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  1. Awesome, I'll send you my toon info in a private message!
  2. I know some FCs do relations to outside "members" (on the DC but a different server) via Linkshell. Does the Guilded Onslaught do something like this?
  3. Galeteya


    Awesome sketch!!
  4. Might hit you up on Discord, fleshing out some more of my Brume gang member :D. She has no problem getting her hands dirty for the right amount of gil, and this would include tracking down/shaking whatever owed debt she could out of someone that owed it to her employers. Hired intimidation/hunter so-to-speak. Interesting and ironic, too... because she's almost in the same boat - desperate for gil, does these jobs as a means of survival. Could be an interesting angle!
  5. Hey there! The Carrd link isn't working for me :O, but I was interested in reading up on her!
  6. I'm fleshing out an Ishgardian Elezen currently and wanted to post here to both remind myself and poke you for interest! I plan on writing some stuff up on her today/tonight and will update you, maybe we can brainstorm things after :D. She's on Diabolos, world-hopping is no issue.
  7. Thank you so much!!! I hope it's of use to some folk!
  8. Hey there! The title pretty much spells it out. I went to Uni with Visual Art Studies/Applications being part of my BFA. My main medium has always been charcoal (loose/powder or vine) and I specialized in subjects of human figure. Funny enough, it was my WORST subject going into college so I made sure to focus on it nonstop and now it's my best and favorite! Ironic, right? Well, I decided to try my hand at digital art. It's a whole different beast and not at all what I'm used to. Thankfully, I do graphic design so the system of 'layers' and 'modes' aren't at all foreign to me. While this gives me a hand up in starting, I'm still super green and can use all the tips/tricks I can get! This is my first "finished" work (ugh, still not super happy with it, but better than nothing!). My soft Xaela Qestir boi. I'm most pleased with the hair because the first attempt looked like someone had flattened out play-doh with a lot of sand in it. Gross. After a few videos and trial-and-error, I finally just.. got it. Don't know how to explain, it just made sense suddenly. Here's some of my process. (Please point out glaringly wrong errors or things I could've done better!)
  9. Finally got to posting the fruits of my Hellsguard research! I hope everyone enjoys it and finds a use for it!

  10. VILLAGES OF THE FARREACH // Hellsguard Headcanon Click above for the Doc ! I love how the Xaela got so much of these little lore-sprinkles with the info snippets on different clans. In continuation with my Ultimate Hellsguard Lore Guide, I present a few (4-5) canon-inspired fan villages in slightly-more-detailed Xaela description fashion! I might even do some art for them in the future . Edited haphazardly by yours truly . Are there any that you enjoy? Any that you're curious about? Any that spark some cool ideas for your characters?
  11. As soon as I figure out how best to edit wikis (never done it before), I'll be doing so :). I'd posted this on the FFXIV forums but it was recommended I do so here as well. This is a creation by people all over the world who never knew that they each held a little piece of this astonishing secret: one of the best stories ever never told by FF. Let me start from the top. I started playing FFXIV back in May of this year when a co-worker finally convinced me to pick it up. I immediately locked onto the Roes. Who can resist that Hellsguard flavor text? Sign me up for Badass Town! It was a few weeks in that I realized... my race really doesn't matter. In fact, there's not a lot of "me" around. Why? Enter Google. I typed the phrase a large chunk of us probably have: "Hellsguard lore". Oof. Not a lot. Tried some more, still meh. Then I started seeing the comments from the community, "There's so little", "It's so mysterious", "It's just a content-save from 1.0 like Duskwights" (probably). But I'm into the RP scene. Not only that, I'm lore crazy for FF games, and FF always has something hidden. Always. So I went digging. I found a few threads. A Reddit conversation sparked my intrigue with things I never knew existed. A dozen people getting together and sharing these hidden sources with one another from someone simply asking "does anyone else know anything"? Then THIS came out. It lit a fire in my gut. So many people came together out of the love of this game to dig through this one last secret. It took them a decade, determined to solve something they loved. How amazing! Mine was a smaller endeavor and I knew it'd take time, but I it'd be worth it. Plus, I wasn't by myself. Enter YOU. See, there were already all the answers out there found by other people. Snippets, clues, rare finds. They just hadn't known that someone across the world playing the same game held the other half to their puzzle. I just had to find them, spread them out, and start mapping matches to make one solid, seamless solution. Sounds easy? Well, we've all seen how hard it is to find the basic lore on Hellsguard... I wasn't satisfied. I dug, I read, I researched. I listened to interviews, read discussions. Not enough. I dug more, read more, listened to interviews, read translated transcripts. One source led me to another, and another-- After 3 months, I couldn't find any more. Some had even been updated with 5.0 and I needed to edit what I'd had. All that was left was to put it all together. I chose a format and began to separate each article, piecing them apart by note cards and individual Docs, crossing out which ones I'd already placed. I rewrote things with as best of a flow as I could. Finally, I sat back in awe at what you all had made. I'm so excited to share it with the FFXIV world. This was all of you. Thank you for this beautiful journey. (Click)
  12. AWESOME. I was just going to post that in the RP community I'm involved in, we have a few Lalas. One is a masterful merchant and the other is a peak textiles designer. Both are a blast to RP with and neither are the "overly cutesy cuddly" type. We hold public events in our mansion on Mateus every Tues/Sat, but the bar is open pretty much 24/7 and everyone enjoys walk-up RP. If you're interested at all, I'm sure everyone would love to meet your Lala and you'd be taken seriously :). Shoot me a message if you want an invite! If not, I'm so happy you found some good RP buddies. Happy writing!
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