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Eureka Noobs


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Eureka for Noobs

Starting around 7pm EST, Nal will start forming a group for people to join in on Eureka runs.   Eureka has a limited duration so if you miss the start you can be picked up later on a new run!

Requirements:  Level 70, and have completed the quest And We Shall Call It Eureka (Rhalgyr's Reach via Galiena). You must have cleared the MSQ Stormblood to have access to this side-quest.


My gear is shit, can I come?  YES!  Eureka syncs everyone's armor to ilevel 300 so it doesn't matter if you're still in your crappiest gear!  Though you may not want to wear RP gear


For a more detailed explanation please check out this Newbies FAQ to Eureka.


Important Notes!

  • Dying Matters!  Do not release when you die.
    • After level 6 you will lose a chunk of exp when you release
    • After level 11 you can even de-level.
    • Always get raised if you KO.
  • You cannot attune to additional Aetherytes until level 9
  • Notorious Monsters (NMs) provide an exceptional level of EXP and should always be prioritized if they are within 10 levels of you.
  • Faeries offer buffs to players who stand near them. Always keep an eye out.
  • You can change your element while in combat as long as you have charges.
    • Charges return over time or by visiting an elemental wheel.
    • DPS should put all their points into one element.  Tanks / Healers may split them for defense/attack.

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