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  1. Hello! As the title states, I'm looking for a long-term RP partner to not only write with, but to play the game with. I'm not tied down to any one particular server, though I am currently on Zalera. Have a gander at my character's carrd. More details within. https://grimblackgrave.carrd.co/ If you have any questions, please either DM me or find me on Discord @ NorseKorean#3251
  2. A young Roegadyn steps out of a small shack almost as big as him into the cool dawn air. Hauling a large pack on his back and looking over a small book in his hand. Taking a last look around the orchard he had been working for in the past from moons. He takes a big deep breath, as if trying to breath it all in for him to keep within him. He opened his book and wrote, Looking through the past few months in his book, he knew he can’t stay any longer than he had. He had to keep moving, staying here was just something to give himself comfort and give for time to pass hoping who he was looking for might find him instead. He makes his way to the guildmaster’s home, as he had promised many moons ago, that he would explain to her everything, and thank her for taking him in during such a turbulent time. *Knock*Knock* His large hands tried their best to knock as gentle as possible. The door opened slowly, and from the other side a young Lalafell woman peaked her head out. “Ah, O’nikki, I was expecting you.” she said. It was Fufucha, Gridania’s master of the Botanist guild. She took a scan of the Roegadyn on the other side of her door. Taking into account how attire, ready to go out of the city and ready to face the dangers of the wild. “I see, such a shame to see you go. You were a promising student, but it did feel as if our path is not yours to walk. Come in, it is cold outside.” she opened the door wide inviting him in. “Thank you very much for providing me with shelter in my time of need.” O’nikki said gently. “Let us have something to drink before you go. You really have opened up more since you got here.” A small smile grew on her face. “I believe you have a story you promised me, concerning how you got this far?” she said curiously as she closed the door. He looked inside himself and tried to think where would be the best place to start. Six months ago. Yeah, that might have been when it all started.
  3. The leatherbound journal appears well kept, it’s contents filled with notes and writings in both Eorzean and Xaelic handwriting. It would seem the original intent for the journal was to log crafting projects, yet the owner of this journal has used it for training notes and techniques, as well as personal diary entries. The most recent entry is marked with the date and number of the entry. Today proved eventful, more so than usual. The Combat Fields provided a challenge unlike anything I’ve experienced since coming to the realm. I believe it may serve as a benchmark: being able to triumph in the tourney will be proof that I’m growing stronger, faster, more skilled. And yet, despite the wounds I suffered, and the experiences of this fighting competition, it’s what happened much later into the night that proved far more eye opening. I met a Xaela woman, one who confronted me on staring after I had yet another incident with zoning out. A conversation was struck, about another tourney held in a brothel. It appears to be something similar to the Quicksand, strangely enough. She’s invited to show me later. I ended up coming with her to the private estate of another, and treated to a meal, as well as a tour. But before that, she kissed me. She did so with my consent, of course. Despite being no stranger to sex, I’ve not experienced a proper kiss. While one might wish to save it for someone special, I thought it prudent to be prepared for when, and if, that special someone appears. It was a strangely caring gesture, and by the end of the night, as I prepared to depart, she kissed me again. The second kiss, and what followed it, gave me insight I previously lacked. She offered future kisses, along with the training in magic and combat we discussed prior. For a blind woman relying on aether sight, she appears to be quite proficient in combat. In my flustered panic, I found myself falling back on my combat training, focusing my mind and trying to explain my stance. That I believed it best that I sort out the confusion in my mind at my own pace. She told me to speak from my heart when that explanation came out messy and confused. Instinct is useful when honed by practice, yet I’ve little experience with the heart. Nevertheless, an