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  1. So first off, apologies that this isn't something I'm saying from personal experience as I'm not necessarily LGBT+ myself but more what I've heard friends say. To expand on the topic of separating general RP and ERP and how it might alienate certain groups of people, I've been lead to believe a fair number of ERP circles are not all that friendly to trans folks. The one or two times I've glanced into ERP-centric channels out of my own curiosity the prevalence of terms like "futa" and "cunt boy" is staggeringly high. Even just going around the Balmung Quicksand you see a lot of "F/F+" in search
  2. Mermaid

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    Nothing fancy to say. Just wanted to try using the gallery for once.
  3. I have an all over the place schedule with a few late nights a week free. I recently moved from PST to EST and didn't really adjust my times which made it all worse. I admittedly don't see much in the way of connections between our characters but I can certainly do some PVE content here and there if you're looking for that.
  4. Realistically? Yes, there would be a decent amount of inbreeding. This is something a lot of people realize and do their best to pretend they don't. There are multiple outs and ways to keep the gene pool a bit more mixed up some of which posters above me have mentioned. 1. There can be multiple nunhs. 2. Females breeding only with nunhs is not a set in stone law. They can and in rare cases do choose to breed with a tia. They just normally don't as breeding with strong males is preferred. 3. Nunhs do change and likely frequently. This can, much like lions, simply be a son
  5. Was going to say I heard of an Eastern Discord server back in Stormblood but it seems Fox is ahead of me. I'm kind of dealing with the same problem over on Balmung. I wasn't specifically looking for an Eastern themed FC but it was one of the kinds I had my eye out for. 8 out of 10 are yakuza fronts and the remaining 2/10 are either for geisha or straight up courtesans. Neither is really fitting for my character.
  6. I do believe the point of the topic was somewhat missed. It was initially about struggling to find heterosexual romance RP with a few of the posters mentioning their gender/sexuality lining up with their searches for ship partners. It didn't actually turn towards OOC gender mattering until one poster mentioned he was an IRL straight man who was specifically looking to RP with IRL straight women and several people jumped in to point out some of the problems with that.
  7. I'll back up the posters above me on the raising flags part. I'm a straight female who likes RPing straight female characters and loves the slow burn of a couple of love birds entangled in a romantic plot. Now I can't find people to RP this because my times are all over the place and nobody seems to want to discuss things over Discord but I'm getting off point. The fact of the matter is I have a boyfriend, whom I have no intention of leaving, and when one sees someone specifically looking for romantic RP with a female RPer it raises a red flag for there being an ulterior motive. Of course, thi
  8. I. Basic Info Characters: Kasumi Sui (Balmung/Active) , Tsubaki Yuzuka (Balmung/Hiatus), and a content main over on Aether. Primary character: Kasumi Sui (for RP) Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium. I dislike being in character for everything I do in-game and also dislike incredibly casual interactions where one struggles to differentiate between the character and the RPer. I value character interactions and having fun. I take RPing seriously but not too seriously. Views on RP combat and
  9. The naming conventions for most races can be found in the lore section of the official forum. https://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/61150-Miqo-te-Naming-Conventions There's a large list of names over on this wiki page: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Seekers_of_the_Sun As well as this one if it works better for you: https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Seekers_of_the_Sun/Naming_Conventions Lastly you can find a name generator over here: https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/miqote-names.php Though going into the character creator a
  10. It's actually the opposite! Astro was too optimal. They were already good then they got buffed further in one of the later Stormblood patches to where they were at a point where there was no point in bringing a White Mage. Savage statics (and even some picky extreme parties) began excluding White Mage because "muh parse!" SE doesn't like when a class gets forced out so they needed a way to bring White Mage's damage up enough that it was worthwhile and Astro's "raid utility", which is defined as the damage it gives other people in that sort of raiding culture, down so as not to forc
  11. I can't say that any of my attempts had that sort of agreement but with the exception of one all were just simple meet and talk in a bar type encounters. The type of thing most people do to meet in-game. One time a bar fight was included but that was as crazy as those tavern scenes actually got. They tended to be pretty simple and there was never any ambitious planning. Heck, I would LOVE to have someone make plans with me or at the very least read my character's info and be able to tell me what sort of connection they wanted when they saw it. I can't really blame the people who just saw someo
  12. I 100% prefer Discord. It's a program I can have running whenever and, thanks to mobile, wherever. Even if it's not RPing on Discord I very heavily prefer sharing Discord info just for the sake of messaging people stuff along the lines of "Hey, are you free to RP tomorrow?" It's not a case of the sub fee for me it's the fact that I have a static that goes hard on raid content when it comes out then eases up on days/hours when we clear. So come the new patch I'll be raiding 20 hours a week for a couple weeks to a month then have free time again. During that raiding period I have fre
  13. Except I have been diagnosed with the mental disorders I have. I have gone through therapy in the past. They do impact my life. In several cases, I have learned how to cope. I noped out of responding to the post above yours as soon as I saw the words "self-diagnosis". Medical insurance sucks and there is some stuff I'm not medicated for that I could be if I so desired (ADHD being a big one though plenty of people dislike medicating for that) but this is all stuff I've been diagnosed with and sought medical help for before. Specifically talking about the social anxiety and using a r
  14. I have started working on a second character that I hope to have leveled in time for the server changes. Still feeling the same anxiety trying to initiate any sort of walk-up. I just....can't bring myself to RP with people I haven't chatted with a little beforehand. I don't think anxiety is a majority issue in the game overall but it certainly seems like a prevalent one in the RP community. Also, porque no los dos? I log in and get content done at a savage level and the only drama there is your typical static drama. I feel the social anxiety when it comes to messaging a prospect
  15. Glancing at your other post I could actually work with your weird hours. I've kinda hit a wall with my own RP and I'm not entirely sure I could offer you the sort of character you're looking for? I will throw the offer out there nonetheless and say there's info linked in my signature that includes my Discord info if you're interested. I will also say I'm bored af contentwise with the raid tier cleared, EX primals farmed to death, and Eureka being a massive flop so I'm 100% at that point where I am more than happy to go back and help people with content every now and then.
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