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  1. Ashram Narse

    mateus Draco Giraffa

    Cool hair 😉 ill say "Hi" next time I see you or say "Hi" im my Discord at Ashram Narse #8308
  2. Ashram Narse

    New to RP, hi everyone!

    Agreed. Get yourself able to move around the game even a little bit farther then the steps of (Whatever city you started at) Then I would say take advantage of the player directory here and work up a little background for your character. Nothing to fancy or deep just a general overview goes a long way, trust me. Have fun
  3. Ashram Narse

    mateus Seeking Kindred Spirits

    ((LoL you call it wordsmithing, i call it "my fingers don't do what I tell them")) Check out my character Bio and if we see each other in game, I'll be sure to say, "Hello".
  4. Ashram Narse

    mateus Greetings and Salutationals! New RPer on Mateus

    Greetings and welcome. and yeah the lore of this game is ever expanding and thank the Twelve we have this place to help keep it straight.
  5. Ashram Narse

    mateus Xandrie Embercraft

    Great start. Sounds like you will find this world very fun and full of amazing places to go.
  6. Ashram Narse

    Dancing with Solitude

    Wow. This was really good and now I feel for here. Tend to spend much of my time watching others, fear and inner thoughts keeping Ashram from trying.
  7. Ashram Narse

    [Mateus] looking for a longterm friends and partner :D

    Man i need to get more active on Discord then if I can RP on there. In game is getting hard as my olaytimes are not ideal sadly.
  8. Bump.... Welcome back!
  9. Ashram Narse

    Hello Returning, and still newish.

    Ashram Narse at your service.
  10. Ashram Narse

    New Miqo'te, New Game, New Beginnings All Around (Mateus)

    Welcome to the Server and the world of Eorzea! If we run into each other be sure to say "Hi" or I will to. o/
  11. Ashram Narse

    balmung Lonely Lizard Looking for Contacts

    Thats sad you have been left with no friends and single to. I wish you well in your travels and im sure it will all turn around fast for you.
  12. Ashram Narse

