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  1. It's not uncommon. Astrology has often been scorned by more "scientific" disciplines and deemed a tad eccentric, but it is still actually part of sensitive knowledge that Sharlayan doesn't allow to spread outside of its own borders. Sharlayan also used to welcome a lot of foreigner students before until up recently where they closed up a bit on themselves and turned isolationist, mostly under the influence of the Bibliothecs faction, who are incidentally also some sort of cabal using very advanced astrology (time manipulation) as seen in the AST quests. It is however starting to open up especially in Ishgard where it was recently admitted to be a serious field of knowledge that wasn't here to scam and supplant traditional Ishgardian astrology. If you mean a scholar as an erudite, then well, Sharlayan is THE premiere land of scholars and erudites. If you mean a Scholar as the job... it's probably a bit more murky. Scholar is a job that takes its roots in ancient Nym (On Vylbrand, the prior civilization before Limsa). Technically it's a job lost in legend and time as lot of jobs are, but recently discovered again by Lominsan erudites. However Sharlayan is often a very convenient roleplay plot enabler if I may say so, in that Sharlayan seems to have almost infinite repositories of knowledge about pretty much every obscure thing you could dream of in the realm.And a lot more exotic things. You just have to look at what they created with the Antitower to get the magnitude of their arcane knowledge in anything even remotely magical. I don't think we have anything pointing at true sharlayan Scholars using fairies and all the SCH apparatus in lore, but as I said, it's a good enabler or at least a strong stepping stone to get access to KNOWLEDGE, especially if you're a sharlayan native to begin with.
  2. To make it short the ingame jobs like monk are usually very specific arts related to specific regions, cultures and knowledge as well as certain restrictions. Monks for example origin from Gyr Abania, the mountainous region where lies the city state of Ala Mhigo. They mostly use the aether gathered through their bodies by the inner opening of chakras and their mastery, allowing them to tune their bodies into aetherially charged weapons. In other regions however you will find pretty much elsewhere fighters that just use their fists to fight and follow various martials arts. Pugilism is one of them and taught in Uld'ah, originating from the enforcers of the Platinum Mirage (an exclusive club for the very wealthy), and spreaded all around from there up to the Pugilist guild. All in all, ingame classes and especially jobs are usually specific to regions and culture and follow some amount of restriction in exchange for a background (monk, from the Order of the Fists of Rhalgr in Ala Mhigo and all the history that follows that specific order of fighters, etc, for example). You can also choose the very open road of someone just fighting with just their fists and feet and originating from anywhere. You can also find other workarounds, like learning the monk arts from maybe one of the few monk survivors of the genocide of the Fists of Rhalgr performed by the ala mhigan King of Ruin on their order, wiping them out of the map, for example (and said imaginary monk would have fled all the way to Shirogane?). You can also just be someone having learned easter martial arts and fight with fists. Or make your own homebrew thing a bit out of the lore by doing some world building and creating your own village or community. Possibilities are many. But the monk arts of chakras in themselves are rather restricted to the ala mhigan background, just keep that in mind. Some monk lore Pugilists lore Have a look at the general page from Sounssy's blog if you're interested to read more about Ala Mhigo, or the Far East
  3. On dates, as said above we're in a time bubble. The story uses many time ellipsises as a narrative device and tends to leave things rather vague so that their time bubbles doens't pop under a lack of suspension of disbelief. Overall, whether your RP groups decides to abide by the lore or not, what lore clearly states is a little more than one year at best has passed between the beginning of ARR and SB. I've seen that most RPers tend to favor the IRL = ingame time approach because they don't want to follow the same storytelling principles, so it's up to you what you choose eventually to follow. Know though that it can be a big point of contention between lore purists and RPers in general. On teleportation lore has always been rather on the side that people teleport rarely for many reasons: it costs a lot of anima to do it, and most people and your average joe aren't necessarily filled to the brim with aetherial reserves (unlike adventurers, and still many eorzeans since their land is literally swollen with Aether), the teleportation fees are big for most people compared to what they earn (again, less for adventurers), you can only teleport what you directly carry with you, and finally, it can be dangerous if you don't really know what you're doing (never learned the spells properly, even though those ones are supposed to be safe according to Sharlayans, unlike the first TP spells of the past). Overall the max distance will mostly depend of the aetherial strenght of the person attempting it, and one specific instance in the SB MSQ says how only the Warrior of Light could attempt seamlessly teleporting between Eorzea and the Far East. This tends however to be tempered a little by the fact that military groups from the far east eventually teleport next to Ala Mhigo in the Ghymlit Dark (the closest in Eorzea for them). probably not your average peasant though.
