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  1. No this is not normal at all and I can say iv had a somewhat similar experience. I would say that you either met someone that wasnt to sure what to do, wanted to ERP and saw you werent going that way, or they just wanted to troll you. Dont let it bother yoy to much, many more people on this server trt to RP for real and make it a fun experience for all. Best of luck, and if you see Ashram, say hi
  2. Several actually. Balmung upis the big one but cant start a new toon there. Mateus is good so is, and ive been told omega and cactuar along with jenova arent to bad either.
  3. Ill ad to, ive not done discord RP but would love to try.
  4. Not the largest RP community out there but it isnt to bad. Any questions feel free to ask. Good luck
  5. Wlcome to the server. Hope you enjoy it. Say hi if you see me, ill try to do the same. I get tunnel vision when im playong somedays
  6. Ouch.... i was missed or purposly left out. >.>
  7. There is one im on ill send link when i get a moment
  8. That is the best thing ive seen. Now i want to do one lol
  9. You have RPed more in your life then i will in all of mine lol. And ESO has a RP community? 2 years on there never ran into anyone yet... feel im missing out now
  10. *turns cheek towards you* lets find out? >.<
  11. Im on Mateus and as a straight male im in the same boat. Its all crazy futa or herm this or nunh that. The biggest issue i have is it is is hard to find people that can keep it in game. Hey we are being romantic with each other and no i dont want you to call me! Not sure if this is all normal as im still new but that is what ive seen so far
  12. Sounds fun. I Wouldnt mind hearing more of this "complexe villian" idea too
  13. Lol its all good. Im so charming no one would willing run from me..... i think... maybe.. >.>
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