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  1. Looking for RP with my Miqo'te Bard D'hezrel, carrd link below https://dhezrelffxiv.carrd.co/ Would prefer to be long term and plot based, I tend to be a little bit busy sometimes so once a day multiple paragraph posts are preferred! DM me if interested and we can work out the details! Interested in all kinds of partners, D'hez fits in with a lot of different characters. Examples of my writing with D'hezrel can be found right here in the forums in Town Square, "To Have Lost" Also editing this post and bumping for in game RP in addition to discord RP, Id like to give it a try!
  2. (Hello there! I'm well.. VERY NEW around here. I'm super familiar with MMO's and Roleplaying, but as far as Final Fantasy goes I'm pretty darn fresh. I tried the game a long time ago and couldn't really get into it. But I'm back and found the RP community which I was sniffing around for! I joined Mateus today, and I'm hoping to find some folks who wouldn't mind taking me under the wing for a bit while I get my bearings. I'm mostly seeking contacts, RP buddies, and even a 'Guild' in an attempt to have some fun during my free time! Feel free to slip on into my DM's or reply here. I've been roleplaying for far tooooooo many years, and I simply love it! I have a basic character concept for my character Tehbo Lheiyu. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Have an awesome day -CalmFishy
  3. Hey everyone I was hoping to get some help and insight from the HRPC community on a free company that might fit what I'm looking for. To be honest I'm still trying to figure out what it is I'm looking for myself, but I would appreciate any suggestions from yall. A little about me. I've been roleplaying for years now across multiple platforms and games. I have 0 interest in PVP but do enjoy casual endgame content. I am an altaholic, so any time not spent roleplaying would likely default to leveling alts. I'd like to think I'm pretty easy going and tend to get along with most people I meet. I'm shy at first but when I get comfortable I'm very outgoing. I'm part of the LGBT community and so is Caleb. He has a pretty extensive RP history since I have been playing him for the better part of 4 years now. I'm searching for a Free Company who's primary focus is on Roleplay. To be specific I'm looking for what I guess could be described as "combat rp" or at least something where combat is part of what the FC is about. Caleb was previously part of a FC that had missions and frequent combat RP and I'm looking for something similar in that respect. LGBT friendly is a must obviously and would really like for the RP to adhere to most of the established lore/story (with exceptions of course). A FC with an active Discord would be a huge plus as I do enjoy talking to friends outside of the games chat system. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you have any suggestions please let me know, thanks for taking the time to read!
  4. Hello! My name is Tale and I’m looking for a cozy group of new friends who rp on Discord. I only play ffxiv on my ps4 so rping in game is a big challenge! I’d be happy with one on one stories or something with a group. Please let me know if you’re interested! Name: Tale Bronzescale Race/gender: Lalafell female Age: 22 Orientation: Bi/Demi Born and raised in Ul’dah, Tale wanted for nothing. Her family came from a long line of merchants who had more Gil than they knew what to do with. She was expected to grow into a proper lady and marry into another just as wealthy family, as good rich girls do. But Tale craves a more exciting life, one outside the walls of Ul’dah. Determined she could manage on her own and filled with an over inflated sense of self-confidence, she snuck out of her house in the wee hours of the morning, ready to get into some trouble. And it wasn’t long before the trouble found her, cornered in a dark alleyway by a group of thugs ready to “help her carry all that Gil.” Alas before they struck a voice called out from the end of the street and a Miquote man clad in crimson and grabbed their attention. With a few quick motions and a single bright spell, the man had dispatched the would-be assailants. With a coy grin he reached for Tale’s hand, asking if she needed any further assistance before he retired. “Teach me,” she begged. “I want to be someone’s hero as you were mine!”. He considered the petite Lalafell for a moment and nodded. The two hurried off toward the rising sun and when Tale would return to Ul’dah, she too would be a scarlet savior.
