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  1. Just a update I finally bogged down and just stuck with my lalafell character and have already made some truely wonderful rp buddies dont regret it one bit
  2. So I finally bogged down on a character and getting his backstory and such worked out, I did just have a question on leveling my first job. I've heard both arguements and see what you guys think. Should I be doing as many side quests as possible or should I just do my hunting log and MSQ? Me personally I hate having quest markers on my screen but Ive heard if you do all the sidequest you will out level everything by quiet a bit. So I'm just wondering if this is true or should I go ahead and do all the side quest
  3. A little background I played a little bit in stormblood and coming back on a fresh character. The problem is the lalafell race is really the only race I kinda wanna play its the one I like the best, however Im always seeing post and even in my test run I could not be taken seriously in rp or people would just flat out refuse too. Its really made me discouraged and having a hard time sticking with something. I keep thinking of going with Highlander just to say forget it, but I always feel like Im gimping myself by not actually playing what i really want to and even have a nice little backstory for him.
  4. I appreciate the positive feedback I been getting. I did wind up deciding to cancel my subscription. I get it that its not all of the community but honestly I was really put off when trying to find a good fc or linkshell that I was presented with nothing but judgement. I don't really have time to deal with that when I have other games sitting on my computer that I haven't touched where I don't have to deal with the nonsense. Anyway thanks for the fun FFXIV and all I'm off to do other things. ciao
  5. So this isn't a bashing of the game at all I actually have quite enjoyed the gameplay aspect of it for my short time playing but after a short time I find myself thinking of cancelling my subscription to the game for one reason the community. Now don't get wrong I have found some really nice players while trying different classes and races out but from my experience and not to say everyone has this experience the community especially in the rp scene has been very bad for me. Let me explain I tried out a male miqo'te first fine enough but everywhere I looked there was miqo'te. Now nothing wrong with that they look cool so I decided to try something different. Went with a roegadyn which was pretty cool even took up tanking and was enjoying it but as far as people went all I would get is told I'm compensating for something or I would go to a rp hub to try and find a good rp and someone would try to pick a fight with him for absolutely no reason. So decided to reroll because I didn't have a Fantasia to a lalafell boy was that a mistake I couldn't even show screenshots of my character without getting some kind of grief just for wanting to play a race. I mean I've played other MMOs where the community was toxic but I have never seen one where the in game bias against a game race was just so disturbing. It honestly makes me want to go to a server where the rp is not big at all just so I don't have to deal with all that. However I have found myself once again feeling discouraged from playing my character and I know what some might say just ignore it. You would be right however when it's constant or can't even join a fc without some kind of grief it just makes me not to want to log in anymore. I don't know if I'm gonna wind up canceling my subscription or not but from my observation sadly this game is quickly becoming not for me if I can't even play a race without getting grief or harassed for it
  6. Hi I'm always looking for rp buddies! My in-game name is V'raht Tajih I'll be looking out for ya
  7. Sounds like a good idea Hopefully we will get to chat soon
  8. I'm relatively new to mateus. My character is kinda a friendly wanderer with a mysterious backstory. Looking for a RP Fc or just a group to start progressing my character development. IGN is V'raht Tajih. He goes by Taji
  9. Sorry it was a very poor choice of words I ment to say stigma but at the time I couldn't think of the word I was looking for to describe what I was trying to ask about.
  10. Thanks Faye! Sorry it was just a overthinking on my part I been stewing over what character to play first and I'm going through all the research I can possibly do on it before I take the plunge in
  11. Hi I was wondering if the rp community was still going on in goblin?
  12. So I been doing a lot of reading about Miqo'te and Lalafell lore wise and such and so far out of all the races they interest me the most in terms of lore and overall look. My question is really is there really that much hate for these races? Rp wise I been developing a backstory for a Male Miqo'te Seeker, (whos parents are actually a seeker and a keeper) and started work on a Male Lalafell but after reading all the negative stuff its kind of discouraged me from playing them and roleplaying with them. Don't get me wrong I can handle a few unruly people but if the grief is so wide spread and can't get a good quality rp just because of my chosen race to play I might as well just go hyur and be done with it. Keep in mind I usually play more serious roles (not dark) but my characters are not something to take as a joke because I literally spend hours on developing them. Sorry for the ramble I been overthinking way to much when it comes to picking something to play I'm down to a Male Miqo'te Bard or Lalafell Summoner but starting to wonder if I shouldn't just go play another race because from what I seen there is a lot of hate for these two races.
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