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  1. Are you an LGBT role-player who's considering moving to the Oceanian Data Center when it opens? Are you looking for a free company to be a part of? If so, I would love to invite you to... ✦ View the Carrd ✦ (Even if you don't really want to join, you should click the above anyway and play my little mini-choose your own adventure lol) Named after the fabled capital of Ivalice, The Crown of Lesalia was founded by a Viera merchant named Aringrimr Ymir who said he wanted to create a haven for individuals who shared his romanticized ideals of beauty and art.
  2. Hey folks! After some comments here and on other communities, I've personally decided I'm just going the route of creating an RP FC once OCE drops. (I partially decided to go the FC route because this also sort of solves my previous conundrum of having a space allowing mature/ERP content if it's not meant for a general audience lol) The reason for this is that there have apparently already been talk by folks on places like the Elemental RP discord (who would be a lot of the people moving to OCE too) about community building etc, and I personally wouldn't wanna step on anyone's toes
  3. Lol I need to find out if there's an email notification option for me to find out if this gets replies @Enebish I can see your point. I have personal reservations of how that ties in to what I feel is this weird snobbery and condescension people have against erp, but the more I thought about the other aspect you've brought up, the more I can agree that it would be safer for minors, and for moderation. @Mermaid Thanks for this. As a trans person myself, I also have a complicated relationships with those terms as well, and would not use them for myself, or my characters
  4. I can only answer for RP on Chaos right now, and your mileage may vary on this but... Omega is 100% the RP hub of Chaos. There are loads of RP spaces and an open RP night every night... but this is all organised through discord and if you're not part of the discord, I don't know how you'd be in the loop on any of this stuff. That being said, the discord *does* have a very... shall we say specific vibe? Like, it is incredibly heavily lore-focused and imo, there is definitely a "this is the right way to rp" vibe that people push- consciously or not. I don't want to call i
  5. Thanks for answering Enebish! I actually did think of this but asked about gating because, maybe in my optimism, don't see how you get the different results of having a separate community and gating the adult content. That is to say, hosting the adult content on the same discord, but keeping it locked to certain channels that people will have to opt-in to feels like it achieves the same thing. If minors wanted to get into adult spaces, it being a separate discord wouldn't stop them. And as an asexual person myself, I understand that many people, ace and allo alike, migh
  6. Pinning this response to the top of the thread lest anyone miss it. --ORIGINAL POST-- I know I might be getting waaaay ahead of myself here, but I'm incredibly excited for the Oceania data centres to eventually open and part of that is finally maybe having an easy way to reach out to RP with people on the same timezone! As is such, since I find you can reach a lot of people through discord as well, I wondered how early would be TOO EARLY to try to put together an Oceania RP discord? I know with it being months to go, I'm definitely over eager, but I fig
  7. While I can't really take you up on the RPing, as I'm in a different data center, I just wanted to drop a compliment on how well rounded and interesting your character is! I love his face (one that looks reasonably 'adult' and realistic (for lack of better word!)), and the story you've made for him piques all my interests hahaha I just wanted to drop some compliments in tbh. o/
  8. Howdy hey, I'm looking for folks to build in-game relationships with (Friendship, Romantic, Professional, anything and everything in between). Whether or not you take me up on the romance, I would still love to RP with more queer folk as it's honestly coming across as a genuine shock to me how few LGBT folks seem to be in FFXIV RP spaces! I. Ashaaryx in a Nutshell Age ✧ Late 20s Height ✧ 170cm Gender ✧ Male Orientation ✧ Gay Race ✧ Xaela Au Ra Nationality ✧ Lominsan Alignment ✧ Lawful Good Likes ✧ Making other people happy, small animals, snow, sweets, dancing
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  10. I. Basic Info Characters: Ashaaryx Linxasendyr (male Au Ra), Alfasoix Evrardeaux (nb Elezen), Authvaldr Ymir (male Viera) Primary character: Ashaaryx Linkshells: None II. RP Style Amount of RP: Medium, ideally. I'm able to do either light or heavy RPing, but it's not my first choice. Views on RP combat and injuries: Open to things if they make sense. Views on IC romance: Love this (Though, all my characters are primarily mlm, and are mostly only interested in romance with male-identifying or masculine leaning people.) Views on non-romantic RP:
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