  4. 3. Of course it is possible. Eorzean borders between nations and cultures aren't tight shut. Most of the miqo'te population in Ala Mhigo is Seeker of the Sun true, but if you pay attention to small details you'll see some genetic variations, notably in Ala Ghiri (some seeker girls here have keeper eyes/fangs and use the keeper models), and the M tribe where M'naago's mother is also using a keeper model in spite of her clearly seeker legacy. F'lhaminn is another famous example of a seeker having keeper traits. You also have one of the Raven reporters in the Shroud, the one keeper girl that was the NPC for the last Hatching Tide event, using a seeker model. KojiF answered questions about this and while it's speculated that a lot of this comes down from mistakes done by the level art / level design teams, the lore tackles it as not totally "pure" lines of seekers (or keepers in the Shroud by the way) that at some point in the past had parents of a different clan inserting their own genetic material in the lineage. Said material can emerge at times in grand children and whatnot. Finally, as I said, borders aren't closed off. People travel, and miqo'te aren't exceptions, quite the opposite in fact. Ala Mhigo in the past also used to be a central trading chokepoint for caravans going back and forth between Aldenard and Ilsabard, which means a lot of movement here. There also was bad blood in the past between Ala Mhigo and Gridania through the Autumn War, and it probably made some people or individuals in the Shroud not welcome anymore by the landlords so to speak. Reasons can be numerous.
  5. The job lore, Sharlayan Astrology is also focused on constellation where it draws its power from, so no worries there. Both however have very different requirements to be learned and accessed in lore.
  6. Caveat, take care not to mix Ishgardian Astrology and Sharlayan Astrology (the ingame job), which are two very, very different things. Basically the former is mostly an art observing constellations in order to predict dravanian invasions and a few magic phenomenons. The latter is time magic used for a shitload of different things, healing among these.
  7. Hello, I don't seem to see any mistakes or anything jarring per se. This bit of lore and gridanian fluff, especially regarding woodsin and how strangers come and go into Gridania, might prove of interest to you if ever you want to expand on it. Best of luck!
  8. If you're on EU you still have a bit of time to free transfer from Light/Chaos.
  9. There will be a lot of non-english speakers on both Light and Chaos. German on the former and French on the latter.
  10. My plans are to definitely ditch most RP and move over to EU where I can play comfortably.
  11. Latency since they stupidly moved the servers to NA west coast is a huge frustration if you're trying to go for high end savage optimization (which I do, and thus why I'm moving out). I'm lucky enough not to be in the eastern or scandinavian parts of EU though, which adds even more latency. A VPN helps a great deal. However you can play every piece of content perfectly fine, even savage or ultimates. It's mostly a matter of comfort, but I can understand that it's annoying as hell though. The NA server move to west coast was stupid as hell though. I see a lot of East Coast people with better latency on EU servers than NA...
  12. Should be totally fine for most content, even savage. I play the most ping atrocious job in savage and have cleared everything. Latency will just start to prove infuriating when you will try to optimize some fights or ping sensitive jobs at high level, at best. Past that point it's mostly a problem of comfort. VPNs can also help a great deal.
  13. Black mage, white mage, etc, are not a "no-no" in lore. But as you say, it comes with a bundle of certain constraints you have to be aware of when choosing to play one.
  14. Actually world visit will happen a week or so before the start of the NA split if I recall fanfest liveletter correctly.
  15. Banri Oda and YoshiP confirmed that travel between shards can be achieved with the power of the echo, and that all of you WoL will be able to TP as usual. Other than that, we still have the 2 other solutions: - Hydaelyn and an ascian or a powerful person with the echo transporting you like they did for Minfillia or Arbert. - Using Syrcus Tower, if it can even be used again like they did for Shard 13.
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