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  1. This is a classical and fun idea that I think enough people don't do. I really miss the linkshell that used to do IC dungeons and Fates as groups of adventurers... Feel free to hit me up and I'll at least see if we can line up a schedule for something! Miir #8023
  2. Via Discord, there is a ton of cross-world RP these days. So don't worry about exactly where you home is: Worry about finding good friends that you can visit. That's likely to be the future landscape of RP in FFXIV; as these others have said here.
  3. I'll shoot you a PM. I have a pair of characters that might be able to get some plot hooks going!
  4. http://i.imgur.com/Mab5OwX.jpg[/img] Z'Tehra is a somewhat classic case of youthful potential without proper direction. Her history is something of a mystery even to her; raised in a library in Coerthas by her uncle - a grizzled Miqo'te named R'Rahz. She was told next to nothing of who her parents were, nor why the only heirloom that they left her was a peculiar (and some would say grim) sword. Raised on story books about Knights in Shining Armor fighting evil Dragons and similar, Tehra had wanted to be like them since she had been a child. Though some would argue that at only 17, she sti
  5. ::Upon the bleakest markets of the Sea of Clouds and the Seas of Limsa Lominsa, a tattered scrap of parchment can be found nailed to the corner of a few market boards. Though the message is half worn or perhaps intentionally unclear, those with savvy enough in such things would know what it seeks to actually advertise: A person as a property. "Has skill with curative magics. Clothed, fed and attractive. Is literate and can do numbers - Purchase at Own Risk.":: Profile Here //Allow me a short moment to introduce myself and explain more clearly what it is that I'm seeking here: A
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