    [Mateus] looking for a longterm friends and partner :D

    Ill send a Discord Hello soon
  13. Ashram Narse


    Not the end of the gun you want to be looking down. Lol
  14. Ashram Narse

    Ashram Narse

    Ashram Narse Race: Hyur, Midlander | Gender: Male Age: 20 | Residence: Lavender Beds, Ward 2, Plot 34 Occupation: Mercenary, Thief, Odd Jobs Apperance Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 175 pounds Hair: Black with white or blue streaks Eyes: Icey blue Complexion: Clean shaven with a pale complexion Body Type: Athletic Physical Condition: Fit and trim Distinguishing Features Tattoos: None Scars: One long one from above left eye across nose to lower right cheek, a giant scare across his left chest from almost his neck to half way down his right side Birthmarks: None Preferred Weapons: Lance, rapier, short swords, katana, broad sword and fist Preferred Armor: Leather, cloth, chainmail, and small plated armor Skills and Abilities Magical Skills: Lacks control in magical areas but can focus through weapons when needed Physical Skills: A lifetime of practice and fighting have left him a weapons master Flexibility: Above average Trade skills: Mines and fishes when needed, is working on being a better blacksmith Special Abilities: See background for more Special Occupational Training: Spends more hours perfecting his skills then the average fighter Areas of Expertise: Swordsmanship, lancing, riding, beast knowledge, and meditation Personality Ashram tends to be a quiet observer of people. Often watching someone for a long time before he will try to make conversation. He tends to speak with a polite manner during friendly times but during stressful times, he can revert to a gruff, foul mouthed ball of anger. He is slow to open up to others, most times questions about his past will be brushed off quickly. He seems to always be keeping something hidden and covers it up with quick jokes and moving the subject back to others. He hates to be as he calls it “all dolled up” and avoids fancy dress clothes. Worn boots and dirt covered armor are his preferred dress. He tends to prefer the wide-open spaces of the wilderness to the cities but tries to come to them to try and get a better understanding of how people are. He hates people that wont pull their weight and is quick to move on when something is annoying him. When it comes to others, he prefers to keep men at arm’s length as much as possible. He would say they should be at (blades length). He has a distrust of males in general but isn’t opposed to working with them or talking to them when needed. As for females, Ashram can be very flirty and playful. He gets distracted quickly by revealing outfits and is one who isn’t opposed to a fun time. When asked, he will usually say that he, “Wants to create his own harem worthy of the Gods.” Those that don’t know him think he is just joking, those that know him say, "Maybe its not just a joke." Misc. Quirks: Very curious about people. Also, can’t resist exploring and traveling Positive Personality Traits: Reliable, determined, observant, loyal, and can be funny Negative Personality Traits: Distrust of males, avoids large crowds and groups, chasing of females, has a rage that is dangerous when revealed. Temperament: Calm and easy going most of the time, if a little bit paranoid at times. In battle he tends to go into a “all or nothing” mentality Favorite Pet Sayings, Words, Idiolect: “There is no normal, only me.” Speaking Style: Polite and cordial, very rarely does he speak broken sentences Integrity: He is willing to steal, but only when it serves a greater good Impulsiveness: Usually only when a woman is involved Boldness: Above average, almost to the point others would say he doesn’t care for his own life Method of Handling Anger or Rage (Repress, throw things, etc): Works hard to always maintain control, training and meditation help, as well as long rest periods between fights. When given into his rage, he has to work it out physically till he is to exhausted to continue Bad Habits/Vices: Doesn’t like to speak about his past and will pursue a target even if it leads to the group he is in’s detriment Prejudices: Garleans. Even those that have turned on the Empire Pet Peeves and Gripes: Those that are to lazy to work, lack of common sense, and boys that dress as girls Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Feeling weak or vulnerable to others. Fears: Being imprisoned, useless, forgotten, and ignored by others Interest & Views Hobbies: Reading, blacksmithing, fishing, exploring, and good food Religion: Thinks the Gods are real but that they do not care about the people Patron Diety: None Adherence: None Tolerance: Tolerant of those that keep their beliefs to themselves Expression of beliefs: Never Converting others: Never Attitude: The Gods are there, so what? Religious Association: Will work with them for the right price Religious Role(s): None Death & Mourning: Will mourn a friend’s death but won’t offer prays Philosophical: None Moral: Neutral. He still steal if its beneficial but won’t do anything that harms or affects children or the sick and dying. Political: Let the politicians and rulers handle that Background Ashram doesn’t like to speak about this and will avoid all efforts by others to talk about it. Affiliations Employer: Runs the Narse For Hire (sole employee) Nationality: He claims from Ala Mhigo Organizations: Works with a Free Company, Magnus Mode at times Friends: Very few Social Class: He never keeps track, he isn’t poor but hates how the wealthy act History Place of Birth: He claims Ala Mhigo Upbringing: Doesn’t discuss this. But it is clear he is educated more in physical pursuits over academic ones Noteworthy Family Members: Pet dragon “Raven” and his Chocobo "Pyrotess" that he claims is his family Longstanding Rivals/Friends: None as of yet Possessions/In Her Bag: usually has the bare basics, gil, change of clothes, and anything else needed for survival in the wilds or cities Existing Conflicts: None as of yet Duties and Obligations: Has been hired by Magnus Mode to try to recruit others Significant Past Events: Doesn’t talk about it Mysteries: Why wont he talk about his past?? Adventure Trigger: Promise of rewards (whether it’s gil, items, or something else) Miscellaneous Sexuality: Always looking for a new “conquest” Relationship Stance: Not opposed to more than one partner. Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Romantic Status: Single Libido: High Sexual Expressiveness: Flirtatious, Teasing, telltale winks Sexual Expressive Style: Through talking and gestures Openness to Sexual Experience: Is “always willing to try something once, twice if he likes it” Promiscuousness: Gets around Common Places to be Found: Out in the wilds, especially near waterfalls, taverns in the cities, the blacksmith guild, and his office in the Lavender Wards Roleplay style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): All (keep in mind he is new to it all) Views on RP combat and injuries: Hasn’t done any yet Views on IC romance: I am accepting of a romance as long as it plays into my character. A one night stand is ok so is a several month long partnership. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): He has no family to speak of Views on lore: Still learning it all and trying to keep it straight (please be patient) Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): Prefers /tells but will use /say, /em, and LS if available Other information Country: USA Timezone: Eastern Playtimes: Generally during the week and weekends 9pm – 2am Contact info: In-game, Discord: Ashram Narse#8308 Other Notes: Will be updated as my character grows
  15. Ashram Narse

    mateus Catherina Renard

    Very cool bio and screen shots. If I see you in game ill say Hello. *needs to find a flower shop mow* lol