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  1. I am wondering, I know Centaurs existed in Meracydia - is there any lore outside of that simple fact that is known or available? Like what they looked like? Their race information, etc?
  2. If I recall correctly this was literally the plot of an episode of an anime called Samurai Champloo.
  3. So I guess it would be an acceptable thing to have a trans-bodied character in rp, then? I mean as far as I understand Fantasia are not considered canon, they are a meta-item.
  4. Ahm.. I would still love an answer to this, but several days have passed since I asked and I am wondering if I did something wrong in asking or if just nobody really knows?
  5. I was wondering; in terms of lore, how friendly is the ffxiv setting to transgender characters? I am sure they exist, but as I know Fantasias are not considered 'lore friendly', then there are really no means by which to transform ones body? I would assume that means that some people would exist in Eorzea that fall under the banner of being transgender? This is not an erp motivated question, it is a genuine curiosity on whether those types of characters/body types would realistically exist in Eorzea or whether there would be some idealistic utopian alternative to them (such as Fant
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