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Found 10 results

  1. Reaper

    Changing Citizenship

    I have a friend who wants to change citizenships from tribal (a miqo'te Keeper who lived on the fringes of Gridanian society) to be a full Ishgardian citizen. While nationality changes were common in FFXI, there's almost no lore I'm aware of pertaining to citizenship changes, much less Ishgardian citizenship changes. A second friend indicated he didn't believe it would be possible given Ishgard's insular nature. It made me realize how truly little I know about citizenship/nationality changes in general within Eorzea. I'm just curious, is it at all viable for a miqo'te to properly become an Ishgardian citizen, and if so, is there any in-lore process that would need to be followed to do so? Furthermore, Ishgard aside, are there any good quotes about the process? I want to know more about the process in general to have as much information as possible on the topic for future use in RP should such a topic ever rise up again.
  2. S0LS1S

    Alchemist lore

    Pretty straightforward honestly, I was curious if anyone had any lore dumps on Alchemy and how its handled in the game/what most people use it for/its practical uses, in general,/how it is performed. Because I know what ALchemy was originally used for in reality, but considering the crafts in the game, it seems to lean more towards our Chemistry?(Or maybe its 2 am and I'm overthinking this). Either way, I just want a giant lore dump on Alchemist and Alchemy but I can't seem to find something, I could just not be looking in the right places though. Any help is greatly appreciated while I level this bad boy up and read what I can find from there. Thank you to anyone with knowledge in advance < 3
  3. azraelwolfe

    Jobs/Classes and their weapons

    So I've always wondered if my character gets knocked down or away, and drops his weapon could he theoretically still casts magic as a SCH, BLM, WHM, SUM, etc? Like I get with soul crystals that they act as a focus so you don't implode but surely my character wouldn't be helpless without his stick..
  4. LimitBreaker

    Ascian Lore

    Hi, looking into making a Ascian character that is of course not an overlord but if possible something in-between and if i can work with these.I have done extensive research into them both in lore and in-game demonstrations of what they are capable of doing and the possibility of what they could do(lore-bending) that I could use for my character. So i'm looking for more lore about them to make my character around but at the same time that is also bendable to the lore.Also how does one RP as an Ascian and is Deathflare a pure-aetherical attack ability? Here are some observations that I seen while researching some of these from the MSQ and certain side-quests that involve them. May contain spoilers below.Any information is welcomed and information listed below are just what i think Ascian might be capable of doing based on observation.Also if there is any misinformation any corrections would be welcomed too.
  5. S0LS1S

    lore Lore abiding Jobs

    Hello, this will be an odd one. I recalled a really awesome guide someone in the community made that detailed the plausibility of certain jobs and their actual availability to roleplayers who were lore abiding. I've lost it and I was hoping someone might have it.
  6. I've now played through the AAR storyline 3 times (why do I have this need for alts?), and one thing that confuses me is how much of a secret the Scions of the Seventh Dawn were. They have a 'secret base' and talk about working clandestinely to keep from Garlean eyes, etc. And yet.. just about everybody seems to know who they are. The Grand Companies send representatives to their "secret" base. They do nothing to hide their identities - just how many times has an NPC gone "Oh, you're with the Scions? Here, let me help you", not just to The Hero but also any other Scions with The Hero? Heck, half the time people recognize The Hero even before introductions are made. During my first run I kept wondering how long till the Garleans found their base, because they sure didn't do much to hide it. Really, even a half competent spy network could have easily followed the Scions around (not to mention the Ascians following the Hero). It really wasn't a question of if, but when. After Ultima Weapon was defeated, it's clear that the Scions are more well known (though by how much I don't know yet, only just started those quests). But before then, just how much of a secret were they? How much would the average citizen have known? Or is this just one of those bits of lore that has more contradictions than answera, and it's best to just shrug and say "whatever"?
  7. Anyone who's finished ARR's first campaign knows the general idea of Operation Archon - the leaders of Eorzea reject surrender, and unite to fight. The Grand Companies, supported by Free Companies, conducts a three pronged attack to weaken the Garlean forces, and open the way for the Warrior of Light to destroy Ultima Weapon. We all know how things played out from the Warrior of Light's perspective (and the very cut-scene heavy Duties). The real question I have is... what ELSE do we know of Operation Archon? We know that Gridanian forces attacked the rail lines, Limsa forces attacked coastal forts, and Ul'dah pushed through to Gaius' stronghold. While we know a little of the Limsa and Ul'dah attacks, there's a lot about them we do not know (troop compositions, causalities, etc.) As far as I can tell we know basically nothing of the Gridanian battle, other than it was successful. I ask because I'm working on how to integrate Operation Archon into my characters histories. After all, in-game time it happened a couple years ago, and it was a pretty big deal. I'm sure others might like to know more also. I'm particularly curious about the Gridanian side, since so little was revealed (and so far internet searches haven't helped).
  8. Icoco-Ico

