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  1. Hello, everyone! I'm new to Final Fantasy, only roughly a month or so in, but I have extensive experience with RP on GW2, WoW, and text-based roleplay. I also try to be lore-abiding as possible, but I don't know all the intricacies of FFXIV lore, so any corrections would be welcome and appreciated. My hours are usually afternoon to late-night, 3 PM - 3 AM PST, roughly. My character is Ceigdraga Rhendhemsyn, a Sea Wolf Roegadyn who's a pirate-turned-mercenary. He doesn't speak the common Eorzean all that well, since his family are relatively recent arrivals from Aerslaent compared to the greater Sea Wolf population. He's a 'Hedge Wizard' Thaumaturge, as he's had no formal training in the art aside from a book stolen from a ship, along with a professionally-made staff. Recently, he's come back to Vylbrand from spending a few years trying to be successful as a sellsword in Ul'dah, and is willing to take on contracts or work with others for profit. Below is his carrd, still very much a work in progress: https://ceigdraga.carrd.co/ If you're interested in talking, my Discord is Chubark#1114 and my in-game name is Ceigdraga Rhendhemsyn. Hope to meet you soon!
  2. As soon as I figure out how best to edit wikis (never done it before), I'll be doing so :). I'd posted this on the FFXIV forums but it was recommended I do so here as well. This is a creation by people all over the world who never knew that they each held a little piece of this astonishing secret: one of the best stories ever never told by FF. Let me start from the top. I started playing FFXIV back in May of this year when a co-worker finally convinced me to pick it up. I immediately locked onto the Roes. Who can resist that Hellsguard flavor text? Sign me up for Badass Town! It was a few weeks in that I realized... my race really doesn't matter. In fact, there's not a lot of "me" around. Why? Enter Google. I typed the phrase a large chunk of us probably have: "Hellsguard lore". Oof. Not a lot. Tried some more, still meh. Then I started seeing the comments from the community, "There's so little", "It's so mysterious", "It's just a content-save from 1.0 like Duskwights" (probably). But I'm into the RP scene. Not only that, I'm lore crazy for FF games, and FF always has something hidden. Always. So I went digging. I found a few threads. A Reddit conversation sparked my intrigue with things I never knew existed. A dozen people getting together and sharing these hidden sources with one another from someone simply asking "does anyone else know anything"? Then THIS came out. It lit a fire in my gut. So many people came together out of the love of this game to dig through this one last secret. It took them a decade, determined to solve something they loved. How amazing! Mine was a smaller endeavor and I knew it'd take time, but I it'd be worth it. Plus, I wasn't by myself. Enter YOU. See, there were already all the answers out there found by other people. Snippets, clues, rare finds. They just hadn't known that someone across the world playing the same game held the other half to their puzzle. I just had to find them, spread them out, and start mapping matches to make one solid, seamless solution. Sounds easy? Well, we've all seen how hard it is to find the basic lore on Hellsguard... I wasn't satisfied. I dug, I read, I researched. I listened to interviews, read discussions. Not enough. I dug more, read more, listened to interviews, read translated transcripts. One source led me to another, and another-- After 3 months, I couldn't find any more. Some had even been updated with 5.0 and I needed to edit what I'd had. All that was left was to put it all together. I chose a format and began to separate each article, piecing them apart by note cards and individual Docs, crossing out which ones I'd already placed. I rewrote things with as best of a flow as I could. Finally, I sat back in awe at what you all had made. I'm so excited to share it with the FFXIV world. This was all of you. Thank you for this beautiful journey. (Click)
  3. VILLAGES OF THE FARREACH // Hellsguard Headcanon Click above for the Doc ! I love how the Xaela got so much of these little lore-sprinkles with the info snippets on different clans. In continuation with my Ultimate Hellsguard Lore Guide, I present a few (4-5) canon-inspired fan villages in slightly-more-detailed Xaela description fashion! I might even do some art for them in the future . Edited haphazardly by yours truly . Are there any that you enjoy? Any that you're curious about? Any that spark some cool ideas for your characters?
  4. I. Basic Info Characters: Rhothyrt Vaiapte Primary character: Rhothyrt Vaiapte Linkshells: Felroses IC Primary RP linkshell: Felroses IC II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Anywhere from medium to heavy. The amount depends on workload and other factors, usually not bad to ask. Views on RP combat and injuries: Combat and injuries are good character building and allow for some interesting development as your character deals with those situations. Normally, I think the severity of injuries should be left to the player as long as it's within reason. Views on IC romance: The only thing I have to say about romance is that somebody has already filled that slot for me, so if you wanna try with one of my characters you're welcome to give it a go. Just be warned, it's going to fail. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): I have never had the opportunity to rp anything like this, which is crazy given how many years I have been role-playing. It sounds like fun and I'm always happy to give new stuff a try. Views on lore: I try to remain as close to lore as possible. I think stuff specifically there as game mechanics isn't as lore abiding as it is a system to regulate gameplay and isn't necessarily a rule set in stone. Some things make sense as rules and others only work in the scope of this being a video game. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Say and Linkshell are generally IC. Events I've done in other games establish if chats like party are IC or OOC. I usually defer to the group or other person outside of the usual IC chats. III. Other Info Country: US Timezone: EST-5 Contact info: In game is just my character Discord is Sheepshifter#0602 Contacting me here, through DMs is fine as well.