attempt was made. It was then that she professed that she wanted this, and kissed me again. It was… alarmingly passionate. One could argue loving, though I wouldn’t know what “love” feels like when given by another. I’ve never had someone hold me by the hip before, not unless they were preparing to do me harm. I had to ask her how she could develop passion so rapidly. Even after her answer, I still find myself puzzled. She spoke of imagining us as more than friends, even though we had only just met. It’s strange. Not bad, but strange. During that kiss, I felt an energy. A passion, but… I think it was more like the energy that comes with battle. How one feels the flow and heat of combat, how one channels that energy and uses it. And like the heat of battle, it threatened to consume me. Yet my father was nothing if not thorough, and like any fight, I was able to grip control before it could leave me. How does one find themselves with such feelings and passions so fast? Is it perhaps similar to the will to fight? How some are eager to fight, and do so as easily as breathing, while others need extraordinary circumstances, or people, to take up arms? I can’t claim to share her feelings, even though I enjoyed our kiss. We’ve formed a friendship, yet she seemed to suggest that if we go down the path of romance, than it happens. Does she mean to imply that love is a feeling that just… happens? Does that mean one cannot control it? That one cannot dictate whom they fall in love with? Despite the flurry of emotion, the confusion and shame on both sides, I’m actually happy she kissed me. It’s given me perspective, food for thought. I already feel like I understand this subject better than I did before. Yet I’m willing to bet that I won’t gain a true understanding until I experience it for myself. But… when will that happen, if it happens at all? And with whom? This land is so heavy with affection and romance. Maybe the aether is affecting people in unseen ways? Or maybe I was merely blind to it back at the Steppe. Maybe my father kept me blind from it, like he blinded me from many things. Regardless, it is a mystery I intend to get to the bottom of, one day. Thank Nhaama for this journal, it does wonder for helping me organize my thoughts. We shall see how things play out tomorrow -Karahekegu Malqir
  4. Somewhere in the Thanalan region In a rugged desolate terrain a lone black clad armored man travels it not looking the least bit affected by the heat. He travels a steady and quick pace with full confidence in his desired location, as he travels he removes a small sheet from his persons and reads it aloud to himself to affirm its contents once more "Alliance supply cache located at these coordinates, destroy this cache. How you do this is at your behest but should you be captured or fail do not expect any sentiments of loss from us, you will either die to their hands or ours." The man sighs annoyed a bit but looks none too worried about the specter of death seeming traveling with him. His pace while remaining steady slows and he crouches low to the ground, the supply cache is in sight and is lightly guarded. He readies his lance that quietly hums to life and once at a proper distance takes a rather peculiar stance with his lance, he points its towards one of the guards and an energy begins to run through the lance. After a steady aim is taken the lance fires a precise ball of aether striking the guard felling him instantly. The other guards are completely startled by the occurrence just now and without missing a beat the black armored man closes the distance and thrusts his lance into another guard, the remaining guard charges him however he moves the man he impaled towards the charging guard causing the guard to momentarily pause. That brief second was all the man needed he quickly pulled back his lance from the guard he impaled, took quick aim and thrust it towards the remaining guard striking true. With the guards dispatched the man moves however much supplies he can into one location and places multiple devices around the supplies. Once finished with this task he flips a switch and begins to walk away at a calm pace while all the devices begin to beep in unison, roughly after 30 seconds had passed a large explosion occurs and completely destroys the supplies as well as the camp leaving nothing but blackened earth and scorched corpses. As the man continues his walk he quietly says to himself "I wonder if they would have given me a bonus if I brought a prisoner" he shrugs after a moment of thought and begins a rather carefree whistle.
  5. Guest

