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  1. Charity322

    MSQ RP

  2. Charity322

    Raid Loot

    All the gears and cranks and stuff like that from both Alexander and Delta/Sigmascape are clogging up my retainer's inventory. What are they actually useful for?
  3. Charity322

    MSQ RP

    In before Balmung becomes congested again lol. Apparently Balmung is no longer congested, so I'm going to try getting people to do MSQ with me again, in case someone wants to make a char. Is anyone interested in RPing through the MSQ? Let me know!
  4. Charity322

    General Lore Questions

    You implied that he's better than Cid at something. He'd love you. XD
  5. Charity322

    General Lore Questions

    Thanks. Now I'm curious, how did Nero get Nero tol Scaeva?
  6. Charity322

    General Lore Questions

    How did Cid get nan then?
  7. Charity322

    General Lore Questions

    The Astrologian quests have a lot about predicting fate in the stars. The Sharlayan school of Astrology that Lady Leveva practices seems to be quite a lot concerned with it.
  8. I was in Raid Roulette and one of the tanks died very early in … and stayed dead. He had definitely been offered a raise 'cause I saw the timer expire on him. Eventually the healers realised that trying to raise him was pointless and stopped trying. He had not disconnected. The raid was fricking hard and the poor other tank had a lot of pressure on him. As soon as it's over floor tank leaps up and helps himself to a share of the loot. Dude, if you tank the floor the entire raid you don't get loot. DX
  9. Charity322

    Looking for connections in my timezone

    I'll see if I can catch you on as well. What's your char's name?
  10. Charity322

    Looking for connections in my timezone

    Thanks! I'll try and get hold of you guys in game.
  11. I'm looking for what is probably late night RP for most people or hopefully I can find some people with the same timezone. My timezone is NZST. It's currently 3:37am at the time of this post (and I am up way too late XD). I'm hoping to find people who would be able to play between 6pm NZST to 2am NZST (but can do earlier on weekends). I have chars on both Balmung and Mateus. The timezone seems to be the most important thing, as every other post I see on here is way out of my times. If anyone is interested then I can give you details of my chars to see if you would be interested in them. I'm also interested in RPing dungeons and other stuff like that. I use to play in a game where you were always in character and although I know that isn't feasible on FFXIV I like to try to RP everything, including the day to day fighting and things. I hope that someday I can find someone to RP MSQ with me, but no luck so far, but this isn't a post just for that. I'm looking for all kinds of RP. Hopefully I can find some people who are interested, so let me know!
  12. Was more funny than anything. XD I went into Dzemael Darkhold as tank and this other guy is all lets pull big. He goes off and grabs two more spawns. 5 seconds later we're all dead.
  13. Charity322

    Looking for MSQ RP

    Sigh, still the only congested server. DX
  14. Charity322

    Looking for MSQ RP

    I've wanted to try roleplaying the MSQ for a while, but it never seemed to work out. But, I decided to try again. So if anyone is interested in RPing through the main plot of FFXIV then please let me know!
  15. Charity322

    General Lore Questions

    Something I wondered after doing some Heavensward questing. Did Aymeric always have his own noble house or did they give it to him after the spoiler stuff with the archbishop?