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  1. I'm on the final step of the DoH relic and I can't even complete the craft, let alone get high enough collectability to trade it in. I have a full set of level 80 Handsaint Gear and I'm really not sure how I can do better. Anyone else have a problem with this?
  2. Yeah, I have a char who only recently picked up Bard because she only wanted to be an archer (but can't really do any higher level content without taking your job). So she's just pretending that she is still just an archer.
  3. I'll see your +9 and raise you +12. Nice to finally see some people on around my timezone. XD
  4. I'm not sure if it's the usual thing, but I consider my chars to have studied each class that they have. I think three combat classes and a couple of crafting classes are the max that any one char of mine has.
  5. I'm not an expert, but I think that White and Black Mage are usually considered really rare and unlikely to be obtained by someone who isn't the WoL. Doesn't mean that you can't RP as Thaumaturge or Conjurer though. You can't multiclass in FF so I'm not sure what you mean? There are places that certain races are more likely to originate from, like the Xaela from the Azim Steppe or Sea Wolf Roegadyn from La Noscea, but if you can make up a story as to why your char's family went somewhere else then you should be sweet. Again, some races might be more well kno
  6. Your timezone intrigues me. XD Only 3 hours behind me is a rarity here. I have a main char at 80 and finished ShB, but I have some alts further back and one languishing around 30 until I can find someone to RP MSQ with me (she may be there forever). I'm used to RPing in a game that was IC 24/7, so I find it hard to take a class that my char wouldn't have IC (hence so many alts), so I have my crafting and gathering classes incorporated into my RP. Happy to talk about anything.
  7. I have a char who is out in the wilderness a lot. She's a Keeper of the Moon conjurer/archer who likes to explore and travel. I do, however, have the dreaded really incompatible timezone, so I'll understand if that's a turn off.
  8. Having played a lot on Neverwinter Nights, the main difference I've found hard to adjust to is your class not necessarily being a part of your character. I've made up for that by not taking a class that I don't think that my character would be interested in (this is also why I have multiple alts XD). The other thing is not counting everything you do as IC. Obviously it's hard to have stuff like MSQ IC, but I'm used to servers where you're 100% IC all the time. I have to admit that paragraph RP scares me. I'm not that good a RPer. My opening salvo is more likely to be: "Hello, how a
  9. Your char sounds cool. Pity our timezones are so different.
  10. I thought that the lore said they didn't live in the villages with the females, but like the Keeper of the Moon males went off by themselves to live in the forest and only came back for breeding.
  11. I might have a char who is interested, if my timezone doesn't scare you off. XD
  12. Alas, my Elezen is female, but I approve of this post! Have to say though. Facial hair is growing on me (no pun) with regards to Urianger.
  13. I have a char who might be interested but I'm wary of timezones. What hours do you usually play?
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