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  1. After perusing some articles, I'm just gonna go ahead and make my "New Age/Steampunk" Shaman a Lost Hrothgar. Unless there's some gross inaccuracies I'm missing.... I'm basically Rp-ing in my own head, so up there, anything goes, right? Thank you to the one person who commented on my previous post. Nokw I'm going to focus a little bit more on my character's motivations and goals.
  2. Hello! I really want to get into RP in FFXIV but I don't know where to start. Like I had a main that was supposed to be an Au Ra Xaela Shaman. Well long story short, I started over because I had an idea for a "new age" shaman. Like the original was the "traditional" shaman (Black/White Mage) and my idea for a "New Age" shaman is more like (Machinist/Gunbreaker). The idea is that my toon can hear the ancestors in the machines. I chose a Hyur but I'm thinking I want to change race, but not sure to what. So what advice would you give me on how to flesh out the story of my new age/steampunk shaman? (P.S., I've only finished the story up until arriving at Aazys Lla) Thank you all for any advice you could give me
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