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  1. In any great epic the hero must overcome obstacles. A great story inherently needs conflict. In role-play there are many different methods for which a storyteller or “Game Master” (GM) may try and organize both a fair and compelling way to introduce conflict. The following is the way that I handle such needs in events that I personally run and explains a little about my style and methodology. This may change overtime as I adapt to feedback and learn better ways of handling things. A combat system should just be a framework to make fun easier. There are many different combat systems. This is just one of them. Characters Come First At the heart of the "looseform" combat style is a central focus on the individual characters. Since it is based off a freeform style the creativity of the writers should always be showcased and the GM should discuss constraints of power levels ahead of time to make certain everyone is on the same page and understands the expectations. There is no rigidity in the style that demands that characters even participate in combat and all rolls may be degraded or ignored for a less ideal outcome based on how they feel the character should or would react in a situation. Participants are the gods of their muses not the RNG except in cases where it is necessary to add randomness or settle potential disputes where luck or equality are a factor. This means that dice can be completely ignored for the sake of character integrity whenever the players are in agreement. There are times that in a GM-event the GM might just "give" a character information based on their character's abilities. Example: The armored titan of a man reached down to grab the child by the scruff of her tiny neck. The puny girl had no defenses, frightened by the ominous present as she was hoisted up. No need for dice, the player accepts the attempt without question. Dice for determining Success/Fail Things do not always go as planned and dice help to determine on whose side the luck falls in a situation. Dice should be utilized to determine the success or failure of a specific action and to a lesser degree how far on that scale it lands. Dice should be used to provide context and emphasis on the creative writing not take the place of it or undermine the character choices. A player can always choose to take a worse outcome than the dice state. A player is not rolling merely to overcome another player (or the GM's) roll they are rolling against a difficulty modifier to determine if their intended action succeeds or fails. Example: The brave hero faces a mighty coeurl, the beast might be massive and dangerous but he has no real natural armor. True it was no spriggan but our mighty hunter was clearly not going to be outmatched by it. [Coeurl, difficulty 400] The Hero rolls 567. Success. Our brave hero attacks the Coeurl, swinging its mighty sword at the beast, slashing at its chest. Non-Combat Abilities The use of success/fail rolls may also be utilized in circumstances outside of combat to help influence the plotline or to try and figure things out. These may be called for by the GM or requested by the player. Example of a GM Call: GM: “Everyone give me a perception check, difficulty 600. 500 for the Miqo’te” Tells are then sent to people who have succeeded in the check with things that their character perceives. E.g. to a Miqo’te might state “You smell something horrible, decaying to the East.” Or “You feel a cold chill, like death is nearby”. Example of a Player Call: “My character knows a LOT about the Shroud, maybe she’d notice something unique or different about the area.” The GM will then make the decision to allow it and state a difficulty level allowing the player to make their hero shine for the character choices. GM-Led Combat (Man vs Enemy) When it comes to combat versus a GM-led NPC there will be two factors when it comes to each NPC the heroes will face. One will be the difficulty-rating based on the enemy’s toughness and the health of that enemy that is not communicated. Example: The brave hero faces a mighty coeurl. [Difficulty 400] The GM will keep track of the Coeurl's health (800 points) for the duration of combat. When the Hero strikes the coeurl for 567 the GM will quietly reduce their HP by that much (800-567) leaving the Coeurl with 233 HP going into the next round. The rounds will continue until the Player is exhausted or the Coeurl is defeated. If a player takes an enemy to 0 the GM will let them know they can write in the Killing Blow into their next emote.
  2. Evaleigh

