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Operation Frozen Vigil

Chapter 7: Operation Frozen Vigil

The sound of a lone quill scratching against parchment as Headmistress Klara Vyne signed her name.  She looked over the paper once more and nodded in approval, her gaze moving up to the two men in front of her.  One was a young elezen who wore a mark signified by a bell and the other a much older hyur man with a white beard, his tunic bearing the mark of a rook.


“Thank you for your assistance in these patrols, Miss Vyne.”  The older man gave a smile, his eyes wrinkling as he did so, the years of faithful service as a guard in Falcon’s Next apparent on his face.  “I hope that this will help open doors for future cooperation between your academy and Houses Dzemael and Durendaire of Ishgard.”


Klara stood as the two men prepared to leave, bowing politely to each as the bowed to her.  “I look forward to forming an alliance between us.  I will brief my students on the mission and they will gladly carry out the task.  After all, there is nothing like learning hands on.”


The man again smiled, “I always say..never woulda learned a thing if it hadn’t been for my old man takin’ me out on patrols with him.  Most valuable lessons I learned were out on those treks.  At any rate, we’ll need to get going.  It’s a long journey back and we’ll want to try and beat the next round of snowstorms.  Farewell, Miss Vyne.  We’ll be seeing the lot of you real soon.”


And with that, the two men left the office.  Klara looked down at the paperwork in front of her.  The sigil of the two houses stamped onto the document next to her own signature.  She tapped her chin thoughtfully before getting straight to work on posting the mission overview for interested students.


Attention all students and staff:

It is with great pleasure that IPA is announcing our next mission.  We will be accepting applications for willing and able students, BLAZE members, and staff to partake and oversee Operation Frozen Vigil.


Those who wish to apply may pick up an application form at the office of the Headmistress.  Those who are chosen for this mission will be informed and will be required to attend mission briefs and strategy sessions in addition to their normal classes.  No work will be excused for participating in this mission.


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