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  1. I was doing a quest, saw someone with an RP tag, and sent them a message. I probably won’t be on tomorrow. But I will Saturday. I can give you the information when I’m back on.
  2. That would be great. I met a couple other people on goblin tonight and joined an RP FC. if it turns out to be pretty good I will let you know.
  3. Hello, I am on Goblin as well. I don't get a lot of time to play, so I am leveling slowly. I just hit 20 on my main, his name is Beniryu Kiraryu, Lalafel Rogue, I haven't done all of his backstory yet, but he is a cookie cutter rogue from FFXIV, a sell sword, but with a code. Eventually he will realize that a vagabonds life isn't for him and will have a revelation that will cause him to make a serious change.
  4. Thanks, I have a character on Balmung, and was able to make one on Mateus, but I haven'y played the game since it came out, and having that double XP buff is really nice.
  5. So, at first Goblin was the only realm accepting new characters. Mateus has since opened up, but Goblin is giving an XP boost to people who make new characters. I know you can visit other worlds, which is pretty cool, but it would be nice to find some people that RP on my home world. Does anyone have an FC, or know if there is an RP hotspot on Goblin? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I am a new player to FFXIV, sort of. I played shortly after release, have a character on balmung, but I am starting over on PC. I plan on making a Hrothgar. I haven't found any info on the naming conventions other than Hrothgar is german so it will most likely be an old Europeanesque name. If someone wanted to send me a friend pass I would make a new account. I preordered the complete collection that releases on the 2nd. I am looking to meet some new people, have some good RP, and get to know the world.
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