  5. Hello Hydaelyn Roleplayers! I'm TheWolverclaw and I am thrilled to have been a part of FFXIV's game and community for around a month now, and overall, I am loving it! However, I am actively looking for a Free Company and friends to RP with on Mateus-Crystal! History: I've been roleplaying for quite some time with Minecraft being the earliest game I was exposed to roleplay. To this day, I still continue to RP on games such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Guild Wars 2, and I am honored to include FFXIV into that list as well! Characters: Currently, I have one character that is currently developed and open to RP, but I am also working on my Hrothgar, Mi'qote, and Highlander. To describe my Roegadyn without making a full character post, he's a fun loving mercenary that loves to explore the world! Here's his Carrd.co if you want to learn more about him! I am trying to learn the lore as best as possible, and I technically did cheat a bit with my character's name, but it is explained with his background. https://ffgarrett.carrd.co/ What I'm Looking For: To elaborate on my introductory points; I'm looking for a RP Free Company that either acts as a hub for Roleplayers to meet and socialize or your one centered around certain niches such as a trope or mercenary company, considering I am a medium to heavy roleplayer. Mostly speaking, I am mostly interested in Adventure, Combat, Slice of Life, and comedy, however, I'm open to all forms of RP except for ERP, considering I am 17, soon to be 18 in a few months, but, romantic relationships are a possibility with consent. I am located on the Pacific Coast so most of the time, I'll be able to stay up a bit later for RP! I'm usually active from around 1 to 10 PST most days of the week. So that is all I have to share with the Coalition, and to be honest, I just hoped there was a similar platform for roleplayers such as TESORP. If you want to contact me further, feel free to friend me on Discord, Battle.net, or in game! Hopefully I'll be able to have a quick and easy integration to the RP community as well, so thank you all! Discord: TheWolverclaw#8002 Battle.net: WolverClaw#1357 In-game: Garrett Sterrwilf
  6. I. Basic Info Characters: Y'Vhara Shikhu Primary character: Y'Vhara Shikhu Linkshells: None Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Medium to Heavy. I'd love to find longer-term partners to RP with to properly grow and craft a story together. Views on RP combat and injuries: Totally on board. Haven't done any RP combat before, but stuff happens and I'm cool with it. Views on IC romance: I do enjoy it, but I don't push it. It's gotta make sense IC Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): Hell yeah! Views on lore: I try to stick as close as I can, but I'm happy to manipulate things that don't make sense or are just plain dumb. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I'm cool with using chat, although I find it a bit clunky and prefer mediums like discord and stuff, it's all cool! III. Other Info Country: AUS Timezone: GMT+10 Contact info: Discord: Lianna#0001 About Y'Vhara: You may notice, first of all, that Y'vhara bears a Miqo'te name. She is loath to share the reasons for such a thing. You might also notice her eyes covered with a blindfold, although she moves and fights relatively unimpeded. Y'vhara is a Viera, born in Ala Mhigo of all places. She is is generally a kind, forgiving person, warm and open, although she has no time for fools and idiots, and tends to indulge in sarcasm and sass from time to time. Her backstory is deliberately left blank, as it is complex and something that you will have to earn from her IC. She is primarily a red mage, although she dabbles in astrology as well. Other: I am new to RP within FFXIV, although I have been RPing in various other formats and fandoms for many years, so hopefully this, as my first foray into FFXIV, will be fun! Please don't be afraid to contact me either in-game or through discord!
  7. Hello, I'm new to Final Fantas XIV. I only started about a week ago, and I've been interested in doing role-play! As stands now, I know little of the lore aside from a few hazy memories here and there playing the game since I was a child. as I've been browsing the website it seems there's very little of the role-play community in Light, and if need be I'd be willing to try and set up a few linkshells here and there. Before I elaborate on my character, I'd like you to know that I know not much of the FF lore let alone FFXIV. Criticism is always welcome, and I'll adjust if it comes to that. Without further ado, here goes! "Within the arctic forests resides a tribe of Viera now long acclimated to the harsh wintry environment. With skin fair and pale, hair as white as the snow they surround themselves this tribe has managed to survive these conditions. From this tribe comes Isolde, a Viera who looks further than the traditions and wellbeing of her folk to that of all Eorzea. Now an adventurer, she seeks out to improve her art, to aid those in need, and most of all... to aid in the healing of Eorzea." It's simple, I've yet to really figure out the lore to make a proper backstory, so... it is what it is. If anyone's interested, by all means, message me.
  8. Hey, everyone! I made an introduction here about 4 years ago. I dabbled in a bit of the game, made it to 46 as a Paladin, and even joined a pretty solid FC on Balmung. For some reason though the game just didn't stick. Decided to give it another shot with the latest expansion dropping and I am wondering why I didn't give the game a second chance sooner. I've been role playing for too long and thoroughly enjoy it. I've rolled up a Double Catman (Hrothgar) named Red Tooth, a take on a long-standing character of mine from a D&D campaign, on Mateus. I welcome RP o all kinds, and though I am interested in a RP FC, I am waiting to see if the game is going to hold my interest long-term. Looking forward to getting back into the community again. I plan on creating a character sheet with pertinent details soonish, but right now Red Tooth is looking to network and make some friends in a land that is entirely alien and overwhelming to him.