    I have a story to tell you.

    From the album: Screenshots - imported

    Ever find a lone wanderer at a campfire? Sometimes you ought to just stop, take a deep breath of what's around you and have a beer. Stories come with that time, alone from society.
  6. Hello, hello! I’m back from a long hiatus and looking to do something with my dark knight, Rona. She is strong, solemn, stoic and always looking to do the right thing. As of right now, she is on a personal adventure in search of answers. That’s all I’m willing to disclose upfront, but she can more or less be anywhere! Her adventures take her all over. I’m looking for other adventurers, enemies, rivals, contacts, basically anything and everything to extend my reach and have some fun. You can message me here, post below or contact me at Wolfsblood#8541 on Discord. Thanks!
  7. Evaleigh

    The Rat

    This event is part of an open on-going story arc Better off Dead. You may review the synopsis for an understanding of the story and background of this event but please do not presume to know any information that is not labelled as "Common Knowledge" or that your character has personally experienced. For details on how the GM (Diadae) runs her events please check out her adventure guide here. The Rat Job Description: Unless something goes terribly wrong with the first event the second event will involve investigating the other lead and interrogating the individual that has further details. Logistics: TBD. Rendezvous point will be dictated by the end of the 1st event and communicated ICly. People will be free to pick up and join for the second event if they so choose. The second event will start 45-minutes after the end of the first one (so somewhere between 6-7pm EST). This event will probably last 3-4 hours. This event will probably have GM-led combat.
  8. This event is part of an open on-going story arc Better off Dead. You may review the synopsis for an understanding of the story and background of this event but please do not presume to know any information that is not labelled as "Common Knowledge" or that your character has personally experienced. For details on how the GM (Diadae) runs her events please check out her adventure guide here. Cemetery Shakedown Job Description: Kukufeni was recently given some sensitive information regarding his missing person of interest at the Mines. He's looking to send a few people out to check out the various leads. Meet with him to find out more. (Common Knowledge) Logistics: The crew will meet up with Kukufeni at the mansion (or Camp Drybone if a little late) to investigate the lead into the 'dead guards'. This will be part 1 of 2 leads that will be investigated, the event will last 2-3 hours starting at 3pm EST.
  9. The warm summer air lingered on as the sun took its resting place at the sea's surface. Along the cobblestone paths were neighbors and strangers gathering before the extravagant mansion, each of them dressed to impress and hiding their faces to add to the allure of the unknown. Advertisements had been going out in the cities for weeks about the late spring ball, which fueled excitement among so many. It was an opportunity to mingle, rekindle, and allow for new friendships to bloom. Those who chose not to go were regrettably making a mistake of a lifetime, as some would tease. Standing off in the distance, the young Au Ra watched as people flocked indoors with their friends, lovers, and strangers. All with someone, rarely none alone. This was a defining moment for the woman. She had managed to brave the outdoors and reunited herself with the nature of the world, but she had struggled to find the place where she truly felt part of with others. All week, she spent her well saved gil to invest in fine fabrics and dye just to prove to those back in the homeland that she wasn't so without or broken in the head. Glistening in fine gold and black silk with all the frills and fluff, Venita slid on her mask and mustered up the remaining courage left inside to take her first steps forward into an unknown beginning. In her younger years, the Raen listened to the tales of their makers. The clash between Dusk and Dawn paving the way for the birth of the ancestors. It was known as fact that the two great beings struggled with power before settling their match. Peers of hers were convinced of this raging war between Dusk and Dawn. Thus giving life to the idea their own lineages were precious and absolute, the better of the two. Xaela tribes were the insufferable other half of the Au Ra, better off reduced to nothing more than ash given their more barbaric way of life. The Raen sought to dominate through sophistication and blood-right, which left Venita questioning what made them any different than their brethren across the line. Questioning the divide was one thing, but to also seek truths about the ancient tales was to tread into waters better left untouched. Inside the mansion, the party raged on. Music filled the halls and laughter from all around echoed room to room. Taking careful steps around the crowds, the Raen managed to squeeze past the large groups of people idling at the stairwell and found her ideal spot just south of the pastry table. The sweets neatly arranged by type and sizes! Bigger slices of pies and cakes filled the bottom shelves, whereas the smaller quick pick snacks laced the top shelves. Curiously, she canted her head at the mass selection and knew then that if nothing comes out of this event, at least she got to eat cake. Lots of cake. Paying no mind to the dance floor, she missed the moment where the butler ran about to gather couples to the area. He mashed strangers, foes, friends, and lovers together to encourage them in taking part of the whole purpose of the night's event! Once satisfied, he called attention to the floor. He had to call for it a few times before the room settled down and the music ceased. As he gave introductions, Venita became all too aware of what was happening and filled her plate with a few more tasty pieces before cramming herself into a nearby chair. After his grand announcements were complete, he motioned with a flick of his hand and the music picked back up. The slow wave of notes rising and falling like a gentle breeze on the water's surface. It paved the way for those wrangled on the dance floor to find common purpose, be it by giving in or finding enjoyment in the arrangement. Though timid most of their steps were, something remarkable happened. The Raen watched as the paired partners discovered the rhythm they shared with the other. Even if they fumbled for longer than their neighbors, there was this love of life which sparked between two souls. With balance came harmony, which in turn produced one of life's most treasured moments. Venita could not help but see what she had known for all these years to be true. Back in the homeland, her ideals were dismissed as wild stories of an ill mind, but she knew it not to be so. The legend told of the bloody war waged between Dusk and Dawn, but had their ancestors been any wiser, they would have seen the dance between two beings. Dusk reached for Dawn to feel its warmth and the Dawn craved the Dusk's endless embrace; together, their colors weaved between the lines sparking the explosion of purple and orange hues as they connected to one another. The opportunity to write and rewrite a moment in time. It was almost prophetic watching the couples twirl and glide along the dance floor, especially as the music slowed to its end. There was a brief series of seconds were the partners could sense the world's eyes upon them and it did not matter. The thoughts of what comes next was in their control, they the creators of their own truths and futures. She watched as each individual spent their next seconds carefully and though no two choices were the same, she felt a warmth fill her soul as she witnessed the full cycle of what she had always known. As beautiful as it were, a familiar pang rose in her heart and although she hadn't been there for long, she knew it was time to go. Stuffing her face with one last delicious pastry, the Raen left as quietly as she arrived. Once outside, she found herself breathing easy again. Wrapping an arm around her front, she wandered on to the shoreline. She may have failed to make the friends she longed for, but the night was not wasted. Until the rising sun came again, she danced to the only song she knew in her heart with solitude at her side. Never for a moment regretting what she lost to gain her truth.
  10. Faye

