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  1. Hello FFXIV, So after 2 years, I've returned and am looking for RP contacts. My character is a female, straight, Hyur midlander from Ul'dah named Chrys Lionwright, a lone-paladin who protects the innocent, and punishes the bad. She's 25 Autumns and is trying to stay in hiding from paid assassins who are trying to kill her after they killed her father. I'm looking for both friends and enemies, and I'd also like her to find romance (a male) too. If you're interested, don't hesitate to message me! I also have a discord which is Ravie#3069 Thanks for reading!
  2. Yes OP! This is how I've been feeling too! I've been rping on Balmung since 2.0 and used to get lots of RP till the last few years (Around Heavensward). Now I get ignored or alienated for playing a straight miqo'te girl and a straight midlander hyur lady. I've been stretching my neck out till practically ripping it off to try to find RP, it was like pulling teeth. No one was interested whatsoever. It's ridiculous and no one should judge us for our characters. I'm sorry for ranting, but this is why I've also been considering cancelling my sub. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this!
  3. Character Name: Nhal'ja Garanjy Introduction piece: Nhal'ja is an intelligent dancer and singer. He also loves to cook and relax by the beach with a good book. Optional screenshot: ((I'm unsure if I'm able to attend from my work schedule but I'll keep in touch!))
  4. Daily bump! Still looking for bites!
  5. Bumping! Still looking for interests!
  6. Bumping for more interest! I'm looking for a male body-guard for a female maiden-princess-innocent type noble that grows and becomes badass when learning about the outside world. mMdwy7qTF_Y Hak (black haired) And Yona (red hair girl) are my inspiration.
  7. Would anyone be interested in making a character with me to level together? I was thinking a noble and their guard m/f (I'd prefer playing the female) or m/m that may lead to romance between them? I really like the concept and don't really have any friends to try it with. If anyone is interested feel free to message me on Discord at Chelsea#3069 Thank you for taking the time to read this.:chocobo:
  8. I kinda feel ashamed of myself after reading this. I'm not going to lie, I'm a sucker for some fluff and cute romance RP, but I've had to reverse affect everyone else had. The two organic relationships I had: The one died ICly without telling me ooc (They were adorable though qq), and the other cheated on my character right before their wedding. I don't know why I like it so much, maybe it's cause I can't get an SO irl? I've never had a romantic relationship irl and it kinda made me look at romance novels and roleplay for it. Maybe I just want my character to be happy in my stead? You guys are more than welcome to bash me, since I have a rep for this kind of thing. ((Edit: I'm the same as Xypher on this, I'm lucky I get any platonic RP to begin with. I've been trying to reach out to people for normal RP though.))
  9. If you're interested in drawing a keeper boy, you can draw my catboy Nhal'ja! Thank you in advance!
  10. I'm always worried my characters aren't good enough for RP and having never get RP bites. I spent a lot of money (a couple hundred) on fantasias and name-changes alone trying to make the perfect character for everyone to like, despite knowing not everyone will like me. I post multiple threads on the Making connections thread with not many bites, having to bump constantly to get some replies. I'm also paranoid ooc rumors are being spread about me and people talking smack about my characters/me behind my back.
  11. You're awful pls Also Bumping! Looking for friends as well for this lonely cutie!
  12. Hello again RPC! I've made a post about this character a while ago but I didn't get many bites so I'm posting this again. Khrys Relanah is a Keeper of the Moon who was raised sheltered by her mother, a matriarch. However when Khrys became of age, she was sent with her siblings to earn funds and supplies for the tribe, but when they returned, they found the tribe was wiped and stolen by bandits. Khrys is shy at first when approaching someone, but when she gets to know someone, she is outgoing and bubbly! She is a conjurer by trade and met her ex-husband, also a doctor. He was the one who ended up cheating on her before their wedding and thus divorcing her afterwards for that woman and left Khrys alone. Khrys spiraled into a depression and left civilization, now wandering the shroud and offering healing for gil to survive. She's looking for a reason to live again. Khrys is straight and into only mono relationships and I want her to find someone who would be interested in becoming her lover and giving her that reason to exist again. Here are some pictures of her! Please PM me or Add my discord Chelsea#3069 if you're interested! Thank you for reading!
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