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  1. Lydia Lightfoot

    No Love for Straight Women

    This is just my opinion from my own observations over a very long time roleplaying: We live in a society which even today is... at best largely heteronormative even if open to other ideas, and, at worst homophobic and discriminatory. People roleplay in order to experience a fantasy escape from reality, and so it makes sense to me that there would be a very high proportion of characters who would be non-hetero in an environment where that's mostly not something where they're going to have to deal with a lot of social anger. Many of them likely write characters who represent what they wish they could explore in real life, such as being able to explore a neat old tomb, or travel to a faraway land, or be somebody tough and strong who doesn't have to take crap from bullies, and so the same logic works for topics of sexuality, too. A lot of people have to live in repression even in 2018 or deal with negative consequences, so... they write as a way to explore. Maybe. Again, it's just my thoughts on it. That said, there are hetero (and also non-hetero whose interests include women) out there. Both of my current characters are hetero and, yeah, finding compatible characters for either of them hasn't been a suffocating mob of froth-mouthed interested persons, but, nor would I say it's really a chore to have met people on them, either. I guess all I can advise is to be patient and to put your character into as many open event activities as possible. I'm not sure how much of that occurs on your server, though. I really couldn't say.
  2. Lydia Lightfoot

    Why does it have to be so &^$%$ difficult to buy a house?

    I'd had an interesting idea about how they could deal with the issue of multiple plots per account, and people who are basically inactive but pop on long enough to keep their house secure even though they aren't even actually playing the game anymore - property taxes. Each account generates 1 tax token per subscribed month. If you don't spend a token, you can accumulate them. If you prepay for game time, you won't pre-accumulate, but you'll get your new one at the start of each new prepaid sub month as it turns over from the last month. Tax due on an apartment or small house is 1 token per month. A medium is 3, and a large is 5. This tax is due regardless of whether the house is owned personally or it's owned by an FC. The tax can be paid only by a tenant of an apartment or personal house or by a member of the FC (accordingly, the potential tenants would change from 0 for apartments and 3 for any personal house, to 2 for apartments, and 4/6/8 for personal houses, depending on size), and, to prevent a black market of buying/selling tax tokens, the individual must have been a tenant or FC member for 30 days before they become eligible to pay tax on the property. You'd be able to prepay tax for up to 3 months. This would make it possible for an individual account to own multiple properties only if they had friends as tenants who would be able to assist with paying the taxes. It would also make it somewhat more challenging for an individual to keep a medium or large house unless, again, they had friends as tenants who wanted to help with the upkeep.
  3. Lydia Lightfoot

    balmung Returned player looking for friends!

    New, awesome Balmung friends? Maybe? I've been trying to collect more friends lately, so if either of you (Lihli and Vincent) want to meet a bunch, flail at me on Discord! Liriell's one of them (and super great!). :3
  4. Lydia Lightfoot

    balmung Lalafell Pastry Chef Seeking Employment and More

    Hi Tilala! I'm not sure whether my character Lydia would be hiring someone for her bistro or not - mostly because I don't really use the bistro for event hosting, since there's a hundred tavern/restaurant type events out there every week, haha. I'd worry that if that was the hook for a new friendship or employment opportunity, and your hope was to spend a lot of time roleplaying relevant to that, you might be a little disappointed. Mostly my friends and I do a lot of adventure-type activities as well as a bit of general slice-of-life, so if you think Tilala could use some general friends (and maybe a bit of exposure to the lives of daring and dashing do-gooders), toss me a hello on Discord!
  5. Lydia Lightfoot

    [Balmung] Quirky Excitable Maid Looking For Contacts!

    Hey there Momoka! I know you're working on finishing the post, but I wanted to say hi anyway. My characters are always looking for more friends, and I have a Discord server with a chunk of other such friends who are too. Toss me a hello on Discord if you'd like to get in touch and see how many new contacts you can rustle up!
  6. Lydia Lightfoot

    [Balmung] Characters LF connections and RP.

    Discord sent! :3
  7. Lydia Lightfoot

    Viera - Yey, Nay?