    Aether and aether sickness

    I know aether is like...life force. But I assume that it's also used to power the spells of the magic users (THM, WHM, CONJ). I have written my character to not be adept in using aether, so having teleport makes her sort of sick. That being said, walking everywhere is getting boring. Would it be feasible to use ethers to supplement her aether enough to teleport around?
  9. I assumed this would be helpful for anyone who is roleplaying Au Ra; specifically the Xaela. This is the transcript, word for word from the scene provided to your character by the Elder of the Oronir tribe. If this is a large part of the "CREATION OF ALL AU RA" lore, so have at! Please let me know if this is not the place for it as well. I will gladly relocate. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! [ Hien ] How this world born of the gods was to be their battlefield, their creations to fight in their stead. How Azim, Father of the Dawn, he who birthed the sun, and Nhaama, Mother of the Dusk, she who birthed the moon, made the Au Ra... Yet though these children warred for a time, eventually they laid down their arms and came to love one another. And so the gods bequeathed this world to their children, and ascended to the heavens whence they came. Those born of the Dawn Father were called the Raen, and those born of the Dusk Mother were called the Xaela. So it was and ever after. [ Udutai ] But what it does not mention is this: Azim and Nhaama were lovers. Oh, they fought in the beginning, as did their creations. That much is true. But when they saw how the Xaela and the Raen rose above their hatreds and joined hands in harmony, their hearts stirred, and the love their children shared became theirs as well. Alas, he was of the sun and she of the moon. Apart they must remain, lest day and night cease to be, and with them all creation. With sadness in their hearts they returned to heavens-- he to the day, she to the night, destined to walk before and after, never to meet. As time passed, Azim's yearning for his beloved grew deeper still. Was there truly naught that could be done, he wondered. At last, he knew. "If the Father cannot be with the Mother, then he shall go amongst her children. Now and ever after." So it was, that Azim took a fragment of his being and with it fashioned an avatar. Clad in scale of midnight, he descended, and sought out the Xaela. Yea, he was the first Oronir. We are of his flesh and his blood. We are the children of Azim, and it is our duty to watch over and keep the Xaela safe. [ Hien ] ... I confess, I did not expect the tale of your people's beginnings to be quite so romantic. Yet I must ask: if it is your duty to defend the Xaela, how can you go to war with them in the Naadam? Is that not a contradiction? [ Udutai ] If a father disciplines his son, does that mean there is no love in his heart? Xaela are not wont to kneel. They must be made to -- only then will they heed reason. [ Hien ] I see... Such is the way of the Steppe. Thank you, elder, for sharing with us your wisdom. [ Udutai ] Eager to depart? Ere you go, you would do well to hear the end of my tale. When Nhaama looked down and saw the avatar of Azim, she knew him at once, and shed tears of love and longing. When they struck the earth, they rose anew, as a counterpart to the Oronir. Their fates entwined. So you see, for every son of Azim is a daughter of Nhaama for whom he must search. Even now.
  10. Here's a collection of good sources for all your lore needs! Adding more as I find them! Feel free to post your own as replies to this topic. mirkemenagerie update Lore index: A great source for everything! I pretty much use this site for most things. The person has done a lot of work gathering lore from a manner of different sources. Lore Finder A true gem, this web application allows you to search for words and references in in-game quest dialogue for any theme or word you set. Great for finding some of the more obscure lore you might not encounter unless you played every quest and read every description. The Raimdelle Codex Alces [Public] A book on naturalism, Eorzean style. Basically natural research, coded and arranged in lists of data and notes made from an IC perspective. Which means, much of the information is here is not necessarily lore-accurate. Take it all with a grain of salt, and not as 100% fact. It's more meant to be read as something you might find In Character in a library. Not all studies and theories in science are entirely accurate in real life either. Miqo'te Related Articles: Miqo'te Naming Conventions Pretty self-explanatory. Miqo'te names explained. Miqo'te Mating Strategies Before you judge a book by its' cover, the poster of this thread actually went into deep detail and debate over miqo'te culture in general, mirroring it to biological mechanisms in animals as well as humans. Half of it is about breeding, but the other half is about things everyone making a miqo'te should be thinking about: in what kind of tribe/clan or ancestry did their character come from and how does it affect them?