    A Miner Problem

    A Miner Problem Client searching for whereabouts of Garlean encampment where his friend and her mother were reportedly held captive and forced to work at a facility mining unknown resources. May or may not still be staffed and functional. Likely around Thanalan, as Ul'dah was the first town client's friend reached after escaping and a few suns of running. If facility is located, search for clues about whether the mother of the client's friend is living or dead. Little information known, only that the woman was a scholar. Mission: Find whereabouts of the camp. If possible, find clues about the friend's mother. Slots 1. Alistair 2. Tsuta 3. Altan 4. Loloba 5. Diamantine
  11. Chapter 7: Operation Frozen Vigil The sound of a lone quill scratching against parchment as Headmistress Klara Vyne signed her name. She looked over the paper once more and nodded in approval, her gaze moving up to the two men in front of her. One was a young elezen who wore a mark signified by a bell and the other a much older hyur man with a white beard, his tunic bearing the mark of a rook. “Thank you for your assistance in these patrols, Miss Vyne.” The older man gave a smile, his eyes wrinkling as he did so, the years of faithful service as a guard in Falcon’s Next apparent on his face. “I hope that this will help open doors for future cooperation between your academy and Houses Dzemael and Durendaire of Ishgard.” Klara stood as the two men prepared to leave, bowing politely to each as the bowed to her. “I look forward to forming an alliance between us. I will brief my students on the mission and they will gladly carry out the task. After all, there is nothing like learning hands on.” The man again smiled, “I always say..never woulda learned a thing if it hadn’t been for my old man takin’ me out on patrols with him. Most valuable lessons I learned were out on those treks. At any rate, we’ll need to get going. It’s a long journey back and we’ll want to try and beat the next round of snowstorms. Farewell, Miss Vyne. We’ll be seeing the lot of you real soon.” And with that, the two men left the office. Klara looked down at the paperwork in front of her. The sigil of the two houses stamped onto the document next to her own signature. She tapped her chin thoughtfully before getting straight to work on posting the mission overview for interested students. Attention all students and staff: It is with great pleasure that IPA is announcing our next mission. We will be accepting applications for willing and able students, BLAZE members, and staff to partake and oversee Operation Frozen Vigil. Those who wish to apply may pick up an application form at the office of the Headmistress. Those who are chosen for this mission will be informed and will be required to attend mission briefs and strategy sessions in addition to their normal classes. No work will be excused for participating in this mission.
  12. To keep a facade, a criminal must *always* know how to hide their vices, and shine with their virtues. That’s the mantra Moneva has lived with all her life in order to survive the harsh seas of the Far East. She was a dare-devil, a live-wire through and through and having grown tired of the seas she had conquered and of her homeland’s formal policies, Moneva set her sights to Eorzea. Upon having heard rumours of pirates attaining prospects of amassing large quantities of gil and infamy, she couldn’t refuse the opportunity and set sail by first light. Upon her findings, Moneva discovered a new “beast” to tame: The sky. With a burning passion deep within her veins, she made the decision to practice and devote her life to mastering the craft of sky-sailing, and all that came with it. Thus, the company called Artifice was founded.
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