  9. So I am still relatively new to FFXIV (Been on and off for a month or two) and I'm fairly interested in the roleplay community on it since I fell in love mostly with the characters and the opportunity of making some great connections! I'm not at all new to roleplay itself, having a healthy amount of years under my belt with it but I've never quite done it with a game like FFXIV before. I have characters scattered around but I would love a more permanent home now, I'm currently mostly in Diabolos but I'm trying to find an active RP FC anywhere really (Preferably on a relatively active server with many players as well). I'm looking to make a new character and have a place to go to for help along with some roleplay. I'm very open to connections as well or just people to chat to and befriend so I can get my first bearings and my first real character started here. My discord is Ermia#8958 , Please don't be scared to contact me or leave suggestions below on servers or FCs (Discord would be the best bet)
  10. Quick Info: Gender: Male Race/Clan: Miqo'te Keeper of the Moon Age: 34 Height: 5 Fulms 10 Ilms Weight: 192 Ponze Marital Status: Single Orientation: Heterosexual Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Location: Ul’dah/Gridania/Kugane Occupation: Relic Seeker, Black Mage Thaumaturge for hire, owner of Relics and Rarities Personality: Years of study has produced someone of a rather patient demeanor who has learned to take events in stride as well as assess a situation with all the knowledge he has acquired, yet has also developed a bitter individual who has allowed said knowledge to become overconfidence to the point of his goals becoming far above his own head; threatening to overwhelm him. Jihl'a can be seen as a proactive character who chases after leads he finds to explore forgotten tombs, ancient ruins and dead cities with his confidence and sarcasm in full swing, whereas he becomes patient, understanding and knowledgeable the moment he attends to his shop. Negatively, his overconfidence may kill him, and his skill with magic may attract unwelcome attention. RP Hooks: Gridania and the Twelveswood: "You hail from the Twelveswood? Perhaps you've met my parents. Better yet, don't tell me." As a Keeper of the Moon, Jihl'a was born in the woods near the city of Gridania, a member of one such tribe. At a young age, his thaumaturgical ability had been discovered shortly after setting a tree ablaze while on an adventure with a friend. He was sent to Ul'dah until graduating with the Thaumaturge guild, where he has since visited Gridania from time to time to speak with his parents as well as attend to Relics and Rarities, the premiere relic appraising, studying and selling location! Know the shop? Heard rumors of the goings on behind closed doors involving rituals, voidsent or the like? Plenty of opportunity awaits! Ul'dah: Second Home for a Mischievous Youth: "One of the safest havens in Ul'dah is the Thaumaturge Guild. It's hard to be robbed or kidnapped when you have both teachers and students poised to use aetheric fire at a moment's notice." Perhaps one of his favorite locations, Ul'dah is where Jihl'a spent his youth and young adulthood. Much of his time was spent learning how to pickpocket as well as poking his nose into books to perfectly perfect his magical arts. Soon after graduating with the Thaumaturge Guild, he was granted access to the forbidden section, where his thirst for adventure truly began. He often returns now for business involving relics, visiting the guild to refresh himself and speak to his teachers, or simply becoming nostalgic to once innocent times. Have you seen him walking past? Perhaps you overheard his name while inside the guild? Maybe even encountered him as a child, his appearance somehow recognizable. Kugane: The newest addition to his services as a relic seeker, Kugane became the location of the first expansion of his business once rumors of eastern empires and tomes of dead magicks brushed past his ears. Quickly putting up shop inside the city, Jihl'a chased every opportunity given by a previous employer. Now that the deal has been long finished, perhaps there is still a location yet unexplored, a book unread or perhaps a piece of magic he still hasn't learned. Being the second location of Relics and Rarities, he often travels between the two to ensure both are running in top shape, his employees ensuring the gil is in constant flow. Old Friend, or Old Competition: Given his aptitude for magic, Jihl'a holds himself highly when it comes to the aetheric arts. He would claim there are few who would compete and would fiercely defend this opinion, claiming of stories where near death was a joke and the worst of threats bonked with his staff as opportunity struck. Perhaps it's all false. There is a potential his old classmates or even an old rival reacquaint themselves with him to prove this fact otherwise. Is he overconfident, or honest? Is there the chance both rip reality asunder or become friends that better each other? What I'm Seeking!: I'm looking for both contacts and friendship for Jihl'a, as well as work involving ruins or even reading a dusty old book. Should anything involve The First, I'd welcome a potential combining of knowledge to traverse the rift or even something already located in the shard. They may be short of course, but long term acquaintances are preferred. He requires a bit of socialization to realize there's more than the shop and his work. Events are welcome as are potential magic pupils and bouts. I'm happy to brainstorm! And if you're interested in learning a little more about Jihl'a, check out his RPC! https://wiki.ffxiv-roleplayers.com/pages/Jihl'a_Wilzuun Anything Else?: I myself run on EST time and am available in game from 4pm - 12am on workdays and from 9am - 3am on off days! On Discord I'm available any time. Jihl'a can be both a fairly light character as well as fairly dark, so don't be afraid to ask about an idea you have. If you're someone curious about romance, I'll offer that while it's not something I seek for Jihl'a, it is a potential should the two characters work well together. I'm also looking for an RP FC, so if you happen to know of one you believe I may be interested in, let me know!
