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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any idea how Cid was able to travel to Othard from Eorzea and any idea on how long it takes by airship vs boat? In the beginning of Stormblood, Alphinaud says this. "Not…exactly. You are right, in as much as we will be traveling by sea. Regrettably, it is simply not feasible for an airship to travel such a distance without impossibly large fuel reserves, to say nothing of the inevitability of running afoul of the Empire’s aerial defenses." Yet later on in 4.1, Cid appears in Kugane and later throughout the Ivalice Raids and in the MSQ during 4.4 A
  2. Hey guys, I'm wanting to create a carrd profile and I've seen people with really neat profiles but don't really have any web design or experience with html. Is there any common template that the community uses or any one wants to share?
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