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  1. I haven't heard that much bass since the time I went to a redneck novelty gift shop!
  2. Hi Sui! Welcome to Balmung! My FC's Discord server is open to guests from other FCs, and all of our activities are open to them, too - we don't try to recruit our guests (mostly we figure if somebody decides they want to join the FC, they'll tell us), so don't worry, there's no pressure for that at all. You're welcome to have fun with us if you want! My Discord info's in my signature, so just toss me a friend request if you want to check us out. There's close to 50 players on the server at this point, most of whom are guests just like you'd be.
  3. Oh weird! It wasn't showing for me before, but now it is. Well, sometimes websites hiccup a little. :3
  4. Hey there! You'll want to be sure to note your server in posts like this, so that potentially interested people will know if they even could RP with you or not. Since you mentioned Discord, it's helpful if you include your contact info there, too (you could do it in your signature, like I did in mine, and that way it's just there on every post you make). Hope that helps!
  5. I've been cautioning everyone I know about their bunny fever... It's completely possible they will be a beast tribe and not a playable race. Please, for your own potential future disappointment, do not get on the hype train and daydream characters and get emotionally invested in them being a playable race until we know for sure that they will be. Don't Fallout 76 yourself. Please.
  6. You know, you're right. They must've transferred before that. I had somebody in my FC check just now because I don't want to give out incorrect advice, and sure enough, transfers onto Balmung are locked again. Sorry about that! UGH, SE. UGH.
  7. Haha! I thought maybe you meant "low key", but that "low comment" was some sort of even newer way that the kids were saying that, and I was managing to fall even further behind in that sort of thing! Aging sucks...
  8. Hi Kazex! Can you elaborate on what you mean by "low comment" RP FC?
  9. Incorrect! Transfers to Balmung are open. I don't have any available slots to check this myself, but I've been told this by several sources.
  10. Hey there! Step 1: Chat with me on Discord (see my signature) Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit! The main issue, I think, is that the RPC is a very wonderful website, but due to a change in the website's underlying structure the old FC pages all got sent into retirement and FCs were told they'd need to make a new page under the site's "club" system. Most found this "club" system confusing (myself included) and opted not to rebuild their page. The RPC site has since rescinded that and is allowing the use of the older style FC pages, so some of them are coming back (mine wil
  11. My advice is not to worry over trying to coordinate your life schedule around narrow "the server is open to making new characters" windows. Instead, for $10 you can transfer up to an entire server load of 8 characters at once, from any server on a given datacenter to any other server on that datacenter. There's a few basic requirements for transfer, which I don't remember precisely - but if you go to the character transfer section on Mog Station it'll tell you. Anyway, that'd be what I'd do. Make characters, transfer them in a batch (since it's the same flat-fee whether you do one
  12. This is just my opinion from my own observations over a very long time roleplaying: We live in a society which even today is... at best largely heteronormative even if open to other ideas, and, at worst homophobic and discriminatory. People roleplay in order to experience a fantasy escape from reality, and so it makes sense to me that there would be a very high proportion of characters who would be non-hetero in an environment where that's mostly not something where they're going to have to deal with a lot of social anger. Many of them likely write characters who represent what the
  13. I'd had an interesting idea about how they could deal with the issue of multiple plots per account, and people who are basically inactive but pop on long enough to keep their house secure even though they aren't even actually playing the game anymore - property taxes. Each account generates 1 tax token per subscribed month. If you don't spend a token, you can accumulate them. If you prepay for game time, you won't pre-accumulate, but you'll get your new one at the start of each new prepaid sub month as it turns over from the last month. Tax due on an apartment or small
  14. New, awesome Balmung friends? Maybe? I've been trying to collect more friends lately, so if either of you (Lihli and Vincent) want to meet a bunch, flail at me on Discord! Liriell's one of them (and super great!). :3
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