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  1. My RP friend and I are putting out feelings to see if anyone at all is remotely interested in potentially playing a minor character to be welcomed into the hearts of our young, star-crossed couple (Male Au Ra, female Miqo'te). Unfortunately they are unable to have any of their own, plus we really like the idea of having one at least old enough to converse with and grow with wholesomely as writers. We don't have a particular age in mind (old enough to have great RP with, so probably not toddlers, but young enough to benefit from parental figures) and any race really will do as long as the character obviously looks child-like. We wouldn't mind a Lala, though a small Miqo'te, Midlander, or Au Ra might work better. Heck, even a small Elezen :). Feel free to reply to this with any questions about the two parental figures, your character (the kiddo!), or really anything. You can also private message me, but I'll get to Discord responses super fast at RED#8572. Au Ra: A cinnamon roll. Healer, doctor, playful and goofy. Heart of gold and adventurous spirit. Miqo'te: A sassy pants. Guard. Passionate, spirited, protective. A strong foundation and sharp wit.
  2. @Sounsyy I had not thought to reply to this thread when I finished this collection/guide. I noticed there's very little-to-no info here on the Hellsguard, so please feel free to make use of this if you'd like!
  3. @HollowI'm so sorry I never saw this. There's a Warrior quest that briefly touches on it, though I can't recall which xpac. There's another source in a sidequest as well. If you want specifics I can try and dig back to find the names of which ones. There's some info on Curious Gorge's ash nose/lack thereof here: https://swanprincess-roegadyn.tumblr.com/post/143849735454/hellsguard-lore . Radiant Swan had a lot of good digging and inspiration.
  4. I LOVE the Steppe tribes!!! I have a Qestir, but he recently left the homeland because he lost his tribe and he couldn't bear staying anymore :(... He's in Eorzea trying to find a new life. He's a gentle boi, healer/doctor. If you're ever out west, you have a tribal ally!
  5. A few little birds have been whispering around about a towering Roegadyn warrior from the northern homeland having recently ventured south - being second-born - into Eorzea. The warrior seeking work has strangely enough taken many jobs without pay if they meet a more 'just' or 'honorable' criteria. The size of slain beasts, armor of marked foes, or length of roads asked to protect haven't seemed to phase the warrior. On the contrary, such jobs are more quickly accepted for the Roegadyn seeking further glory. My character is available for many different types of 'muscle' needs! Protection, mercenary work, hunting/slaying, etc. As the title says, she's attempting to gain a reputation in Eorzea. Stoic, blunt, and serious, the 7'2" femroe boasts some mean strength and constitution. This could also be a great way for a character with little-to-no IC money or low status to hire a mercenary for work since she often doesn't ask for gil in exchange (if she sees the job as 'worth' the cause ;D). For someone who seems to only be worried about honor and glory, she's got a silent sense of having a golden heart; maybe a secret gentle soul under all those stiff edges. My hope with this is to expand the people I know in the game, as I'm kind of stuck in a rut with not knowing many and not being too comfortable with the place I'm currently in. I'm worried I might end up quitting the game altogether just due to not having as many connections. So I guess the connection-building is as much IC as it is OOC :D. Feel free to reply on here or message me on Discord @ RED#8572 (all caps).
  6. Awesome, I'll send you my toon info in a private message!
  7. I know some FCs do relations to outside "members" (on the DC but a different server) via Linkshell. Does the Guilded Onslaught do something like this?
  8. Galeteya


    Awesome sketch!!
  9. Might hit you up on Discord, fleshing out some more of my Brume gang member :D. She has no problem getting her hands dirty for the right amount of gil, and this would include tracking down/shaking whatever owed debt she could out of someone that owed it to her employers. Hired intimidation/hunter so-to-speak. Interesting and ironic, too... because she's almost in the same boat - desperate for gil, does these jobs as a means of survival. Could be an interesting angle!
  10. Hey there! The Carrd link isn't working for me :O, but I was interested in reading up on her!
  11. I'm fleshing out an Ishgardian Elezen currently and wanted to post here to both remind myself and poke you for interest! I plan on writing some stuff up on her today/tonight and will update you, maybe we can brainstorm things after :D. She's on Diabolos, world-hopping is no issue.
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