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  1. That afternoon O’nikki began his route to survey the area, long stretches of flat lands and signs of farming encampments. After a while, he came across Rhyse just as he had hoped for. They began to look around some more, helping a few farmers across and chasing away some wild creatures. As the day was about to end Rhyse stopped in his tracks and ducked into a bush dragging O’nikki down with him. Putting a finger up to signal to be quite, Rhyse pointed towards the road going down hill in the middle of the field. They see a hooded figure walking towards the path. “That’s
  2. The two of them waded through the crowd after stepping off. The city was large, packed, and loud. They both focused on looking for a place to stay and came upon the Drowned Wench where they managed to get a room and dropped their bags exhausted. “We should find something to earn us money.” O’nikki said with his face buried into a pillow. “We have enough right now for just a week for this room and food.” He spoke up again. Not hearing from Rhyse, he lifting his head to look if he was still there. He sees Rhyce pull out a knife and begin to make a diagonal mark on the top of the
  3. The boat rocked through the days in the sea. Finding relief knowing their ride will be ending soon. “Hey!” A young Hyum barked at some people sitting on a bench in the public quarters of the ship. “Get up, we need this seat.” he snarled. Walking behind him is a tall pale skinned Roegadyn. “Rhyse, don’t be mean,” he leaned down and whispered to the Hyum. Then turning to the other passengers. “I am so sorry please excuse my friend.” The young Hyum, Rhyse, just sneered at them until they left. “See, easy,” Rhyse just dropped down comfortably on t
  4. Thank you. Currently im just soloing my way through the main story, I think I'm almost close to fighting the Titan Primal. Thank goodness for duty finder, I am a bit intimidated with interacting with people in game. But I just kinda want to also do other stuff along the way. I never really RPed in an MMO before and I was curious in trying it out. So i just kinda want to know about that too.
  5. A young Roegadyn steps out of a small shack almost as big as him into the cool dawn air. Hauling a large pack on his back and looking over a small book in his hand. Taking a last look around the orchard he had been working for in the past from moons. He takes a big deep breath, as if trying to breath it all in for him to keep within him. He opened his book and wrote, Looking through the past few months in his book, he knew he can’t stay any longer than he had. He had to keep moving, staying here was just something to give himself comfort and give for time to p
  6. Hello, I am pretty new so please bear with me. I'm even new to really being in a forum so I may not as savvy to being here, but I'm willing to try my best. I kinda downloaded the game when it was on sale during the winter and played the free trial with the goal of getting a huge hat. I liked those huge hats i saw. But i didn't make it far before the trial ended and life got busy. But stuff is settling down and I though why not try this game again. - I have many experience with MMO games. I played them a lot when i was young, they were everywhere. I don't even remember half o
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