    Cemetery Shakedown & The Rat

    This event is part of an open on-going story arc Better off Dead. You may review the synopsis for an understanding of the story and background of this event but please do not presume to know any information that is not labelled as "Common Knowledge" or that your character has personally experienced. For details on how the GM (Diadae) runs her events please check out her adventure guide here. Cemetery Shakedown Job Description: Kukufeni was recently given some sensitive information regarding his missing person of interest at the Mines. He's looking to send a few people out to check out the various leads. Meet with him to find out more. (Common Knowledge) Logistics: The crew will meet up with Kukufeni at the mansion (or Camp Drybone if a little late) to investigate the lead into the 'dead guards'. This will be part 1 of 2 leads that will be investigated, the event will last 2-3 hours starting at 3pm EST. BREAK TIME:: There will be a 45 minute break between the end of the first event and the start of the second one. The Rat Job Description: Unless something goes terribly wrong with the first event the second event will involve investigating the other lead and interrogating the individual that has further details. Logistics: TBD. Rendezvous point will be dictated by the end of the 1st event and communicated ICly. People will be free to pick up and join for the second event if they so choose. The second event will start 45-minutes after the end of the first one (so somewhere between 6-7pm EST). This event will probably last 3-4 hours. This event will probably have GM-led combat.
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    No Love for Straight Women

