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  1. Hello all! I'm new to FFXIV, but not to RP, and I had a question. I really like the look and attitude of Seekers. But upon reading their cultural lore... well I had some concerns. Firstly I wanted to RP a more rough and tumble fella, and was gonna make him a Nunh, but now I have some concerns about that. I wanna start by saying I have no interest in romantic or "romantic adjacent" RP. It's not really my thing. I was going to make him a Nunh for the purpose of being a more warrior-oriented person, but I'm aware there are other connotations that come with the title. SO I guess my questions would be- 1. Is it considered obnoxious or worse to be a Nunh? 2. Nunhs can travel and not have any real political or tribal commitment, right? 3. If being one is gonna get me lots of eyerolls and other attention I don't want, are Tias considered weak? In the stuff I've read they're not super clear on that... I wouldn't think so, but eh. Basically I really like this race but it seems like one perfect for RP drama. Hoping that's not the case, or at least it's not as bad as I fear! Thanks in advance!
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