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  1. Hey, welcome to FFXIV RPC, I really like your character concept. Feel free to add me on discord Nova#8287 or dm me here. I have a Miqo'te that does a lot of wandering herself, perhaps we can get some RP going if you are interested. Also I love your user name.
  2. Hey, feel free to add me on discord Nova#8287. I think our characters would mesh pretty well. Maybe we can get something going. If nothing else I can show you how to make a character carrd.
  3. Bumping for new information and character backstory.
  4. Name: Alyx Shepard Race: Miqo'te, Seeker Gender: Female Carrd: Alyx Shepard Server: Balmung Time Zone: MST UTC -6 Backstory I'm looking for some long term RP adventurers Alyx can work with, a healer she can trust, a magitek engineer. I'm open to a lot of different RPs, dark themed, slice of life, grand adventures. My discord is Nova#8287 and my character is Alyx Shepard on the balmung server.
  5. Welcome to Mateus! I hope you have fun RPing in an MMO, there is a lot to enjoy. If you are in need of any help or have questions feel free to hit me up. I'm not as experienced as some but I've been RPing in MMOs for a few years now. Sounds like we have similar tastes in RP. My character's name is Alyx Huntris, if you're ever interested in RPing or just wanna hang out send me a tell either here or in game. I hope you have fun and I look forward to seeing you in game!
  6. Hi! I would love to join this LS in game name is Anna Shepard
  7. Hi! A linkshell on Mateus world for roleplayers of all levels and experience to join and find others, hear about events, or find random RP. This linkshell will not be hosting storylines or campaigns, it is meant to be a resource to help unite an awesome community and help people find each other and RP. You can contact, Anna Shepard or Alexei Novak, in game for an invite or send me a message on the website. You may also reply to this thread. Just leave your in game name and I will send you an invite as soon as I can. Hope to see you in game!
  8. That is a fantastic idea! I won't transfer Dustyn off Balmung, I think since she is a legacy character I can only transfer her to like one one server anyways. But I've been gone long enough that I wouldn't mind replaying through the story again, there is so much I don't remember! I think I'll make a new toon on Mateus first. Anna Shepard. Thanks for the welcomes and advice! Feel free to hit me up in game on Anna Shepard on Mateus or Dustyn Ashling on Balmung!
  9. Hmm, nevermind, it fell off. That's normal right? Anywho . . . Hi! I'm Nova. I was here for launch, RPed for a bit then disappeared. Can't remember why I left but now I'm back. Miss me? Remember me? Still hold a grudge against Dustyn? Wish I'd get off your front lawn? Also thought I'd poke around see which server is best for RP? I have a toon on Balmung and I know that was originally where the bulk of the RP was, but I noticed there are two more servers on this site for RP. Anywho! I look forward to talking and RPing with y'all!
  10. So I decided to try and make a clay sculpt of Dustyn. Try being the operative word here. So far I am about halfway done with the base.
  11. Dustyn Ashling - Miqo'te
  12. Hiya! 1. I think the RP scene in Balmung is pretty active. Hanging around the Bismark can find you some RP most of the time I think. I know my FC does RP there a lot. You're always more then welcome to come hang out. 2. 23 is a decent level but not that hard to make up. Though only issue with waiting for character transfers is when they are allowed it doesn't mean that people will be able to transfer to Balmung as it seems to be a rather populated server. If I remember correctly some games will only let you transfer to smaller servers in order to help the population problems. Of cour
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