    I've been following this thread for awhile and lurking over the responses. I understand some of the frustrations you might be experiencing but not all since my RP focus is pretty much never on romance so I tend to not notice as much when it's lacking in my character's development. That said I've noticed some definite variances in the characters I play not just in who they attract for "potential romances" but also in the nature of the people who message me OOC. This is by no means the sum of what everyone is, it's just generalizations over many years. My Female Roegadyn, who is a hetero tomboy gets 0 approaches from men and only the very rare oddball whisper of the explicit sort usually from some kinkster who gets politely declined. I've occasionally had female Miqo'te or Au Ra show great interest in her and I've done a few tongue-in-cheek humorous RP's where she gets hit on by a gender she's not "into" but I've never had anyone be OOCly toxic towards her. She's had pretty much 0 canon romance but rather services as more of a big-sister protector for everyone else. My Miqo'te, I've had several, is a mixed bag based on their name and attire. For the characters that are more outgoing and show a bit of skin they're treated like catgirls. People are either really interested or really dismissive based on their general opinion of "catgirls". I get the most sexual-charged off-hand whispers on my Miqo'te at times completely disregarding my character, my search tag, anything. The only race I've had more issues with people being "dismissive" of my character is my lalafell. The exception to this is N'Kara Shaihl who is a mean, creepy figure that tends to dress conservatively and pretty much nobody tries to get with her. It'd be like trying to bed one of those violent strays that just want to claw your eyes out. My Lalafell was loved by some for his personality but hated by others for being "a lalafell". I won't get into my soap box of how racist and prejudice I find people who dismiss a character out of hand for its race or appearance. My Lala is dead now but I have a lot of friends who play lalafell and they typically get the worst of it in terms of bad behavior towards them and it seems that a lot of the taboo explicit fetishes get targeted at them. My Hyur like the Miqo'te get a mixed bag based on appearance and demeanor. Bottom line I take away from all my experiences is... - The way you dress matters because people often see "hookup" before "romance" - How you meet matters, because Quicksand seems to be more for the "hookups" - How engaging and interesting your character is matters. If you're outgoing and walkup to more people you're more likely to net some sort of solid interaction. Everyone is shy. Everyone is anxious about new contacts. Everyone feels alone. Just gotta break the metric and do something different.
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    Default Template. Contact me if you can think of awesome metrics I might have missed. To use, just click 'Source' on your new post and paste the code below. Then click Source again to view the rendered version and make your edits as desired.
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    Greetings! I am a notorious altaholic of both Balmung and Mateus. This is my generic hub listing of preferences for anyone who has come across me and may be curious. If you're interested in copying this template, contact me. 😃 Key ❤️ please please please! ✔️ yes! ✖️ no... ❓ maybe? Role Play Basics Locations I am comfortable doing: ❤️ Say / Emotes ❓ Tell / Whisper ✔️ Party / Group Chat ✔️ Linkshell ✖️ Forums ✔️ Discord (Only with friends and established characters) Participants I am comfortable with: ✔️ One on one role plays ❤️ Up to three people ❤️ Up to four people ❓ A full party! (4-8 people) ❓ As big as possible! I like public events okay but large crowds can take a lot out of me. Post Length I usually write about: ❓ One sentence ✔️ Two to four sentences ❤️ One or two paragraphs ✔️ More than five paragraphs ❓A few pages worth I tend to write what feels appropriate at the time be it very detailed descriptions that take several paragraphs to convey or short "dialogue" responses. I also tend to write less in larger groups in order to keep things relevant. Very long (multi-page) posts are limited to novellas or scene-setting posts when GMing. Partner Post Length I am comfortable role-playing with people who write: ✔️ One sentence ❤️ Two to four sentences ❤️ One or two paragraphs ✔️ More than five paragraphs ✔️ A few pages worth I am not an 'elitist' when it comes to my play partners. While I prefer para-rp I will roleplay with anyone! I don't find style to be a limiter of creativity. I like both people who engage in rapid back and forth and slower, more detailed para styles. At the end of the day I just want to play and have everyone have fun! Role-play Requests I like getting requests from: ✔️ Anyone and everyone at any time! ❤️ From friends and acquaintances ❤️ When I ask for role-plays ✖️ From friends only I love walk-up RP! If you see me around with the RP tag on feel free to approach even if I'm with others. If our characters are established please poke me for more I find it to be the greatest form of flattery to be asked for role-play. I may not always be able to drop what I'm doing to play but I am always open to being approached. Romantic Relationships Shipping I am comfortable shipping my characters: ✔️ Never ❓ Our characters know each other deeply ❤️ Our characters know each other deeply, and I know I can trust the roleplayer ✖️ At the first sign of flighting! ❓ Only if the role-player and I plan it ❤️ It depends on the character We don't need to ship our characters romantically to have them form a deep bond. I love having long-term friendships more than relationships. Due to issues in the past with players blurring the IC/OOC line I usually won't romantically bond my characters to another without trusting the player. Romance RP is not a driver for me. If it happens at all, I prefer it to be the frosting on an action/adventure cake. If you want to ship with my character ✖️ Talk to me about it from the start ✔️ Talk to me about it once our characters know each other ✔️ Talk to me about it once they both have some feelings for each other ✔️ Talk to me about it when they finally decide they want to go beyond hugging Feel free to talk to me about it OOC after our characters have an established report but please understand I will always stay true to the character's personality and motivations. It may require significant time and investment to change their views (if ever). Speed When shipping my characters, I like the romance to happen: ✖️ Love at first sight! ❓ Fast, but not super fast ✔️ Happens in about three months ✔️ Slow and steady wins the race ✔️ Slugs know what's up! ❤️ My relationships know no speed. They happen if they happen Each character I play has their own individual views of romance and sexuality. From the emotionally unavailable widow to the hopeless romantic maid the pacing is very character specific. As a general OOC rule I tend to not agree to a ship until at least a month. Smut When my characters get intimate, I prefer: ❓ To skip the act entirely ✔️ To write the build up, but skip the act ❤️ To write the act only if it is very special, but otherwise skip it ❓ To write the act all the way through I enjoy explicit content but it needs to have context and purpose. When it impacts the character dynamics, has plot reason or provides development I love to play it out. Off-screen fading is always an option. I'm also okay with skipping it and just "agreeing" that it happened. Dramatics Violence When it comes to conflict and violent situations, I am comfortable with: ❓ No conflict at all ✔️ I'm fine with verbal arguements ✔️ Some violence, like a paper cut, or an accidental elbow to the face ✔️ Mild violence, such as punching, kicking, hair pulling ✔️ Violence, such as stabbings, incapacitating injury ✔️ Torture ✔️ Rape ✖️ Maiming, causing permanent injury ❓ Death, character death I absolutely adore conflict in role-play as long as it makes sense and is not conflict without reason or purpose. Violence should be executed with motivation ( even if that motivation is 'I hate you' ). I am fine with all levels of conflict and violence but elements that will permanently impact my character need to be discussed first (e.g. losing a limb, eye, death). I am fine with character death as part of a plot or as a consequence as long as it's discussed first. If you're going to do something violent ✖️ Don't do it at all ✔️ Talk to me about it first ❤️ Surprise me! If the stabbing fits, make it bleed. Unless it's on my questionable list, then talk to me first. Themes I am comfortable doing: ✔️ Slice of Life ✔️ Action - Adventure ❤️ Criminal / Dark ✔️ Political ❓ Horror ✖️ Adult I will play almost anything that's fitting for my characters and I love engaging in a variety. My favorite are mature themes with a lot of subterfuge, lies and betrayal. 'Horror' themes depend on the actual subject matter (I'm not a fan of 'I'm secretly a voidsent' plots but voidhunting plots are fun). I do not like plots that are centered around smut. Power Level When it comes to the power level I prefer to play at: ❤️ Everyman, no special powers or importance. Close to the real world ❤️ Protagonist, above-average with some special powers ❓ Hero, special and unique, capable of awesome feats occasionally ✖️ Legendary, much like the Warrior of Light my feats of power are legendary. It would take an army to stop me. I usually play flawed characters that have to find unique ways to survive (or thrive) in the world they live in. I prefer my character's power increases slowly over time with lots of Real Play time working on their problems and nothing ever comes easy for them. They are the characters that while they might have rare shining moments of heroics usually need others to conquer large enemies. They are the Unnamed Soldier of the MSQ or at best the insignificant Quest Giver playing out their small part of the greater world.
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    [Plot] Better Off Dead

