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  1. I mean Ishgard is just starting to expand and reclaim its territories again since the Dragonsong War is over... Citadels like the vigils, lands like Falcon Nest and whatnot are being supplied again by the capital more regularly... They also expand in the Sea of Clouds, Diadem, etc. But even before the end of the war, you still had villages scattered around Coerthas. Estinien comes from one such that got burned to the ground by Dravanians. The girl that puts a sleeping drug in the WoL's drink during the peace celebration in Falcon Nest in the MSQ also saw a fate similar to her own native village happening. Settlements are legion. Ishgard couldn't hope to survive alone without them, especially during the 5 harsh years of the Calamity where they decided to close their gates to everybody. You just have to be aware that the land since the calamity has seen incredible weather change, lots of settlements like the Gorgane Mills or Hemlock in Western Coerthas for example only host ghosts now, since western coerthas was the area the most hurt by climate change, and also the closest to Dravania.
  2. Apparently linkpearls aren't a thing in the First either, until some old dusty ones got salvaged from the Tower.
  3. If I remember correctly, the house of the character Crammevoix (forgot the house name) in the Scholasticate series used to own some parcel of land in Coerthas, whose smallfolk they sacrified in the name of twisted ishgardian honor before forfeiting their lives as well. So yeah the ishgardian nobility can either own properties of various kinds in Ishgard proper, but also outside. Some of that property can be land. ( not to be confused with official major defensive citadels like the Stone Vigil, etc, that belong to Isghard proper, even if they are entrusted to some of the major noble houses )
  4. I'm opening a thread where I can post various interesting tidbits of lore about the First. Apparently, glamours aren't a thing on the First and are a specific creation of the Source. It was introduced by the Exarch among other things, like gremlins that aren't native to the First as well, and came unfortunately with the Crystal Tower (source: I don't have the image, it's from a FATE in Lakeland).
  5. Midgardsormr doesn't exactly come from another shard, but another Star.
  6. It seems to point at the tower being able to open a rift wide enough not to only let the Exarch go through the rift from the future (with the help of Typhoon), but the full building itself, which must have required an insane amount of energy. Now in the future they say on those Ironworks manifestos (found in the Twinning) that it took them a long time and many headaches to finally make the tower open to them and that they have to thank for that all the previous work made by the Sons of St Coinach on understanding allagan tech, tomestones, etc (in our epoch) for without which they wouldn't have been able to. Which basically means it took them eons to just open the tower and access it, meet/wake up Graha Tia inside, and then start working on using the tower to send people back in time through the Rift. This goes without saying, besides maybe the Exarch, nobody in our epoch be it in the Source nor the First so far, has any clue how to use it again... Unless someone manages to pierce the mysteries left in the Twinning... especially since uh... the WoL blew up the Typhoon to prevent some funny guys (Ascians) to put their hands on it and start doing funky things with time... not in our favor. Edit: in short, the Crystal Tower in the Source is the one we know, the one from our epoch/timeline. The Tower in the First though, is the Tower from the Source but in the future, when they transported it across the Rift and through time with the Exarch inside.
  7. You don't have ambiant lightning everywhere or at every time, but in certain places or during a storm, sure, plenty of it. But yes you could theorically "just" use an aetherotransformer that draws aether from the land around. You'd understand though that designing such a contraption you'd immediately face 2 problems: - How do you tell the transformer to draw from the land only and not also from everyone or every creature that gets trapped into the radius/beam/whatever? (can probably be solved by fancy aetherometric filters and whatnot). Also the transformer would probably be a lot more complex and uh... BIG to vacuum everything in a ten yalms radius... - How do you tell people you're not basically a black/white mage sucking up the land dry? I mean it's probably easy to conceal to such a small scale but still. Can be an interesting story hook in itself.
  8. In short you have 2 ways to travel across the rift: - You're an aetherial being like a faery, an integral soul like the Warriors of Darkness or Minfillia, or an Ascian and have mastered the proper methods to open tears to the rift at will and travel between shards. - You're a standard person and you just use the Crystal Tower powers and energy to go through with your whole body and everything because you're not strong and powerful and knowledgeable enough to do it like an aetherial entity.
  9. I updated the first post, looks like I missed one of those... Which tells a lot of great things on what exactly happened to the First and how Ascians operate.
  10. Machinist relies somewhat on your own aether since the aetherotransformer primary function is to transform the body reserves into levin aspected aether in order to power all the machina and shots they use. It's not a mage per se since machinists don't speak magical incantations and summons and use their contraption instead, but someone with very poor aetherial reserves or abilities would probably be a pretty poor machinist. Same for gunbreaker, but since its aetherial powers are mostly limited to the cartridges that are imbued in aether, that's why Thancred can just shrug it off and let Minfillia refill them for him.
  11. I used the term conservative in its purest, most objective form. A conservative is someone interested in keeping things as they are, not much more to add. That's exactly what the ascian faction siding with Zodiark is: to keep the planet as it is when they summon their god, and then to bring it back as it used to be. That's also more or less how the MSQ lines describe Emet-Selch, as the spearhead of said movement. I don't remember the exact words used since I didn't take screenshots of the MSQ though (I knew I should have...). I actually took great care not to label the hydaelyn side as progressives, even if indirectly they are, since they embrace change. I chose to define them as compassionate since that's what drove that side of the debate to help others and protect against genocide, but I'll admit that's probably a bad choice of words since the conservatives also have a lot compassion for their brethren, arguably.
  12. Yes, monks do it for example. They channel it though, and their bodies become their own focus through the opening of chakras.
  13. Repository of various sidequests in Amaurot As above, it doesn't bring a lot of new things compared to the main story line, but you can still find interesting tidbits like allusion to the 14th amaurotine member of the convocation, or more explanation of their powers of creation and how their society is structured around it. The Amaurot Convocation of Fourteen and the betrayal of one Amaurotine communality and cultural views Amaurotine politics and ethical conflict leading to the war between conservatives (later Zodiark supporters) and empaths/compassionate (later Hydaelyn supporters)
  14. For those of you who didn't take the time to speak to Emet-Selch every time you could between quests... Here is a repository of what he has to say:
  15. For spells and aetherial abilities to truly take form and focus, they need focii. Be it gems and staffs made of aetherially conductive materials, or your own body or weapons, it helps channel all your raw aether into a spell. Aetherial teleportation isn't rare per se, but it's not a given to most of your average joes. It's rather taxing on your own aetherial reserve / anima, and this require time to regen over time. Some people just don't have much of that aether surplus and therefore are pretty inept at magic or teleporting. Your average eorzean farmer probably enters this category. Adventurers or elite soldiers on the other hand... well we've seen in SB the Doman elite teleporting halfway across the map. See more here
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