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  1. Thanks for all the help everyone! I really hope I'll beable to get one soon! c: All the luck to anyone else getting one too! Happy Rushing Games lol!
  2. So this patch I'm going to be trying to get a house for the first time, I'm planning to get a small house in goblet since it's my favorite housing area. I plan to stay up the night of the patch and run to the plot I want to try and get it before everyone gets on. I've heard it gets pretty chaotic, but since I am going to goblet that it should be a little easier. Does anyone have any tips or things I should expect that will make things go a little smoother on my part? Thank you for reading! c:
  3. None of my friends that I didn't meet in game are interested in playing, so I havn't had a chance to recruit anyone yet. So if anyone is looking to get the rewards for it just pm me your email and I'll send you a recruitment thing! c: EDIT - I figured out how to get a code! so whoever wants to be recruited just use this c: MYUS842V Btw, I'm not sure how this all works, but currently I have characters on Balmung, Coerl, Gilgamesh, and Sargantas. Though the only high level ones I have are on Balmung! c:
  4. Okay!! I guess I'll go with that then! Thanks for the help! You might see me again when I try making the character in game to see what peoples opinions are
  5. I had thought about that, but I was worried it'd be a little god mod-y since the main characters use it. Do alot of people really use it in rp? Like I said I'm pretty new to the ffxiv scene and I came from wow, where even bending lore a little bit or playing a non ingame race will get you blacklisted. So you think people wouldnt do that here if I explained it that way?
  6. So back when I played WoW I had a kind of lorebend-ish idea for an undead character. I never really got to rp her and gave up on her all together, but I'm curious to see if anyone can figure out a way I could implement her into FFXIV or if it's just something I couldn't even try to rp here. The central idea was that she was a seer, so she was able to predict things with somewhat accuracy. My idea for how to implement it then was that a necromancer pulled her from death and that is what caused her powers. He then erased her memory once she wasn't useful anymore. However, there aren't exactly any undead characters in FFXIV, so that part is out the window But would there be some way to implement the power though the explanation of Aether? I'm quite new to FFXIV so I'm not extremely familiar with the lore. Do any of you think that could or/could help me build on how that would work? Anyways, thanks for at least reading about my weird idea! c:
  7. LOL I'm already -in- wayfarers first reply shows it c: been in for a while now!
  8. I'm trying to set up a character wiki, since it looks like everyone else is doing it, but I cant figure out how to make a new page so I can make one. I tried looking at the getting started section in the main page but it hasn't really helped. Anyone know how to do it?
  9. hmm, I'd probably like to get into a more adventure type guild eventually, but for now I think I'd like to keep it more casual. Since I am really new to it all. But I'll check it out c:
  10. oh! That isn't very many at all would you mind telling me what kinda rp you're guild does? I looked on you're link, but I dont completely understand (I'm a wee bit slow) Also, does the name of your guild refrance an inn in world of warcraft? or is that just a coincidence
  11. Hmm I'll definately look into it! How many people are in it though?
  12. Hello Everybody! I'm trying to find an rp guild on Balmung, I'm looking for something without a bunch of people in it, highest maybe 20 people. This is because I'm really new to the game/rping in the game. So I have no idea how to do rp and I dont want to go into a huge guild and embarrass myself. Plus I really just want to make some friends tbh c: My character is Ora Orara, I'm currently in a guild, but I plan to leave it because it was something I joined to play with a friend, but she doesn't play very much and it's a very big guild that doesn't do rp. Thanks for any help you can provide! [[ EDIT - I found guild c: thanks for all the help! (I joined wayfarers) ]]
  13. I just started playing FFXIV, so I didn't really want to take the time to wait and try to make my character at 4 am on Balmung so I'd love to join the linkshell! I'm on usually later in the day, infact I'm online right now! My character is a Lalafell named Ora Orara c: I don't really know how to rp in FFXIV yet, but I've roleplayed alot in world of warcraft, if experience matters.
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