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  1. While I can't really take you up on the RPing, as I'm in a different data center, I just wanted to drop a compliment on how well rounded and interesting your character is! I love his face (one that looks reasonably 'adult' and realistic (for lack of better word!)), and the story you've made for him piques all my interests hahaha I just wanted to drop some compliments in tbh. o/
  2. Howdy hey, I'm looking for folks to build in-game relationships with (Friendship, Romantic, Professional, anything and everything in between). Whether or not you take me up on the romance, I would still love to RP with more queer folk as it's honestly coming across as a genuine shock to me how few LGBT folks seem to be in FFXIV RP spaces! I. Ashaaryx in a Nutshell Age ✧ Late 20s Height ✧ 170cm Gender ✧ Male Orientation ✧ Gay Race ✧ Xaela Au Ra Nationality ✧ Lominsan Alignment ✧ Lawful Good Likes ✧ Making other people happy, small animals, snow, sweets, dancing
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  4. I. Basic Info Characters: Ashaaryx Linxasendyr (male Au Ra), Alfasoix Evrardeaux (nb Elezen), Authvaldr Ymir (male Viera) Primary character: Ashaaryx Linkshells: None II. RP Style Amount of RP: Medium, ideally. I'm able to do either light or heavy RPing, but it's not my first choice. Views on RP combat and injuries: Open to things if they make sense. Views on IC romance: Love this (Though, all my characters are primarily mlm, and are mostly only interested in romance with male-identifying or masculine leaning people.) Views on non-romantic RP:
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