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  1. The current personnel of the Red Hibiscus consists mostly of NPCs: young and beautiful prostitutes, waitresses and waiters, and a bartender. Performer Kami Coming from the stage of Mih Khetto's Ampitheatre, Kami is a one of the dedicated entertainers at the Red Hibiscus. A highly experienced minstrel skilled in harp, piano, lute and flute, as well as a beautiful voice - She covers a range of sounds to suit your musical tastes. Head Bartender Elizabeth Kaeden Elizabeth, or Eli as most know her by, is one of the many warm smiles that work at the Bar of the Red Hibiscus. Should you time it well enough, you might even be able to catch her up on stage, her voice being a hidden gem only recently discovered by the Hibiscus! Whilst she's more than happy to greet any warmly - It's best to behave whilst around her lest you want to attract a far more icy gaze from her! Waitresses and waiters Jade An ul'dahn girl with a natural bright smile and very cheerful personality. Jade is warm-hearted and kind, a social party animal who loves mingling and loves her job. She is a bartender, dancer and singer. Yandih A'yandih Jhida, or Yandih for short, works as a waitress at the Hibiscus full-time, although tends to stay to the background. She appears shy, a little uncertain in her manners, but when she sets her mind to serving her customers, she does it diligently and with sweet smiles to boot. Despite her shyness, she is a hardworking part of the service team and her favorite tasks revolve around aiding the other waitresses and barkeepers in their duties. With a little patience and friendliness from her patrons, her meek manners can easily bloom into warmth and laughter. Prostitutes Lotus Lotus likes to dance and play away the time, but doesn't mind sitting down to drown in his customers eyes close quarters. Dahlia (NPC) A beautiful, blonde and tall midlander hyur with really long legs. She appears to be pretty calm and mysterious, and doesn’t talk much. Silene (NPC) On the first look, this auri woman appears to be pretty mysterious and calm, just like Dahlia. But she is quite the opposite - Silene is mouthy, and behaves like a little, picky and hot-headed princess. Rose (NPC) This seeker woman is loud and lively, and makes lots and lots of compliments. Not only to her clients - but also to her colleagues. Rose is pretty open, and seems to extremely enjoy her job. Lupin (NPC) Lupin appears to be pretty confident, and he is also a complete flirt. He doesn’t hide the fact that he thinks about himself as attractive, and he can be pretty stubborn with his attempts to convince a customer to choose him. Celosia (NPC) A Roegadyn lady of huge built and a very muscular body. Despite her appearance, she seems to be a very warm and lovely person - and enjoys having deep and long talks with her customers.
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