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  1. Still here, still doing the thing!
  2. Plenty of Stormblood roleplay rolling, with plenty more to come!
  3. Still here! Gearing up for some new things quite soon.
  4. How have you gone this long without knowing about the best part of the boards?
  5. I'm going to sidestep 99% of this conversation and present an untouched and often overlooked way of getting roleplay and breaking the Clique Lockout. Making a Linkshell with a reasonably unique RP hook that addresses something you want to do! If you make a network with the promise of engagement of a specific / interesting facet of the world, provide people with a reasonably easy way into it, and regularly deliver on the network's stated promises and content, you will have all the RP you could ever want (and probably more). Alternatively, you could always join one of these networ
  6. Keeping an eye out! Also, remember to take a look at the Discord link! If we have trouble finding you, that's a great way to ping someone to get you added.
  7. Things are ticking, and plots are rolling! Check out what's been happening in the Plots tab!
  8. Invites are going around! We started off our first big set of plots today! Murder, secret letters, potential Mhigan betrayal, GOOD STUFF. We also have a discord now! Please do not abuse the link.
  9. Oliwat believes he's a nice guy with decent opinions.
  10. I mentioned your intent at the bottom of my post. It is possible to recognize both intent and diction, and the way that one may not serve the other readily. Please note that argumentation is not synonymous with aggression. I never said that I was implicated in them. I will nonetheless argue this points because I do not find them to be rational or conductive, and will therefore point out the damage that they do in hopes that you may think differently when it comes to dealing with the other side of the debate. I have engaged the other side on this topic as well (and have even done s
  11. Literally false In the one true version of the movie he is definitely a Replicant I love Harrison Ford with all my heart but he is freakin' wrong on this one
  12. That's an extremely flimsy connection, not gonna lie. Not saying it's wrong, because anything can be right in the realm of things we don't know, but I wouldn't consider a shared title to be befitting of the position of "major evidence." At best, it's supplementary.
  13. Here we have our main point of evidence that the Au Ra are not only draconian but are in fact direct decedents of Bahamut and Tiamat, based on the matching titles/genders. It is also not a stretch to think that when Azim and Nhaama “returned to the heavens,” they were in fact dragons that flew off into the sky. There are, however, still a number of issues with this theory that need to be cleared up. Your main point of evidence doesn't make sense to me. This is the story of how Bahamut became a primal, there's no connection to the rest of the argument here.
  14. Only some people here are saying they won't acknowledge it. Some of us haven't offered any personal takes on this at all. This is a projection of an opinion onto people under the assumption that they should have it because they enjoy lore compliance, which is inaccurate. All that some people wish of others in this thread is the acknowledgement of the fact that Inferrence does not equal Lore, which is another recurring train of thought in this thread. Lore Compliance is not a perception. It is a sliding scale of objective relevancy that is decided upon by how many times one's chara
  15. This is an ongoing issue with this discussion. There is a repeating thread of mentality that says that people that follow the lore very tightly are not "welcoming," are not "flexible," live to "tear others down," or do not have "fun." Why must this be brought up almost every single time someone says that something is not definite, and is instead a player interpretation, regardless of whether or not they actually state what their level of lore compliancy actually is?
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