  11. Hi there! Thought I'd put this up since its been a while. I jumped on the carrd bandwagon like most have--it is really easy to make and update them! But anyway, I am not open to RP right away! Right now Lucius is out fighting on the warfront at the Ghimlyt, and should return sometime mid to late May, depending on my college work. Its mostly an IC reasoning for extended OOC abscence on my part. I would simply like to find more contacts for when he returns. I will give discord info if asked! If you have any questions, concerns, anything, please don't be afraid to ask here or in a PM. I apologize in advance if it takes me some time to check back and answer you. If you see me idling IG, poke me there too! All hooks, information on Lucius and myself can be found on the carrd. \o/ If you have trouble with the site or if you find any broken stuff/issues, please let me know too! Its a constant WIP. https://arebel.carrd.co/
  12. Hello there! Long time FFXIV RPer looking for an FC and connections for my main, M’Shugo Jutah after a brief break away. A couple of things to note: · I would prefer RP partners to be 18+ due to some of the more mature themes that Shugo is involved in · I am located in the US in CST and typically in game 2-3 days a week and on weekends. Since I am not in-game as often, I highly encourage Discord RP since it is a much more flexible medium for me. I can be reached at Hufflepug#5984 · I am looking for an FC that has a good amount of members and that would fit Shugo’s interests well. · Here is a link to my player directory for any other questions about me as an RPer About the Character If any of this interests you, please feel free to contact me! I’m very open and receptive to any ideas.
  13. Heya! I’m new to the FFXIV roleplay community and I’m looking for some discord connections! I’ve played FFXIV for two years now, and I’ve been roleplaying since high school. My character is on Aether and is primarily used for raiding, so all my rping will be through discord. I’m on pretty often and have a lot of free time in the upcoming summer, so I’m hoping to meet some new friends and developing new stories. Basic information on my character can be found in my carrd. I’m mostly looking for people to build character relationship and stories with, so feel free to hit me up. Maybe even make new FFXIV ocs with. Thanks! https://laviere.carrd.co/
  14. I. Basic Info Characters: Roehaswys "Rowan" Brodansawyn Primary character: Roehaswys "Rowan" Brodansawyn Primary RP linkshell: None II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): Any really. I'd love to find a long form RP partner(s) to let Roehaswys organically grow past what I've currently developed for her Views on RP combat and injuries: Anything major I like to plan out ahead of time, but non lethal on the fly is fine. Bruises and cuts heal and it can make for interesting drama Views on IC romance: perfectly fine with it. I enjoy a long burn for a proper romance rather then a love at first sight sort of thing. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): All okay! Roehaswys has a twin brother who's currently working in Limsa Lominsa so she's often there visiting. Views on lore: I like to stay as close as possible, but I'm not going to sweat if things aren't perfect. I enjoy hearing backstories for characters with names or backgrounds that are exceptions to the lore rules. Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I tend to prefer /tell so I don't miss out on something, but if not in a busy area /say is just fine. The pipe dream is to have a story big enough that /party could be used! III. Other Info Country: USA Timezone:EST (UTC-5) Contact info:Message me here or on Tumblr Discord: Erikonil#6535
  15. I. Basic Info Characters: Alluoette Nelhah Primary character: Alluoette Nelhah Linkshells: Primary RP linkshell: None at the moment II. RP Style Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy): With my limited time I am usually more of a Light to Medium Roleplayer but I'm happy to become more involved when I have more time available to me! Views on RP combat and injuries: I have never done much RP combat so I am open to try different styles if it comes to that. Injuries are fine as long as it makes sense given the circumstances and as long we're not talking lost limbs or anything gratuitous. Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc): The more the merrier! Alluoette has lost touch with her actual family so I'm sure she'd love to have something similar again. I usually classify any sort of close knit group as a "family" type unit, actual siblings or parents coming back into the picture though is very unlikely. Views on lore: I'm not a lorebook thumper but I do try not to completely break anyone else's immersion. That said I stick as close to the lore as I'm able to or knowledgeable of, if I'm getting a little too out of line please let me know and how I can correct it! Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc): I prefer /t, /p, /fc, /linkshell with standard, **, and /em emotes sprinkled in where needed. /s isn't completely off the table but I WILL get lost in all the text n_n' III. Other Info Country: USA, Texas Timezone: CST, UTC -5 Contact info: Feel free to /t if you see me running around in game, I'm usually pretty happy to chat. CoCo#3682 on Discord. https://alluoettenelhah.carrd.co/ https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/character/25280246/blog/4104523/
