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  1. I usually play around this time so for me it is 11:00pm UTC+2 or 3:00pm UTC-6
  2. this is great, but we should know each other usual playing hours if we will rp together
  3. I guess I'm gonna focus on ff15 for a while feel free to PM me here if you come back :), just curious do you play where? eu, na or other?
  4. a player from behemoth as well kinda looking to RP a bit, although currently inactive because of I'm trying to finish ff15, which was stuck in my library for almost half a year T_T but, I can quickly return if I want :D, oh btw I play eu time, I hope that won't be a prob, I'm a night owl though ( O 3 O)
  5. Hi, I just recently join behemoth and I would like to know if there are Rp linkshell here, although I'm not a heavy Rper, but I would like to get in touch with the RP community of Behemoth if there is one.
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