    I doubt they'll do Viera. For every 10 players, there's 1 out there who's frothing at the mouth wanting them to be a playable race, 1 who actively thinks they were a terrible and sexist concept in their original form and is actively rallying against them being a playable race, and 8 who are pretty much indifferent about Viera altogether. Doesn't make any business sense to spend time preparing a race that will have such limited fanfare. They'd probably have more hype if they released Bangaa, though they'd have a lot of equipment modeling issues to deal with (on the other hand, Viera would require them to redesign every kind of boot, so...). The most likely thing is that Ivalice is never going to be a playable zone/region and we're not ever going to get a race from there as a playable race, and that the entire concept of a FF14 Ivalice is fanservice which will begin and end with the Stormblood alliance raid story arc.
  8. Lydia Lightfoot

    Faya seeking to broaden her horizons on Balmung

    Haya, Faya! Okay, that was a lame little joke to open with, but, in my defense, lame jokes are like... 90% of my jokes. It's sort of my thing. Has your sheltered experience been intentional (as in, you've made a point to keep your RP constrained to just a few good friends) or have you just not had much luck in meeting new contacts? I've noticed it can sometimes be a little challenging for people to connect. Since making my new character Marsazio I've met a bunch of players who were solid writers, but people are so busy with existing RP that even if they have good intentions about making a new friend, sometimes they just end up not really having time for it. On the other hand, I've also met quite a few great new friends just in the past few weeks. If you'd like to meet them too, flail at me on Discord and I can introduce you! Many were here on the RPC looking for new friends just like you (and me) are doing.
  9. Lydia Lightfoot

    Eastern Roegadyn Seeking Connections of All Kinds!

    That's pretty awesome that you made your very own custom Discord bot! Sounds like you like a lot of focus on action-packed scenes if you've gone to that effort - or maybe you just like a bit of programming. Impressive, to say the least. I doubt I could make something like that. Toss me a friend invite on Discord if you want to meet me and some of my other friends - I've been hoping to meet some active new faces lately since a lot of my contacts I'd made during 2017 trickled away to other games and RL (as happens for people sometimes).
  10. Lydia Lightfoot

    [Balmung] Seeking Bonds of All Kinds!

    Feel free to snag me on Discord if either of you want to! I'm always on the lookout for new friends, and so are the friends I already have. Chat me up and we can see about getting you both introduced to some people.
  11. Lydia Lightfoot

    Looking for RP in Midgardsomr

    Hello! I'm not sure if there's many who roleplay on that server, though I have heard there's small groups on just about every server. Your best bet might be to transfer to Mateus if you can afford it. If you do, remember that the transfer fee is for up to 8 characters at once, so if you think you might ever want more than one you may as well make them in advance and send them over as a batch.
  12. Hey there! There's definitely a lot of RP going on around Balmung, don't worry. A lot of the FCs get busy enough that they just struggle to find the time to keep an updated RPC listing. In my case, my FC's a fairly new reincarnation, and the old one that's now gone did have a page here, whereas the new one's due to get a page set up this weekend. Anyway! I have friends from various FCs aside from my own, on my Discord server. Shoot me a message there if you'd like to have a guest invite to the server so you can socialize with us and make some friends, and maybe you'll find an FC fit (doesn't have to be mine - we're happy to have guests from other FCs as long as they seem to want to interact with us and RP together and such).
  13. Lydia Lightfoot

    mateus Looking for new connections...

    Hiya Draco! I've seen a number of others who've posted from Mateus looking for connections - have you tried reaching out to them? I'm on Balmung so I can't speak as to the state of things over there from personal experience, but I've heard RP's going strong on Mateus, so I'm sure there's some good opportunities!
  14. Lydia Lightfoot

    balmung Ala Mhigan Looking For Connections

    Excellent! I'd asked mostly because the bulk of the friends I have tend to be available around those NA evening-ish hours (same as me!) and so if you'd be wholly unavailable during those times anyway, then it'd probably just frustrate you to have been introduced to a bunch of people you wouldn't get much RP with anyway. BUT, it sounds like we're all good for that, so, poke me via Discord if you want to meet some potential friends! :3
  15. Lydia Lightfoot

    balmung Ala Mhigan Looking For Connections

    Hi Ranulf! Welcome! With your location in Australia, do you find yourself nevertheless generally available during North American "prime time" hours (somewhere in the 6pm to 1am range, Eastern time zone)? Or are you mostly looking to connect with others who have availability to RP during your own time zone's evening hours?