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  1. Kamome

    Red Mountain

    Great glams! Love the variety ^^
  2. Hehe, maybe vague memories of a fable or storybook. ; ) Happy adventuring. ^^
  3. Hey! I don’t want to spoil anything about the Stormblood storyline for you, but as a character from Ala Mhigo, Rilya would probably be aware of a group of folk heroes who were well-known in Ala Mhigo known as the Crimson Duelists who fought against the Mad King in the interest of the common folk. They didn’t study arcanima, but because Red Mages and the study of red magic is fairly rare (especially in Limsa Lominsa) Rilya pursued the avenue that was available to her. Here is a bit of lore from the first Red Mage quest that will give you sense of the Duelists without spoiling anything in Stormblood: Welcome to the game and FFXIV RP!
  4. There is a prominent example of an Orphanage called Menphina’s Arms once you are near the end of the Heavensward expansion. However, there are orphanages mentioned in nearly every city—because of the Calamity and simply the fact that there are a lot of threats in the world, orphans and adoption (presumably) are relatively common. Here is a link to a great lore compilation of orphanage mentions by Sounsyy: https://autumnslance.tumblr.com/post/170519522743/any-lore-on-orphanage-or-something-similar
  5. At long last I have found my way back to Balmung, but I am still keeping my ties to Mateus with two alts there. After missing the server merge felt very lucky to find Balmung open for transfers again. Feels like home. Thank you for all of the great RP memories, Mateus. ^^ If any Doman shinobi characters or Dalmascan freedom fighters would like to write together, I am really interested in exploring the storyline angle of Domans aiding the Dalmascan resistance for the Doman character who is my main. Feel free to send me a PM or /tell any time. Happy adventuring!
  6. Back on Balmung!

  7. Back in the game for Shadowbringers (very late) and looking for Doman shinobi characters or Dalmascan characters who are working to free their homeland from afar on my content/RP main Kamome Hama if anyone on Mateus or Crystal as a whole would like to write or RP together! Glad to be back, and to see the RPC still going strong. ^^
  8. This is a really cute post, above. ^^ Welcome to Mateus! I’m also a former XI player (who still constantly keeps calling Lalas Tarus...) who is RPing in Mateus. Feel free to add me as a friend in-game. My character name is Kamome Greywing! On Discord I am Kamome#7964 if you use that too!
  9. Oops, accidentally replied with a post instead of copying. See below. ^^;
  10. Hey! Feel free to send me a friend invite! I’m on Mateus as a Doman/Hingan character and have been looking all over for other Doman Hyur without any luck so far! Would love to meet up for RP out adventuring, around Limsa or around anywhere in the Mist, as well. The FC I’m in has a nicely active Discord if you ever feel like checking us out—everyone is welcome in the FC house for RP, especially Doman/Hingan characters ICly. Also, OOC I share a lot of your preferences for RP so it would be awesome to meet up! Character name is Kamome Greywing. Discord is Kamome#7964. Feel free to get in touch any time! Welcome to Mateus! ^^
  11. I think a good metric for testing tropes is running your character concept through the Mary Sue test. Mary Sue stereotypes tend to line up pretty well with what ends up being somewhat common as the basic heroic archetypes many players go with naturally when making up a character. Some examples of quizzes that can be used to help guide: http://www.springhole.net/writing/marysue.htm http://www.gotoquiz.com/is_your_character_a_mary_sue_2 Again, just a good measuring stick and tool to use to gauge generic traits, in the end. Don’t worry too much. Just do what you enjoy. The most important thing is to have a character you actually enjoy playing. ^^
  12. I have decided to relocate to Mateus due to a return to the game after a very long two and a half years. Thank you for the wonderful memories, roleplayers of Balmung. I met so many wonderful people on the RPC and wandering around with my silly /say RP. You’ll never be forgotten. It seems like yesterday I first logged in and met you. To the new FCs on Mateus and all of the wonderful newcomers and pioneers, it’s really nice to be on an open server again, and one brimming with life and lots of newbies, like I have found myself becoming again. Thank you for having me.
  13. Work, family and the like kept me from getting back into the game as planned back in January of this year, but now things have settled down. I am happy, as always, to see such a flourishing community on Balmung and now it seems on Mateus, too. I’ve met quite a few new Mateus players and run into some familiar faces on Balmung... not completely sure which server to go with, since I have so much of the game to relearn in the long time I’ve been gone, but wherever I end up, I just wanted to send out some love to everyone who makes the RP community in XIV so wonderful. ^^ Still Kamome Greywing on Balmung, and now also on Mateus to relearn the game and figure out all the new job changes. I can’t believe we actually have an RP status tag now! As one of the tiny handful of people that used to RP way back in the FFXI days when we were a tiny, tiny minority up to now... I simply cannot believe how much deep lore, RP support and brilliant storytelling exists both in FFXIV itself and in this great community. Thank you guys, so much, for putting your heart into the game and into supporting your fellow RPers and their stories. ^^ Anyone who is still out there from 2014/2015 feel free to reach out in-game, here on RPC or Tumblr at kamomegreywing.tumblr.com. ^^ Happy adventuring, Kamome
  14. Just wanted to say thanks in the thread to everyone and endorse the fact that the Discord is extremely helpful and active for anyone else in my situation who either needs to relearn or can’t get an alternate or new character on Balmung. Thank you guys for making such a welcoming and helpful community in this difficult situation for new RPers and lock-outs! ^^
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