    [Holding for future]
  7. Foreward: The following is an on-going GM-led story arc. This thread will be used to keep track of planned events related to this arc along with cataloging a synopsis of the story so far for new participants. This story arc may include mature themes, violence, and potential character injury: participant discretion is advised. This synopsis is from an out of character point of view, please use caution and the information key when deciding what information your character may be privy to without direct In Character involvement with past events. Feel free to contact the GM if you need help getting involved! Information Key ✅Common Knowledge. Information is easily obtained, no GM approval required. 💬 Hearsay Knowledge. If your character has involvement with participants, may have overheard or been exposed. 💋 Secret Knowledge. Your character must have participated in the corresponding event or been explicitly told. ⛔ Forbidden Knowledge. This information is listed only for context and GM support. It is not okay to assume. An Odd Job Desc: Several transferred Ul'dahn prisoners have gone missing and the boss is interested in discovering their fate. Kukufeni is looking for *a few* people to check out a lead and resolve the situation discreetly; in particular a woman named Miera Overseeing: Diadae (as GM) Participating: Orchard, Shimomi, L'uth Resolution: The team of Orchard, Shimomi and L'uth journeyed to the mines and discovered that the woman Kukufeni was looking for was not at the mine. ✅ In addition to freemen working at the Nanawa Mines, non-violent criminals are also sent to work there. ✅ Prisoners are rotated out frequently, roughly every moon. ✅ The mines are grueling, backbreaking labor but in spite this women and the elderly prisoners are sometimes sent to the mines. ✅ The mines are a lucrative business for Ul'dah, especially after the Calamity 💬 A year ago, a group of prisoners went "missing" from the mines; Including a woman named Miera 💬 Two guards were killed in the escape along with 1 prisoner who died from a severed foot. 💋 The Overseer and the Warden tried to cover up the missing prisoners in order to avoid Flames involvement. ⛔ There is quip pro quo going on between the Warden and the Overseer. It is in their best interest nobody from the government investigates for fear of being discovered. Side Investigation Desc: In spite Kukufeni's honesty, Diadae has got the bright idea that since so many people have been lying to her she should double-check the findings from Kukufeni's men and has hired a couple of investigators to look into the matter. Resolution: The investigators have turned up information about the "lost paperwork" and the Warden's corruption. They've also identified a number of leads from old prisoners that were working the mines at the time of the "incident" Participating: Jinh'a Wolndara, Caledon Carver 💋 The Warden has been cooking the books to receive greater funds for the number of prisoners he oversees even when they are missing. 💋 "Stumpy" a Roegadyn prisoner recently released now working at Coasta del Sol confirmed that two guards were slain and there was a coverup about it. 💋 "Rat", a Highlander identified as released not long after the incident has been "missing" since his release however it is rumored he was on the cleanup crew that buried the dead guards. He is the most viable lead for information. 💋 Diadae is going behind Kukufeni's back trying to secure information. The Whisper Broker Desc: A shady information broker has something to sell Kukufeni. Resolution: TBD Participating: TBD ??? Mid-June Event ??? Late June Event ??? Early July Event ??? Mid-July Event? ??? Late-July Event ??? Early August Event Conclusion
  8. Evaleigh

