannons and dragonkillers, but not ceruleum. Any old machinist soul crystal would work for a machinist aetherotransformer. Problem is, the job is brand new, so there is none of those around. Soul crystals come into being by being manufactured. Since apparently it's widely possible by today's eorzean standards since Haillenarte's Skysteel manufactures them for machinists, it's possible to craft empty soul crystals. The soul crystal technology is an allagan invention that was at its origin used by summoners of old.
  13. Valence

    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0: Shadowbringers

    Are we speaking about serious raiders, or just duty finder (normal mode and raiding)? I mean, all the few big groups like enrage are already leaving. What do you think will happen when new players will show up, ask where there is the biggest raiding community, and be pointed the way to Aether? Same thing like when they ask where is the place for RP. Edit: also no, not half the raiders are on Balmung. Most of the Aether raiding comes from Gilgamesh, Sarg, and Midgard.