  5. Hello Hydaelyn Roleplayers! I'm TheWolverclaw and I am thrilled to have been a part of FFXIV's game and community for around a month now, and overall, I am loving it! However, I am actively looking for a Free Company and friends to RP with on Mateus-Crystal! History: I've been roleplaying for quite some time with Minecraft being the earliest game I was exposed to roleplay. To this day, I still continue to RP on games such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Guild Wars 2, and I am honored to include FFXIV into that list as well! Characters: Currently, I have one character that is currently developed and open to RP, but I am also working on my Hrothgar, Mi'qote, and Highlander. To describe my Roegadyn without making a full character post, he's a fun loving mercenary that loves to explore the world! Here's his Carrd.co if you want to learn more about him! I am trying to learn the lore as best as possible, and I technically did cheat a bit with my character's name, but it is explained with his background. https://ffgarrett.carrd.co/ What I'm Looking For: To elaborate on my introductory points; I'm looking for a RP Free Company that either acts as a hub for Roleplayers to meet and socialize or your one centered around certain niches such as a trope or mercenary company, considering I am a medium to heavy roleplayer. Mostly speaking, I am mostly interested in Adventure, Combat, Slice of Life, and comedy, however, I'm open to all forms of RP except for ERP, considering I am 17, soon to be 18 in a few months, but, romantic relationships are a possibility with consent. I am located on the Pacific Coast so most of the time, I'll be able to stay up a bit later for RP! I'm usually active from around 1 to 10 PST most days of the week. So that is all I have to share with the Coalition, and to be honest, I just hoped there was a similar platform for roleplayers such as TESORP. If you want to contact me further, feel free to friend me on Discord, Battle.net, or in game! Hopefully I'll be able to have a quick and easy integration to the RP community as well, so thank you all! Discord: TheWolverclaw#8002 Battle.net: WolverClaw#1357 In-game: Garrett Sterrwilf
  6. I. Basic Info Character: Solemn Dawn Linkshell: Order of the Stormguard II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Heavy. Views on RP combat and injuries: Lasting injury will have to be agreed OOC, but I do like a gritty, brutal realism in my RP. Gore is okay. Views on IC romance: Open to it. That said, I like organic, slow-burning type things. It has to be natural. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Cousins, clan-mates, old colleagues are all up for grabs! Views on lore: I'd say I'm 90% adherent. My view is that you can play in the 'empty spots' of the lore, so long as what you're doing is in keeping with the spirit and style of FFXIV. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): All good. I mostly use /say, but /party is great, too. I'm mostly looking to start building relationships, networks etc with this character. Dawn is a scary-looking but friendly type, so she'll get along with most characters. III. Character Wiki: https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Solemn_Dawn Race/clan: Roegadyn/Hellsguard Age: 30 Gender: Female Occupation: Warrior, Bounty Hunter Alignment: Neutral Good Personality: Amiable, private, diligent and loyal. Orientation: Gay IV. Other Info Country: UK Timezone: GMT Contact info: Reach me on here, or send me a /tell
  7. A young Roegadyn steps out of a small shack almost as big as him into the cool dawn air. Hauling a large pack on his back and looking over a small book in his hand. Taking a last look around the orchard he had been working for in the past from moons. He takes a big deep breath, as if trying to breath it all in for him to keep within him. He opened his book and wrote, Looking through the past few months in his book, he knew he can’t stay any longer than he had. He had to keep moving, staying here was just something to give himself comfort and give for time to pass hoping who he was looking for might find him instead. He makes his way to the guildmaster’s home, as he had promised many moons ago, that he would explain to her everything, and thank her for taking him in during such a turbulent time. *Knock*Knock* His large hands tried their best to knock as gentle as possible. The door opened slowly, and from the other side a young Lalafell woman peaked her head out. “Ah, O’nikki, I was expecting you.” she said. It was Fufucha, Gridania’s master of the Botanist guild. She took a scan of the Roegadyn on the other side of her door. Taking into account how attire, ready to go out of the city and ready to face the dangers of the wild. “I see, such a shame to see you go. You were a promising student, but it did feel as if our path is not yours to walk. Come in, it is cold outside.” she opened the door wide inviting him in. “Thank you very much for providing me with shelter in my time of need.” O’nikki said gently. “Let us have something to drink before you go. You really have opened up more since you got here.” A small smile grew on her face. “I believe you have a story you promised me, concerning how you got this far?” she said curiously as she closed the door. He looked inside himself and tried to think where would be the best place to start. Six months ago. Yeah, that might have been when it all started.
  8. Greetings. I'm a returning player with a new character I would like to integrate into more story driven RP. I'm in particular looking for a suitable FC to do this with, but I'm looking for other contacts a well. Proud Dahlia is the daughter of wealthy Ul'dahns who often grows bored with her life of privilege. A trained fencer, she often fights in various tournaments to entertain herself. When not doing that, she's a dilettante scholar of historian, particularly magical history. While the subject is a passion of hers, she mainly pursues it as a means to explore and adventure. Her recent research into the history of Abanian red magic has led to her beginning to practice it herself. Dahlia's a bit cocky and certainly lives up to the 'proud' part of her name. That said, she's not oblivious to the plight of those beneath her station and does what she can to help, donating any earnings from her prizefighting and adventures to help those less fortunate. Most recently she's been championing the restorations of Doma and Ala Mhigo as the war for their liberation draws to a close.
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    Krystrael Sylbrysswyn

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    Krystrael amidst the stars.
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    Lost River (2.0)

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    An updated change of her appearance, I thought it was best to share.
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    Lost River - Hellsguard Roegadyn

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    Lost River standing in front of a sunset, dusk slowly coming up in the desert.
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    Agata Blysstahlwyn, a Sea Wolf Roegadyn who packs a punch (and a bottle of rum).
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