  16. So I'm fairly new to Omega and RP as well with FFXIV as my first MMO and first RP experience as well, it turns out the community is already built, so if anyone is willing to have an Ishgardian runaway, cheery berserker, strong and growing stronger character? I'd like a proper and long time friends for my chars in order to fully build his story and progress, not to mention do some RP based actions too! Anyone? My plan is to join find a few group of roleplayers and have a regular roleplay so we can steadily progress. But by regular I don't mean everyday of course! Basically I just want a long term circle/clique. Also I'm looking for people who're quite accepting and open minded. I eventually plan to join or make an FC inspired by the ideas of Final Fantasy Type 0's Class Zero. So basically a group of strong individuals who wishes to restore and maintain balance on the realm by all and any means necessary. Well, at least that's how I want my character to be. So my character: Yunahito Akabayashi (I may change the last name eventually to suit lore more) is an Ishgardian runaway with a love for combat, he changed his name in Hingan fashion due to his love for the Eastern culture and creating an identity of his own. He is overly nice but quick to rage and is all in all quick to sadden as well, pretty emotional lad but usually strikes out as a very cheerful person with a wide smile and always looking for combat either by means of challenging people or via hunt. I'm looking for a serious RP with proper story progression and hope to find friends for him both IC and OOC (I need friends too xD) and the genre I'm going for is focused more around seinen, action, slice of life and obviously comedy and tragedy too. I'm from the UK so my server is currently Omega but I'd be willing to move if better arrangements appear, as raiding is important to me as well... and my time zone is BST which is british standard time and I prefer to roleplay from 6-10 pm GMT on weekdays and well... most likely all day on weekends! My discord is "Yunahito Akabayashi#8537"
  17. Hi! I'm new to RPing in-game but I have a history of tabletop role-playing, and forum role-playing a long time ago. I'd prefer role-playing with people who can give me feedback while I'm warming up! I'm currently working through story quests and at a low level, so I may be unable to access certain areas. Location: Mateus RP Methods: In Game, maybe Discord (Senni#8226) How to contact me: Discord, here, or in-game if you find me. Looking For: Short or long-term RP partners/connections/family. RP Type: I'm comfortable with anything. Name: Senini Seni (Sen or Senni to friends) Age: 24 Gender: Female Race: Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun Senni grew up in a small La Noscean settlement, struggling day in and out just to get by. This is probably where her love for Gil and want for a luxurious life came from, traits that have gotten her into trouble on many occasions involving everything from petty theft to debt. Senni has a blunt and honest demeanor and does what she needs to do to get by which, consequently, has caused more than a few scuffles in her time. Tired of fishing for her family and having heard of the wealth to be found in Ul'Dahan markets, Senni recently left everything behind to live in the city. She has recently joined the Gladiator's Guild to earn a living but is barely scraping by. Dungeon exploring, too, is not always worth the effort. Her mind always wanders to other ways of making money - the quicker and easier, the better! Senni can come across as harsh at first, with a dark sense of humor and a mind to finish business as efficiently as possible. She is not always in tune with the emotions of others, though not for a lack of trying. When she warms up to people, Sen is very caring - though it can take time for her to warm up. Sen's alignment is neutral, as she does what she thinks needs to be done. This is sometimes for the sake of others but is more often for personal gain. Plot hooks Making it in the city Sen always has her ears open for opportunities to make a quick coin. She picks up odd jobs involving delivering goods, hunting beasts or bodyguarding, and has more than once fallen for investment scams. Sen can barely scrape by with what she makes from the gladiator's guild. Maybe there's an opportunity for her that sounds too good to be true? She is one step away from a mercenary, and will pick up most jobs - although she's not confident in her thieving skills beyond sleight of hand in crowded areas. She has never killed another person and the thought terrifies her. Her past catches up to her Sen's life has been filled with trouble, and despite moving halfway across Eorzea people still manage to find her. This could be a debt collector trying to get a small fortune back, getting caught for her 'pocketing' of items in the marketplace, or getting found out for throwing a match in the ring to make a few more coins. Other ideas are possible, too, as Sen has been through a lot. A favour might be called on her from someone who once gave her a potion, or someone who helped get her out of trouble. Family comes first (also open to joining a family - parts of her background can be changed to reflect this) Sen has been in a lot of trouble, and maybe for a good reason. That potion she stole may have been to help a sick relative, or that borrowed money may have been to get debt collectors off of someone she cares about (friends included). Part of her reason for moving to Ul'dah may even be to earn money to help a family member who couldn't afford the education or training they wanted. If you have any other ideas, please do let me know! I'm happy to workshop something. Previous connections are also great for Sen.
  18. ~Role-play Advertisement~ Fresh off the open lands of Thanalan, Kaelan has decided to make use of herself by exploring the rest of the world while offering a hand wherever she goes. Beaming with energy, she is both prepared as well as oblivious to what shall be thrown her way after living a more simple life helping with lifting cargo and practicing her skills with the mighty axe. She is never really sure of who shall cross her path during her this journey, but it is sure to bring great memories! RP HOOKS: Some spare gil doesn't hurt! While given enough funds to live somewhat comfortably for awhile, Kae worries about how finite these will become as the days pass by. It wouldn't be a bad idea to find someone who is looking for a hyur warrior to help with a small task whether it is protection, delivery, muscle, or any miscellaneous objective. Hopefully it will involve dealing with as little conflict as possible! Adventuring is harder than it looks... This isn't as simple as fighting dummies or family holding back for her to achieve "victory". The real world cares not for weakness, so exerting too much or challenging beings above her strength has worn her body down more than she would like to believe. Yet the foolish girl pushes on, determined to make worth of herself. One evening brings the final straw to bring her to a collapse as she grasps onto her health with her face planted into the dirt. A perfect situation for a guardian angel to swoop in and help regain her