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  1. Lydia Lightfoot

    The Trial of Aedwen Tyrer

    https://i.imgur.com/YsEt7na.jpg I also love the drug names. Love it. Giggleworthy.
  2. Lydia Lightfoot

    New character looking for FRANNND

    Fwends are also acceptable! I'll likely be on Lydia for quite awhile tonight, though, rather than Marsazio, but I'll be on him starting around 9pm Pacific time. Of course, Lydia likes to meet people too, so, hey, either way! xD
  3. Lydia Lightfoot

    New character looking for FRANNND

    Last night was so funny - Marsazio has been staying at the "airship port inn" in Ul'dah, because he disliked the rooms at the Quicksand (he's said they were sticky... which... probably). There's no such inn we can get to in-game, but there're counters there, and it makes sense that a big hub like Ul'dah would have a small inn right there at the port. Anyway! Several times that he's met new friends, if it's my last RP of the evening he's invited the new friend to have ice cream at the cafe there, since it's become something of a routine for him. So last night, he saw a couple of people seem to have a big argument, and thought it would be nice to cheer up the one who'd seemed downtrodden by it. Upon asking the potential new friend, though, she and a friend she was with informed him that strange men asking unknown women if they want to come with him somewhere to get ice cream is weird. Marsazio was just like... what's weird about it? Ice cream is awesome!
  4. Lydia Lightfoot

    Event Queries

    o7 Thanks for looking into everything!
  5. Lydia Lightfoot

    balmung Weekly Upcoming RP Events

    Beast & Barrel Tavern is decorated nicely but no host nor patrons as of 9:11 Eastern on Sunday, 4/15.
  6. Lydia Lightfoot

    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    Kick it up a notch. Make another one on another server and make a tumblr for it and go around pretending everything you're doing is what he's doing (which is what you're actually doing). Layers. Layers and layers.
  7. Lydia Lightfoot

    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    Just imagine that you're one of the writers of those old Forgotton Realms novels, and think about how many idiots he probably heard about out there writing roleplay about their totally super cool character Dryhzzz't. Dude just rolled his eyes like pizza pies and moved right on from it.
  8. Lydia Lightfoot

    So I got my RP identity stolen by this guy...

    It's like... roleplay inception... the guy is roleplaying you roleplaying your character...
  9. Lydia Lightfoot

    New character looking for FRANNND

    C-c-c-combo breaker! Marsazio had a conversation with a hyur last night, thus ending the chain of "for some reason, only miqo'te characters seem to approach Marsazio to make friends". He was starting to wonder if maybe he smelled a bit like tuna or something... One of his new friends did this very excellent digital "sketch" of Marsazio, which is meant to be an IC drawing that their character did... after having met him. I don't know why. Maybe a bounty? Well, he hasn't done anything bad, as far as I know, but it'll be neat to find out. Still looking for more new friends, of course!
  10. Lydia Lightfoot

    Hello! New to Balmung!

    Oh hey, it's Haname! Marsazio met her last night. Glad to see you settled in well on our server!
  11. Lydia Lightfoot

    Au'ra Physiology: Limbral Rings (What are they?)

    It's how you can tell when you need to plug your au'ra in for a recharge. The ring gradually changes from blue to green to yellow to red. When it starts blinking in the red stage, you'd better get to an outlet, stat.
  12. Lydia Lightfoot

    New character looking for FRANNND

    Recently, Marsazio learned that there are two different kinds of miqo'te, and although he learned the superficial differences between them, he's found it challenging to try and tell which type a particular miqo'te happens to be without coming across as impolitely staring at their face. Awkward! He also discovered an odd sort of food called a "cakewing", which was... well, some sort of buffalo wing but also cake. Strange! He'd also, during a game of "challenge or revelation", discovered that people of Eorzea will in fact sit on a pie if they're dared to do so. Hilarious! Marsazio's been having an excellent time meeting random new friends - though I've yet to have any who came from here at the RPC. Don't be shy! He's a bit odd, due to being foreign, but he's a cool guy!
  13. Lydia Lightfoot

    New character looking for FRANNND

    Oh, I forgot to put a picture! Well, it's not very good, since my good laptop's still not back yet... but here's one from my "meh" laptop. Sorry about the terribad lighting!
  14. Lydia Lightfoot

    New to roleplaying in FFXIV, have a question about ninjas

    A key difference between Aeva and a ninja, though, is that a ninja can probably hit somebody with a thrown brownie. Yay, inside jokes!
  15. Lydia Lightfoot

    New character looking for FRANNND

    I have a new character, and he's looking to make some friends! I'll likely set up a basic wiki for him eventually (but I'd rather spend the time doing RP). His name's Marsazio Eshem, and he's a hyur wanderer recently arrived in Eorzea who's come all the way from Ivalice (though since we know very little about FF14's version of Ivalice, he'll be reluctant to share many specifics about his homeland, for as he says... "Things there are dangerous and uncertain, and I would be remiss if I inspired urges toward tourism at this time."). I've been playing him for a few days now and he's made a few contacts, but I sure wouldn't mind more! What's he like? Well, Marsazio is a jack-of-all-trades sort who keeps his stomach full during his travels by doing odd jobs in the places where he arrives. He'd say he likes to help people and doesn't expect much in return - usually a roof over his head for a night or two and some provisions would be fine enough. He doesn't have any magical aptitude, but he's intelligent and worldly just the same, and can defend himself with scrappers' competency with a sword, knives, and barehanded. Though he can be a bit reserved due to his uncertainties about the local cultures (and not wanting to accidentally have any misunderstandings), he's good-natured and likes games, jokes, and general mischief. Oh, and he has a beard, because men with beards get a +1 on Handsome skill checks, and that's just science. Currently not looking for rivalry/antagonistic contacts - I'd rather he get better-established first. Flail at me if he sounds interesting to you - you can flail at me here, in-game, or Lydia#8192 on Discord.