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  1. Hi, I recently picked up this game for PS4 and have made a few good friends on Mateus. The server I made my character on. Even better was I found out the server is a role-playing server so it has been good to meet new people and have fun through role-playing with them. I'm still rather novice at it so I have a lot to learn but I think I'm doing OK. However I had a rather odd experience today with someone who I was meant to role-play with and I'm feeling a bit down because of it. Kind of wondering if it's normal? I guess. We were going to the place where we were going to start the Role-play in Central Shroud and talking through the course of getting there explaining what our characters were like etc and he seemed genuinely interested. When we got to the location where the role play was meant to take place, he told me I could start so I started by introducing my character and giving a few formalities as I usually do and about a minute after sending the tell to him, he just immediately logs out without typing anything. I spoke to my friend and it seems the person in question did exactly the same thing to them too. It has left me feeling really, really confused about the whole situation. Is this a common thing people do? As I say I'm still learning to role-play and this took me completely by surprise but it has caused me to be in a rather bad mood since.
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