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  1. Company: Phoenix Industries Server: Mateus Housing: Ward 11, Plot 55 Goblet RP: Heavy RP, Merchant/Trade Post FC Leader: Ryoshi Praelia Officers: Alleara Praelia, Lenana Milna What Drives you? What sparks your inner fire? What is it that makes you wake up and keep pushing? Progress. No matter how small, no matter how large, each day you’re pushing to make strides to a better tomorrow, and that is what we focus on in our Company. If you wish to contribute to this, come see us at Phoenix Industries. Who are We? Phoenix Industries is a Company that specializes in Tradepost/Merchant and Bounty Hunting RP. We try to keep a variety of RP open, be that tavern, trade, combat or city RP allowing people from all backgrounds to partake in our events and find which aspect of the Company suits them the most. Phoenix industries tries to focus on Company and individual members alike. We have at the least, three company events a week. This leaves us room to focus on not just our story, but your story as well! Events will range from AT LEAST one combat event, one IC social night, and one OOC social night where the company or community can gather together to do whatever they want to do, be that themed content runs or other games such as Dead by Daylight or Cards Against Humanity. IC events will range between escort, reclamation and bounty missions to open house social nights. These events will allow people’s characters to work together and build community. Some, such as city market RP’s, will also allow people outside the company to come and meet us, giving them a chance to know us. PI will also be working with similar Companies, such as the Cross Collaborative run by Joan Cross@Mateus to create an RP community specifically catered to merchant and research RP. We will also work with any other companies that are interested in working with us to build a larger network.
  2. Lenana

    Lenana Milna

    Hey folks. Some, if you were here in 1.0/early 2.0 in Balmung might remember me. I had switched servers for a while and took a break from the game, but have returned to the game and RP community, but on Mateus. I'm a medium roleplayer trying to get my way through Heavensward to Stormblood. I'm in the wonderful Free Company of Dawnbreakers, and hoping to connect with roleplayers around my server.
  3. Name: The Dawnbreakers <Shine> Officers: Kiht’a Awandah, Daca’li Tia, Lenana Milna FC House: Shirogan, Ward 17, Plot 58 (Medium) Active times: Evening PST Medium RP Alignment: Good Flyers posted around each city detail thus, “The Dawnbreakers are in search of those who are good-hearted and willing to adventure and procure many different items, both rare and common, in search of profit and in aid of Hydaelyn. Come and adventure with us! Please apply to either Kiht'a Awandah's residence within the Black Shroud or within Soyokaze Sundries" [OOC Description: They were formed in the wake of the Calamity by a woman named Audrey Greystone, who wanted to bring relief and help the world try and recover from the Calamity as best she could. She established a sundry in Vylbrand, Sea Breeze Sundries, while also trying to do what good deeds she could out in the world. She went at it alone for a long while until a Keeper named Kiht'a Awandah walked into her shop. Kiht'a was a WoL but has no memory of it, what he refers to as his 'missing five years,' though he rarely brings it up. Audrey sensed that he was a good person and so she took him on board, at the time in desperate need of a second pair of hands in the shop so she could go out and do her good deeds. She eventually revealed what she was doing to Kiht after some time before vanishing after taking on a case of someone trying to contact a relative they believed was forcibly conscripted into the Garlean army. Kiht put the alarm out to Audrey's list of contacts that she'd given him that she'd vanished, and they decided to continue her work in her honor as they looked for her. (They still are looking, in fact.) Kiht'a dragged his cousin, Lho'a into things. Audrey's two contacts that decided to come in person were Ysia Vhen, a Seeker woman from Thanalan very good at working with metal, and Kerrich Stark, a Hyur Hearer who was also an incredibly adept conjurer, with the family slowly growing over time. Recently, Mide Kha, a good friend of Kiht'a's, came into a family estate thanks to an inheritance and offered it up as a larger space for the members of the Dawnbreakers to operate both thier storefront and do-gooding out of, and so the group has pulled up stakes to the Far East, the sundry located on the outskirts of Hingashi, close enough to be under the protections of Kugane's free and open trade with the outside world. Kiht'a still keeps a personal residence in the Shroud, in fact having relocated his residence into the former sundry. The Dawnbreakers or friends are free to use either the sundry in Hingashi or Kiht'a's home in the Shroud, and they frequently find themselves using both residences for both their legitimate business and their do-gooding. We have recently switched houses to Shirogane and acquired a Medium. Send a tell to any one of the officers and we'll get back to you, or just put an application in to the FC. We are searching for good folks both ICly and OOCly. We also have a website! https://dawnbreakers-of-mateus.enjin.com/ ]
  4. Welcome back, Zoxys!
  5. Thank ya! Now to poke people in Intermission till someone invites me. <.>
  6. I'll be tryin' to be on both Faerie and Balmung, but still be in the community. First up, where can I get a shell invite? <.>
  7. Well, hopefully I'll be coming back if my schedule can allow me to play on two servers at once. So... hai?
  8. Why do you think he's so confused! He will wear that sweater if he knows what's good for him. Coming from a non-sweater fan, that sweater looks quite good on that cat.
  9. I got Black Mage and Dragoon to 50. My second highest was Pugilist at 15. (Got it to 15 to qualify for Black Mage and abandoned it ASAP.) Second highest /liked/ class, though, was Conjurer at about... 13-15.
  10. I vote this as the best welcome thread so far. (That I've read.)
  11. Welcome, Baron Xooper! *kneels down before him* How shall this loyal subject serve you, m'Baron~?
  12. I'm sixteen here, gonna be seventeen come September. I began roleplaying when I was about thirteen, and only recently have I even really made a huge effort to change up my writing style. (When the RPC Mentorship program started.) Since I started RP, it's become -the- biggest attraction for me in MMO's. And I feel young. T.T
  13. *Jimmy Fallon "Thank You Note" music* Thank you, RPC, for giving me a home on the Balmung server in which I can find some of the best roleplay I have ever found. Thank you, RPC, for helping me become a better roleplayer. Thank you, RPC, for giving me a community in which I feel comfortable around Okay, seriousness... The RPC is one of the best communities I have ever been in. Every guild I have been in on WoW? It fell apart due to drama and died. This community... Yes, we have arguments, but we truly are like a family and do not let that separate us. We get over it and go on, being friends just the same. And truth be told? I consider some of y'all as close as family. The ones I don't? We just need to talk more. I promise I have no grudges against ANYONE here. :love: Again, thank you, RPC. May we roleplay on till the end of Eorzea.
  14. *blows dust off submit button* I really like this idea! If you want any help with gathering, I'll gladly help out with it with a new character I'm making.
  15. *continues setting stuff on fire as Kylin runs around screaming* Welcome!
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