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  1. I know right? I think this is the shortest I've seen mail in a game. But, gonna try to make it work! Added all six! I agree! New myself. Pictures! Love that idea!
  2. Yup! Mail anyone you'd like! If you feel you're getting too many to handle just ask to be removed from the list.
  3. So sorry! I mass quoted everything and must've missed yours. D: I apologize adding now! Plus these others!
  4. Hello everyone! I have updated the main post and included the 200 character limit so it's upfront. I have ordered the names alphabetically. Apologize for the delay. I decided to move my computer somewhere else, haha. So anyways, updated! And For Zucutto, I added a note next to the name. Do you guys like it alphabetically? Or should I sort it by another way?
  5. Don't you ever dislike going to your Delivery Moogle friend and finding out you have no mail? No new letters for you today, kupo! Would you like more mail? How about making new friends across Eorzea? It's simple! Simply write short notes back/forth to each other, to anyone you feel your character would! Plus, you get more people on your friends list! It could be about anything! You could make new friends. The letters in character (200 character limit sadly in game, feel free to use multiple if need so), about anything. Could be of sights, a picture, someone your character met. Anything y
  6. Thanks everyone! The massively link helped. So there seems to be 3 cinematics? The game's opening one. One you see when you afk on the login screen, and the 1.0 on Machinima? Those were cool, and answered some questions (though rose) a lot more to me. The story seems to be well thought out. The hyur archer guy seems to be the main focus of them all. Is he supposed to be "us" in relationship to us/Red in pokemon? Edit: Reading massively link still. It's explaining a lot!
  7. So I have a question. Who was that elf (Sorry I can't spell that race) guy, the mage that casted something and smiled at the end making the heroes disappear? I'm guessing he's the one responsibile for making me reappear?
  8. Why would I need to upgrade my class? Why is this?
  9. I'm completely new to Final Fantasy, and I don't understand this. But, I've been told while I'm playing "yay bard :D" when people realize I am an Archer. I rolled an Archer because I thought it was the class I wanted to play on create a character. Now people are telling me at level 30 I need to make a new class... Pugalist and get to 15 and then go back to my Archer and become a Bard? I wanted an Archer! Not a singing guy that does nothing. . Why am I going to have to level to 30, then start over to 15? I thought I should just go all the way to 50. Can someone clear this up for me? I cho
  10. So! I'll just follow the main storyline up! If anything strangles up later, I can do it later, the side quests, hunter's log, etc?
  11. Oh my god, guys! This is amazing! Thank you! I feel so random like jumping about. But, this makes so much more sense. And this class system confuses the heck out of me! The game isn't really straight forward with it. The classes confuse me so much.
  12. The storyline took me from New Gridania to Limsa Lominsa and now I have to go out to outside of Limsa Lominsa, Yellowjacket area, where I have to take a ferry to the caves. Anyways, I wanted to know will the main questline, the storyline take me back to New Gridania It felt incomplete, and my Hunting Log is still incomplete. I kept running into level 30ish zones while in Gridania's Black Shroud and was wondering do I go back there? I'm thinking I should just follow the main story questline.
  13. Hello everyone I apologize for going off topic about this board and not asking about quests, etc. I want to ask ab out lore, the story line. I'm trying to get a grasp of the lore in this game, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I have some screenshots as well, which I'll share as I ask my questions. Input is very much welcome. Also, just a warning to other new people like me, this thread may contain spoilers. I am okay with things being spoiled to me, so don't feel bad about it if you reply to me! Okay, firstly, Kan-E-Senna had spoken about these people who came from another realm that d
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