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  1. You mean where I'm from? South America, that's why I want to roleplay xD, a good way to improve my english. I guess I can only add you if you're online.
  2. Don't need to rush, like I said above, I'll play only today and a bit tomorrow and my sub will end. That's make me stop playing awhile to focus with college stuff's Feel free to add also if you want. Still newbie about how RP works in general.
  3. Actually I play on pc. But my nick is the Main Character's name: Y'dyalani Tohka . Feel free to add
  4. Unfortunately, the moment I'm posting (6/23) I'll renew my sub only after (7/12), but we could try to find another players. I still didn't tried to "shout" in the ul'dah, gridania or limsa. Probably the best way to really find someone.
  5. Probably I will learn when I find a group to play with. Thanks, hope I can find someone to play in behemoth
  6. Hello. This is my first time wanting to RP and I want to know if someone here play in Behemoth server. I don't know how you guys RP here, but I want to find a group that can introduce me to how it works and to have a fun time together. English is not my first language, but I'll try my best to be a good RPlayer. For now I'm just trying to find people to linkshell, I'm already in a FC. Thanks for anything.
  7. Hello. My nick is TrainYukito, this is the first MMO I'm giving a try, started two weeks ago and I'm liking a lot so far. This is my first time wanting to try RP in a videogame and I don't have so much idea how to RP in general, so I really want to give it a shot. I don't know if I started in a wrong way, cause I created my character in Behemoth to play with my friends and for being the best server for me. English is not my first language, but I'm trying my best to give a chance to try it, mostly of the time I understand, but I have a bit difficulties to respond so quickly an
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