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  1. Thanks all helpful suggestions. I feel a little better about the whole ordeal. I appreciate you listening and helping.
  2. Thank you very much for your comment. Basically I was told that I “strolled in and acted like the house was my own.” It was not my intention at all. I thought that it was agreed upon from the night before that it was cool for me to would preform on the stage at the establishment. I went inside and waved said that I had prepared a dance if anyone wanted to watch. Evidently this pissed people off bc I didn’t properly coordinate with them. I was never told that I needed to do that, my mistake. Once I saw that someone was already on the stage I went and sat down, I never tried to get on stage with
  3. Well today I attempted my first role play experience. I thought I understood what was going on and had talked to the leader beforehand. Apparently there were certain nuances I was unaware of and I think I came off very rude and uncouth. I’m very embarrassed and discouraged and unsure how to recover from this and unsure if I should try again. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
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