senses as well as a great ploy to collect her for whatever reason in mind. A lovely meal and drink goes well with conversation. Most evenings Miss Kaelan Lourde will enjoy the pleasant buzz of conversation in a specific room in Ul'dah. The variety of races mingling together reminds her of home while bringing a fresh breath to what she is used to seeing in her days of growing up. Every now and then, she will spot an interesting character thinking or interacting with only themselves. It brings curiosity to the young hyur, and she may even approach to learn of their story while offering sustenance in return of a friendly face for the evening. I wish to learn more! A new world can be quite overwhelming for a young maiden, so it wouldn't be such a bad idea to seek out support! Perhaps she is in need of polishing her prowess by someone more rugged and experienced. Perhaps she can be an assistant or guardian to someone also seeking to tread the plains of Eorzea as they teach her many various things that revolve around their occupation. As long as they can handle her high energy, it could transform into a fruitful friendship with an experience of its own between the two. I am open to other scenarios you have in mind yourself! Let us discuss them to create a wonderful and detailed story. Preferably in the long-term arrangement! Character Information: Name: Kaelan Lourde Age: 19 (soon to be 20) Race: Midlander Hyur Gender: Female Marital Status: Single Profession: Warrior-For-Hire/Cooking Assistant Personality: Kaelan is a positive character with great ambition of exploring the world and tasting life. She prefers to have a sunny outlook with an energetic charm to drawn in people she would love to be friends with...which is most everyone. Always ready to help and act like a cliche hero. However, a surprise will be there for any one those wishing to challenge her. While preferring to avoid conflict, the moment the smell of a battle is in the air for her, the girl’s blood will boil. This sweet young maiden will become a whirlwind of violence with her innocent smile becoming manic. She is not fully out of control, though. When dueling, the girl will make sure it does not end in death, but she will not stop until the rival is defeated. The only way to have her cease is to bind her until calmed, have her win, or to knock her out. OOC Information: Timezone: CDT RP Methods: In game or Discord Server: Mateus Contact Info: Messaging can be on here, in the game, or my discord which is Starbitcake#1898 Looking For: Role-play partner willing to build relationship (platonic or more) between our characters. Long term wise. For more information, I have created a profile here that will go into more detail about my character. I look forward to hearing from you! Even if it's just for non-IC talk!
  19. Hey there, guys/girls/etc. I'm Noka. I used to play a long time ago under the name Gentle Shadow, my old Hellsguard who I still love quite a bit. I made several characters beyond just Gentle, but I can admit that I wasn't very socially active beyond my friendgroup back then, so I don't know if many people would recognize that. I've really missed the scene, I had a lot of fun, but whenever I try and play solo, I just end up getting anxious instead of making friends how I WANT to, so, y'know, forum posts, right? Path of least resistance? Ha. Ha ha. Okay, self-deprecation aside, I'm really looking to make some friends in literally any server. The World Visit thing means I could do as I like, so I'm not very nervous, but I'm basically going to just get a character transfer over to whatever server has people I really want to hang with. (I also have at least one character on most of the popular servers, if I remember right, so I can just convert them to the characters I want to play if being transfer-blocked is still a thing!) As to my general RP experience: I've got 10 years of RP experience under my belt; I'm a literate RPer, but I'm usually very flexible. I give back what I get with the right hooks, and I try and make my posts descriptive, concise, and easy to read. I have a sweet tooth for gay male romance, where I get really invested in that, but I've weaned myself off of obsessing over that and I like to RP in general these days. Writing is just a really fun hobby for me. I will also admit I pretty much exclusively played Hellsguard, though I'm considering TRYING to ease myself into other races, too... However, I will say my narrative voice is prone to not taking things seriously - or, well, more sounding like an observer being snarky. I think a little levity in the tone of an RP is more fun, you know? If all of that sounds good by you, go ahead and hit me up. I'm really hoping to find a friendgroup to play the game with and just.. have fun with! Especially now that Shadowbringers is coming soon. Discord: Noka#7501 EDIT: Also realized I should mention - my free times are 5pm-12pm CST on weekdays and like all day weekends. I'm pretty available!
  20. Hello~! I recently got into FFXIV and am in absolute love with the RP scene in Mateus! I have been RPing for about 10 years, but something about FFXIV is so fresh and interesting. My character, Airi Shyv, needs more connections. Here is a bit about her: Airi does not know much about where she came from. She was found as an infant inside a weapons crate ordered by the infamous Shyv family deep inside the Black Shroud. As someone raised by Keepers of the Moon, she does not know anything about her heritage. She was initially trained as a White Mage under the guidance of her bigger sister, Tiri Shyv. However, it was quickly realized that she had an affinity for dark magic instead, and thus began to walk down the path of a Black Mage. As a part of her training under the mysterious Shyv family, Airi was cast away alongside her brother Sizi Shyv to undergo rigorous training outside the darkness of the Black Shroud. Age: 21 Birthdate: 6th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon Zodiac: Menphina Orientation: Heterosexual Likes: Stars, cold, swimming Dislikes: Warmth, hugs, sweets My discord is Shyvir#2917 if you would like to contact me. You could also add me in game as Airi Shyv if that works for you! If you want to get to know Airi a bit more, here is a link to her carrd information. I can't wait to get started! I hope to hear from some of you soon!