    discussion Red Flags in RP/RP Partners?

    I'm not going to touch on what I try to stay away from as far as RP content... I think folks have covered that pretty well. Red flags as far as partners? I've learned a few new ones over the past few years on Balmung. It's pretty much summed up into a set of personal guidelines I tend to live by before I get anyone heavily involved in my characters and plots. Never wants to RP in a group setting, ONLY does one-on-one RP. These people usually are only after self-indulgent relationship rp. It may be ERP related it may just be "waifu" related but it usually leads to people being OOCly clingly and wanting to dig their claws into me not just my avatar. People who trip this flag also tend to either get possessive and needy or don't actually care about the RP beyond surface indulgences. "Watch out for ____" folk who love to warn you about people. While on the surface it might seem like they're just looking out for your best interests if you don't know the person well already (or even if you do) these folks are usually at the center of drama. How else do they get all these stories? My experience is they often blow things out of proportion to suit their own ego as being in the "know" of who's who or they're a hair's breath away from shit-talking you the very second you do one thing they don't approve of. Double red flag if when you respond with "I prefer to come to my own conclusions" they get snarky or rude about it. "I'm an asshole" Self-proclamation means no guilt. People who claim they're jerks or assholes wanting you to disagree with them or be their friend in spite this will later hide behind their initial claim if they ever show asshole behavior later on. I might still RP with an asshole but I'll take them at face value if they make this kind of claim.
  9. Leveworks is out in force \o/ Look forward to seeing people!
  10. Evaleigh

    balmung LF Contacts to be robbed.

    A couple notes. If you're going to use grindstone rules, please establish this ahead of time. Not everyone on the server uses/likes Grindstone rules.
  11. [b][u]Guild[/u]:[/b] Aldenard Leveworks [b][u]Website[/u]:[/b] [url=http://leveworks.enjin.com]leveworks.enjin.com[/url] [b][u]Description[/u]:[/b] "Strength through collaboration" a division-based adventurer co-op. LS & FC with a Mission Board provided through Discord we're a Heavy RP FC that mixes long-term dark/mature story arcs with short episodic DM'd events and open-world RP. The organization is especially interested in hiring the magically inclined (but mentally stable). [b][u]Booth Location[/u]:[/b] Silver Bazaar LEVE would like to sign up.
  12. Evaleigh

    A Crows Fancy

    I've got at least 2 members of my FC that have voiced keen interest when I mentioned this in our discord.
  13. Suen I love your wiki page it's amazing and ty for the credit back for the pieces of my template you used :3 I'm going to try and reach out to you in game in the next few days after the new year stuff dies down
  14. Evaleigh

    Heavy RP - OOC

    We're still here
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    Community Full of Cliques

    How long do you stand around Faye? Maybe that's the factor that makes the experiences different. I just think it's rather rude of us as a group to dismiss or even be hostile toward those expressing their frustrations of being ignored just because others have a different experience. It seems to me a little belittling and dehumanizing which is the off-putting sentiment I was trying to express earlier. I think the veteran roleplayers could as a whole be more accepting and understanding of this frustration instead of dismissing it as "well I don't have a problem therefore it must be -you-" attitude. I've had characters that get readily approached and I've had characters that get ignored. I'll tell you this when it comes to the Quicksand... race/gender seems to matter a great deal along with 'cute' factor.