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  1. I'm currently on Balmung with an eastern monk character, but would totally world transfer for a good group. My old group kinda fell through https://songofwudang.carrd.co/
  2. For all of them except for specifically samurai and shinobi, my idea for rp is more of a, wandering eternal student. Like... she goes to the various guilds and learns their way of doing things. Not necessarily ever being descent at it, but she wishes to learn the way others think and view combat. Will she ever use these skills outside of her time at the specific guild? No. But she wants to learn more of the mindset. Like, for archer. One who uses a bow on the steppes would be different from Gridania.
  3. Hello folks! For my character, Sadu of the Kha, I have been toying with a concept that I love, and I just want to work on some small details to see if it is lore friendly! Sadu is mainly a samurai, but with the multi job system, I thought it would be fun for her to travel and wish to learn the other ways of fighting. While for most of these, she would only be doing the absolute basics (like taking time to learn to wield a spear or bow) and would in no way ever be like... a jill of all trades or just about any advanced job, there is one other class I thought it could be neat that she could have
  4. So far, we have a bookish older brother for Sadu! Honestly, both of us agree that if someone wants to twin it up with Sadu to mess with him, it would be ideal
  5. Hello folks! Thanks to the lovely help of Sheep Shifter, I have enough of my character down to start advertising for connections and the like! I'll post a bit of what I have of her, but as for what I'm looking for, I will put my ideas down that are both very broad or very specific. While I will list a few ideas, I'm also always open for some good suggestions! Sadu of the Kha tribe always had a fascination with strength and how those with it choose to wield it. That is why it was no surprise that Sadu was training to be a fighter from the moment she was able to hold a stick in her h
  6. Hey folks! A friend got me to join FF14, and while I'm not new to rp, I'm definitely new to rp in this world. I've been reading up on some lore, but I'll admit, I got a bit mixed up on Xaela versus Raen until I was pretty far along in my leveling journey. I have a few character concepts that I'd absolutely love if people would be so kind as to offer some constructive criticism. While I have about two months until I can transfer realms, I plan to move to an rp home world. Until then, I'm just kinda stuck visiting! Concept 1: Born of the Himaa tribe, this woman was born a twin
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