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  1. I prefer grammatically correct RPers tbh. Nothing wrong with mistakes from people who's not first speaking English users but unless your character legitimately has struggles speaking Eorzean (Like my alt) then choppy sentences, no punctuation and wrong constant uses of stuff like there, their & they're is a turn away. Nothing wrong with being pushed away from it just don't be a fuck about it either.
  2. Depends how important the character getting shot is tbh. A random NPC getting shot in the head would probably die in a FF setting but knock that NPC up to a MC (Looking at prime example Cloud Strife here) and you can shoot them point blank in the head with a bullet and all they get is a shallow blood wound. Don't think XIV has a static durability meter tbh. It all depends on what'd be cool in the moment.
  3. I don't commend because I forget they even exist most of the time. I get shocked whenever I get one or several and half the time I go ".... Oh shit those were a thing? Fuck!"
  4. Since I finally have the scythe weapon I've always wanted I've had to drastically alter Aerin's fighting style from a Greatsword. Since scythe's are unorthodox (Ya I know all the stuff about it so if you think I don't well hop off muh D) I took a lot of inspiration from Bloodborne as Gherman has the most tame usage of a scythe I've seen yet. Same for Dark Souls in general TBH. Aerin mainly uses the scythe as a hook moreso than actually trying to cut people with the blade. He always overextends the swing (the pole still needs to be dodged or blocked even if the blade misses you) so the inner edge of the scythe curves around the opponents back side and 'hooks' them whether it be under the arm where the blades inner edge is nestled right behind the shoulder joint, or behind the neck, or the back of the knee or even the flank. Once hooked he will violently yank it forward to cut into and injure whatever is in the scythes path as usually people can't protect a blade coming from behind them. If someone's wearing heavy armor the blade would always be aimed to hook behind joints before severing the back muscles limiting movement. If that doesn't work the Scythe blade is mechanical and can simply recurve towards the shaft with a mechanism release or extend to mimic a war scythe or even be detached completely to use as a sickle weapon. He rarely tries to swing it like a sword and cut with the actual blade (even if its edged on both sides) because the sweet spot is very small. Underhanded swings and overhead ones are much easier to pull off tho because the blade curves and once the tip digs in the rest follows and the cut can be pretty bad. I've used this style in Grindstone a few times as a test, rolls aside it doesn't come off weird when I read it over. Aerin even got carded with a warning cause he hooked into his enemies side and basically ripped her flank out. Nearly.
  5. Aerin is that miscellaneous NPC you'd see sitting by the door criss crossed in the QS dozing off
  6. If you're a woman playing a man (especially a hot woman) the guys that are hostile are usually interested in you OOC but can't progress it through IC bleed because they don't play gay characters. Cause I know several girls who play guys and I haven't had any reason to hate them for it. Cause it doesn't bother me. Lol
  7. I was not properly utilizing Samurai's Blood Gauge to maximize my phat deeps. And two of the combo finishers add additional Blood Gauge when done from either behind or to the side. I was unaware of this. However, SAM is still not DRK or any other tank so they should still not be hanging out with you in front of the boss. Or running around pulling things for you. (I literally don't know how DRK works past 60. I just pulled up the DRK wiki, saw they had an energy gauge thing too, and ran with it for the sake of the joke.) :blush: That actually made much more sense to me LOL
  8. I wish I knew what the hell I just read. Can't even pronounce half those skills. JFC
  9. I think "I'm gonna tank like daddy!" SAM may be a trend in the player base. I usually run healer in roulettes, and more often than not (more often than DRG and BRD even!) if one of the DPS is going to need extra healing, it's the SAM. Usually it's because the SAM is standing on top of the tank soaking up all the big frontal hits and will not move to the rear of the boss like a sane person. Do they have directional attacks that make them think they need to be there? Its the fact that they don't have directionals that make them stand anywhere I believe.
  10. If you're spamming Unleash over 30 though like no tomorrow your mp management is gonna be awful.
  11. It's a vertical bar to the left of each party member that is red for the person with the most aggro or yellow and is also numbered 1-8 depending on the party size. The lower the number, the more aggro you generated. Tanks should normally have #1 spot, OT can have 2-7 but usually should stay at #2 in case main tank dies.
  12. I usually just assume the player is whatever gender their character is. I don't really think beyond that or pry about it because I don't go up to IRL people asking if they're the gender I assume them to be (unless it's a friend and I want to be funny), so why do it in game? What bothers me is the people that sexualize the fug out their characters. Sure, that could possibly be a legit characters personality... But it always hits a point where I wonder sometimes Anyway ya. If you're not the gender your character is that's fine? Only people that would actually feel some type of way about it are those that grew an attraction to you OOC (In which case you must be smooth as fuck.) or if the characters are in a relationship and the guy (or girl) finds out their partner isn't really a guy (or girl) OOC and feel insecure. Cause why not? If I swipe right on your character you better be as hot as them irl, fam. If not you going to catch these cyber hands.
  13. You ever watched a tv show so good time flew by and all your attention was glued on the tv until it ended with you having binge watched everything? That's what people mean by being "immersed" in RP, basically.
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