  21. (All credit for pic to the amazing MabyMin) Time Zone: CST Server:Balmung RP Methods: IG or Discord (Hufflepug#5984) How to Contact Me: Discord is the best medium Looking for:Romance/Work/Connections RP Type: I'm comfortable with all genres and plots. IC Information: Matthias (Matty) Wilder was once a well respected First Lieutenant in the Maelstrom and was present and played his role well in the Carteneau Flats. As is the case with most battles he was grievously wounded. He returned home and was promptly discharged from service. He tells anyone who asks that it was his ailments that caused his discharge though this is not at all the case. At present he is jobless and homeless, scrounging through rubbish for his next meal and sleeping in the streets. Personality wise, his circumstances have left him cynical, skeptical and altogether rude. He has seen how others treat those lesser than them and this has discolored his perception of everyone in general. He no longer cares to help others for the sake of helping and will do any task that pays him. OOC Information: Hey there! Most people call me Shugo as that is my main! I've been playing FFXIV since A Realm Reborn released. I've RPed on a wide variety of mediums and have about 15 years of experience doing it. I'm a mother of 2 located in CST with a full time job! Matty is an alt but I do dedicate an equal amount of time among my characters. I respond best on Discord and I'm also open to RP on discord. I LIVE FOR PLOTTING AND PREVIOUS CONNECTIONS. There really is nothing I love more than plotting. I'm a very open person and I love talking about pop culture and anything in general! Please don't hesitate to ping me if you're interested!
  22. Q’ruhka Tia Yes I stole this from my tumblr The Basics Age: 25 Birthday: Fifth Astral Moon, 23rd Sun Race: Miqo’te Gender: Male Sexuality: Pansexual, leans towards homoromantic Marital Status: Single Physical Appearance Hair: Cream white Eyes: Bright blue and gold Height: 5′5″ Build: Lithe Distinguishing Marks: Two small crossed scars on his cheek Common Accessories: Nothing but what he can carry Personal Profession: Wanderer, occasional crafter Hobbies: Finding new things to craft, soaking up sun on the beach, drinking Languages: Common Residence: None Birthplace: Southern Sagoli Religion: None Patron Deity: Oschon, technically Fears: Family, Nuhns, talking about his past Relationships Spouse: None Children: Never Parents: His mother is probably still alive, father is supposedly unknown Siblings: Yeah, probably, he doesn’t care to know Other Relatives: Probably the majority of the Puk tribe Pets: Does a wind up airship count? Traits Extroverted / In Between / Introverted Disorganized / In Between / Organized Close Minded / In Between / Open Minded Calm / In Between / Anxious Disagreeable / In Between / Agreeable Cautious / In Between / Reckless Patient / In Between / Impatient Outspoken / In Between / Reserved Leader / In Between / Follower Empathetic / In Between / Apathetic Optimistic / In Between / Pessimistic Traditional / In Between / Modern Hard-working / In Between / Lazy Cultured / In Between / Uncultured Loyal / In Between / Disloyal Faithful / In Between / Unfaithful Additional information Smoking Habit: Not interested Drugs: Never tried Alcohol: Frequently RP Hooks Flirty Lush: A bar crawl is a common night for Q’ruhka, Preferring The Drowning Wench, but he’s often found in The Quicksand as well. He’ll hit on near anyone, but for all his talk he usually leaves the bar alone as well, but maybe he’ll be good for a laugh at least. Tribeless Wanderer: A long time ago, a Nuhn and some faithful women decided to create an offshoot tribe, designated Qu’. It fell apart near a decade later, the Nuhn having mysteriously died, and most others scattering, only a few returning to the mother tribe. Q’ruhka insists he was born of the mother tribe, but refuses to return. Miqo’te, those familiar with Seeker customs, and especially Puk tribe members, know he has a story to tell, the trick is getting him to talk about it. New Crafter: Q’ruhka finds the most comfort in sequestered crafting and gathering, but he won’t say no to a mentor that he knows he can respect. Airship Dreams: What’s better for a wanderer than an airship? Able to sail anywhere, anytime, unchained by anyone or anything! Well, if he could ever afford it, that is. Perhaps working on an airship for a while could scratch that itch? Beach Cat: Though he may never be able to afford a full airship himself, maybe one day he could snag an apartment near Limsa Lominsa. Or, crash in someone’s house even, but he knows owning one is a far off dream too. Until then, he’ll hang around the coast to soak up the sun. More info on me can be found here-
  23. Character Name: Jebe of the Qestir Character Age: He doesn’t even really know. (Early 30’s) Character Gender: Male Character Race: Xaela Au Ra Character Profession: Hunter/Nomad/Kumis maker Character Residence: Nomadic/His ger Brief Backstory/Personality: Jebe, besides never having learned to speak along with the rest of his tribe, had a fairly normal childhood for most growing up on the Steppes. From a young age, he would help the hunters and warriors by learning to help craft the weapons and nets they used while they would teach him how to hunt and fight. He learned both mounted archery and the use of a spear which served him well up until one Nhadaam which saw him lose his hand. Without being able to hold a spear the same way he would begin his search into other forms of warfare and hunting, re: Magic and Aether. He knows little, at this moment, in the way of magics save for a few small spells, however, he is searching for teachers. As of now, he does have a prosthetic that allows him to hold a bow, though not as