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  1. maoilmhin


    I'm familiar with the anime, but haven't finished the PS4 series.
  2. maoilmhin


    Welcome to the RP scene! Definitely check out Sounsyy's Lore Compilations Index. It answers many questions that come up when creating a character background.
  3. Welcome to the RP side of things! Always looking for new contacts to RP with and expand my character's universe.
  4. maoilmhin


    Welcome to Mateus! There is a lot of depth to enjoy in FFXIV especially ICly. I'll try to get you a friend request ingame, otherwise feel free to add me in Discord.
  5. maoilmhin

    New to Mateus,looking for a RP partner.

    ahh found it. Looks like my memory was off, it wasn't a tavern it was Whispered Wish. Unfortunately, they are not active on RPC, however they do participate on the discord Tregarde linked. Ugh, trying real hard not to go off on a rant about Mateus RP'rs not using RPC.
  6. maoilmhin

    Looking for a Master

    *shrug* If that's the RP the OP wants to do....
  7. maoilmhin

    New to Mateus,looking for a RP partner.

    Best of luck with finding a good fit. IIRC one of the public taverns has a singles night, but it is escaping my mind right now. I'll try to find the flyer for which tavern it was.
  8. maoilmhin

    [BAL/MAT] Nerds in need of love

    Welcome to RPC and RP! It's refreshing to see another Matues player use this site. There's a good number of merc FCs on Mateus. Biggest difference between them is probably alignment choice. Although most of them are only active in Discord Best of wishes to you and all of your characters on both servers.
  9. maoilmhin

    Would you be willing to RP using alternative platforms?

    IMHO, VR may be too much detail. The closer you get to a representation of reality the less imagination / creative thought there is for the players to experience. Even in D&D, miniatures and landscapes can be overdone / detailed to the point where it disengages the player's mental imagery of the scenario.
  10. maoilmhin

    New to FFXIV and RP :)

    Welcome to the RPC site and Mateus community. Dad of light is a good watch, I enjoyed how the 'players' treated each other even though they weren't RP'ing.
  11. maoilmhin

    LFC on both Balmung & Mateus

    For whatever reason, majority of Mateus RP folk don't use RPC. I wish they would.. Most of the OOC interaction takes place in discord.
  12. maoilmhin

    mateus roleplayer looking for a longterm partner.

    Welcome to Mateus. Good fortune to you in finding a good fit for a long term RP partner. The snipit almost draws out the white knight must protect mode.
  13. maoilmhin


    Welcome to RPC!
  14. maoilmhin

    new to hrpc, moving to mateus!

    Welcome to RPC and Mateus! both great communities to have a blast in. I'll echo Unnamed Mercenary, play through the story line at least once. The 2.0 story can drag on at points, but by 3.0 it is in full swing. It's just not the same going to the inn to view cut-scenes.
  15. maoilmhin

    LFC on both Balmung & Mateus

    No date as of yet, still working on the little things like menu and what not.