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  1. Hey everyone I was hoping to get some help and insight from the HRPC community on a free company that might fit what I'm looking for. To be honest I'm still trying to figure out what it is I'm looking for myself, but I would appreciate any suggestions from yall. A little about me. I've been roleplaying for years now across multiple platforms and games. I have 0 interest in PVP but do enjoy casual endgame content. I am an altaholic, so any time not spent roleplaying would likely default to leveling alts. I'd like to think I'm pretty easy going and tend to get along with most people I meet. I'm shy at first but when I get comfortable I'm very outgoing. I'm part of the LGBT community and so is Caleb. He has a pretty extensive RP history since I have been playing him for the better part of 4 years now. I'm searching for a Free Company who's primary focus is on Roleplay. To be specific I'm looking for what I guess could be described as "combat rp" or at least something where combat is part of what the FC is about. Caleb was previously part of a FC that had missions and frequent combat RP and I'm looking for something similar in that respect. LGBT friendly is a must obviously and would really like for the RP to adhere to most of the established lore/story (with exceptions of course). A FC with an active Discord would be a huge plus as I do enjoy talking to friends outside of the games chat system. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and if you have any suggestions please let me know, thanks for taking the time to read!
  2. Cool will also look into linkshells. Just thought I would check here cause the FC list doesn't seem updated and I know there are a lot of fc's that are not listed.
  3. Hello everyone, was just checking to see what companies might be out there, I know a lot of them aren't listed so thought I might check around here. Looking for a RP focused guild, maybe something with ties to Gridania or Adventuring. Love to get pointed in the right direction if anyone knows a company that might fit this description thanks!
  4. I would honestly be SHOCKED if everything isn't taken within the first 3minutes of the servers being back up. I suspect Medium houses will go first, then Large houses, with small housing lasting the full 3 minutes. It will be pretty stupid how much of a land rush this will be. And I for one will likely take a break from the game for a looooong time should I not get my house >.>. likely only come back when they release more wards, and if they don't, welp onto other games that don't fuck their players over.
  5. Yea doubling the 8 wards they currently have would have been a slightly better option. Though for Balmung nothing short of triple the 8 would cause even a slight dent in the market. But this is square were talking about, a company not know to have smart employees, at least when it comes to housing. Now it will just be mad dashes for the few houses that are being added. So question is, who is going for what lot in what area? My heart has been set on lavender beds and that's where I will be going the second servers come back up.
  6. So I was planning on an RP event, one that would involve Eorzean Faith and I need to make sure my knowledge of the twelve is immaculate. But the lore regarding FF seems so sparse, especially about the twelve. Anyone know a place I can go to read up on them, or any good sources? I would appreciate it!
  7. So just curious if anyone knows any Merc groups that would run Bis EX and how much each run would cost? Trying to get weapon for Glamour.
  8. I'm gonna agree with others on here and side with the gm. I can't say for certain if its against tos but can see why it would be. If people were allowed to buy and sell houses it would have an incredibly negative impact for housing. As it stands housing in this game is utter shit with only a tiny percent of players being able to enjoy the content. And now you want to let the rich players fuck everyone else by turning this into a capitalist paradise where players buy housing then sell it to others for a profit. Fuck to the no. I hope they do crack down on house sellers.
  9. Caleb was on his way home when a rather colorful poster grabbed his attention. It was a quick glance at first, then a double take once it sunk in that the man on the cover looked familiar. Slowly but surely his mouth dropped and sat hung open as he stared in disbelief. He stood there for a few minutes trying to wrap his head around what he was seeing, had he willingly put his face on this product? Was this some sort of joke? The poor bastard who did this should Berrod find out about the poster! A grin formed on his lips despite all efforts to not find it humorous, his partner did look a little insane. Then a sigh left him as he continued on his way home, should he tell Berrod?
  10. I for one am jumping for joy that SoF got nerfed and here is why. I'm a nice guy, except for when it comes to PVE. When it comes to PVE I fully admit to being a complete and utter asshole. I'm the type of player who will look up videos of a fight, study it, and know what to expect before I attempt to join a que. I've played mmorpg's for years now, and on several games have been a serious raider. Not in this game, but on others like WoW, SWTOR etc. So when I go into a trial or dung or whatever, I know what the fuck I'm doing. I got too much shit that needs doin to be wasting my time wiping on stuff I know -I- am capable of beating. And so it infuriates me to no end when people cant learn simple mechanics. Content that has been out for months now, and people are still just running into a brick wall head first and hoping for the best. That's not how shit works, most places have mechanics, and if you cant do them, you fail. In short, I'm glad it was nerfed, and would rather it be dumbed down so that for those who can't perform the most basic of tasks wont prevent me from getting my daily and gtfo.
  11. Had commissioned Threshthesky on Deviant Art (http://threshthesky.deviantart.com/) to draw the Agron Twins. Very happy with how it turned out, though i had no doubt i would be pleased. Her previous work has always been perfection.
  12. So..I'm trying to get the Storm Blue color and nothing seems to be working. I keep flipping between Royal Blue and Abyssal Blue. I've used the color calculator online, as well as the graph I've seen displayed and nothing seems to be working >.> it seems to skip the step needed to get Storm Blue. Anyone have the color and know how to obtain it?
  13. Overall I'm excited about them and will for sure make one when they are released, I'm glad they made it a "dragon/hyur" mix instead of another "fluffy cutesy" race. But if I'm going to be nit picky I do see others point on how the men look too much like Elezen and the females miqo'te. They should have given the males less of a "elezen long neck" and more of a muscular and or "cardassian" kind of neck. But we will see, still excited regardless!
  14. Heh changed my character pic on this thread and wiki! It is subject to change when and if i find something better.
  15. What I want to know is...more slots for alts!?!?
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