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  1. Been having a heck of a time finding decent Rp lately. I'm in the Central time zone and can only log in most days between 930AM and 5PM. With most Free Companies and players having evenings free it makes it hard for me to meet up with folks. If anyone else is free during these times or knows of someone, please send me a PM here. I have characters on Mateus and Balmung at the moment, but I am willing to go to another server if I can find at least one person willing to delve into long term stories with me. I have an extensive history of Rp going back 20+ years with a love of writing.
  2. It's not just Lalafell that have this issue. It took me months to get involved with any Rp and I have over 20 years experience. I had to reach out to numerous people OOC on here, in game and discord before I finally found some people who were accepting and not totally inclusive with their Rp. I had the same experience on Balmung when I played during HW peak. I tried several characters thinking it was something I has done wrong. Turns out the Rp "community" isn't so much a community as it is a whole bunch of tiny factions that tend to keep to themselves. Personal experience, of course. That said I'm quite happy with the Rp I have now. Keep looking, talk to people in tells and DMs. There's a place for your Lalafell.
  3. The only people you are going to upset are the lore strict crowd. Most of us don't Rp in the same circles so just find people who are going to let you play how you want and enjoy the experience. As for loop holes, while they state there are only a few WHM who is to say that there aren't a few soul stones out there lying around on some dead WHMs that were thought lost to the ages.
  4. Thanks! I will keep an eye out for you when on next.
  5. Im always up for Rp that i can write stories about. I sent you a PM.
  6. Its been three years since I visited Eorzea and I know a lot has changed. I used to play on Balmung but it left a lot to be desired RP wise last time I was there so I decided to set up on Mateus, did I spell that right? Is the RP better there than the elitist and Miqo exclusive RP that was rampant on Balmung? Personal experiences left a bad impression, I'm afraid. Suggestions on who to possibly meet up with IC or OOC, Rp hotspots etc would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM if need be.
  7. Neither game has me even remotely interested. Both series, to me, have been disappointments the last few years/games.
  8. With the influx of so many Doman refugees I don't see why they wouldn't want to share their art with others. Kind of like a cultural exchange.
  9. I have been looking to get back into rp after a two year hiatus. If this is still around i would appreciate an invite, or a nudge toward a place for those of us still looking. Character name is Jonah Mereel
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