accurately, and a normal prosthetic just serving as a placeholder to make himself look, at least, a bit more normal. Personality wise, Jebe is a happy sort of guy and always enjoys meeting new people and listening to their stories as well as taking their words with at least a grain of salt rather than outright lies. A good fight to watch and a good drink is what he likes and anything spicy is sure to elicit only the best reactions. Good luck, understanding him, however. Jebe is mostly neutral, choosing not to engage unless it personally affects him or those he knows. Plot Hooks: 1) Teacher: The man is on the lookout for those who are particularly skilled in both magic and are adept/open to having a student. Without the use of his hand, he feels useless and is seeking to change that. 2) Qalli: Are you a Qalli? Congratulations, Jebe is not a fan and if you’re looking for hate-ships, this one is for you. They took his hand and he enjoys narrowing his eyes and giving them nasty looks. Yeah, he still hasn’t let that one go. 3) Entertainment: Jebe does venture out to most of the Companies that provide entertainment, finding a deep love for the arts. If you mention dancing, singing, painting or anything of the like, you’ll get a wide-eyed Qestir wanting to know when and where. 4) Prosthetics: While Jebe refuses to take up the magitek prosthetics for his own reasons, he will absolutely enjoy having non-mechanical/non magitek prosthetics for specific purposes that may help with some general quality of life improvements. 5) Literally anything else: This is more of a catch-all but I’m open to just about any rp that comes my way. Is your character curious? Do they wish to have a Qestir for their trustworthiness or to tell secrets to? Do they just wish to yap while having a silent person just staring wide-eyed and nodding because he hardly has any time to process the words coming out of their mouth? Do they want a hunting partner or to even learn from him whatever they can? I’m always open to new ideas, rp and the like. Contact: You can find me on Jebe Qestir in game or through discord if you want. The latter is probably the easiest way to get a hold of me. Discord: Bunny of Caerbannog#2940
  24. Hi all I'm currently looking for some friends/contacts for some of my characters. I'm mainly hoping to get my two newer ones onto the scene, and have linked their profiles below: https://lady-emal.tumblr.com/post/179524862399/kyle-madigan https://lady-emal.tumblr.com/tagged/Aiden-Arkwright Kyle is a pretty friendly man-cat, working as a stable master for a noble house. And Aiden is a quiet elezen, who is currently training to become a butler. He is a dragon song war veteran, but wants to settle into a more normal life. As for the sort of rp I'm looking for, I guess more along the lines of day-to-day life, but I am not against long term plotting, and mature/dark themes. I'm not currently looking for a ship for either of them, but would like friends/connections. For possible hooks, anything to do with noble life in Ishgard, will do for both characters But for Kyle specifically, he hails from Ul'dah, so anyone from that area may know him, or know of him. Aiden's family started out in Gridania too, so perhaps someone knew him before the family moved? He was a child then, so maybe a childhood friend? (edit) forgot contacts details ^^; I can be gotten hold of here, on tumblr, or on Discord at Lady#8681
  25. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forums, and somewhat to FFXIV, with one Level 60 character currently, others being worked on. At the time of writing this, I'm about halfway through Heavensward content, and geared pretty well. I've got about 14 years of MMORPG experience, all of that also including RP, say, 10 of it quite heavy, across multiple games / virtual worlds. RL, I'm a Linux sysadmin for a hobby, and a Jr. Technical Writer for an international hardware / software infrastructure solutions company. Spoiler Free character info: My main character, and the only that I am RPing at this time anyway, is named Fraz Melis. Fraz is a Seeker, although born in Gridania despite the backwardsness of the occurrence. However, at a very young age, Fraz lost both of his parents, and was left on his own. Various families took him in over the years, but they either couldn't care for him long term, or were unable to cope with his behavior as a troubled youth. When he was in his pre-teenage years, Fraz left for good and went into the forests, where he lived on his own (save rare occurrences of going into towns to seek repairs or supplies) for the majority of his life since. Choosing the life of a wanderer, Fraz cares very little for most material things, save sturdy armor, a sharp weapon, and his flask that he keeps stocked with whiskey at almost all times. His goal in life, is to wander all of Hydaelyn in search of what he would call, "The most beautiful place to sit down and have a drink, in existence." Personality wise, Fraz is generally easy to get along with, friendly, flirtatious and charming, but also stubborn and strong willed, who could be related to the wind; never being held back when he wants to go somewhere or do something. Physically he is tall, with bright green eyes, and shining white hair, and wears strong black heavy-armor, wielding a very large axe he has named "Remorse." I'm not always RPing at this time when online due to needing to finish all the MSQ content for the two expansions, and I'm also interested in running raids on the side, but I am RPing often and put my RP tag on when doing so. My Search info says: All RP WU/T=<3 (tell if I miss WU) RP Tag = IC No Tag = OOC I'm on Balmung. I guess that sums it all up, feel free to add me up, or find me for RP!
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