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    Vikohla's look was evolved from the Flappers of the Roaring 20s, along with a few silver screen makeup conventions. Hopefully I can track down some attire close to the fashion of that era while still giving her something suitable for the setting and her circumstances. So FFXIV goth flapper is the fashion goal basically. I thought about making her a very quiet or bashful character (silent movie era, get it? eh? eh?) but decided against that. Vikohla being the silent type wouldn't help other RPers or their characters much. It can be done, but I'm not confident enough to try that yet. I wanted to give Vikohla the most wonderfully massive schnoz I could find, I thought it would look cute seeing her nose poke out of her hood or from under her mage hat. The in story reason relates to the idea that having a magnificent nose is often viewed as a regal trait denoting royal ancestry, or at the very least being descended from blue blood. Vikohla was born into the poor side of a rich family and her parents didn't share the traditional obsession of crushing highborn family rivals. They planned to raise their daughter in a direction apart from the traditional family dogma and the politics which came with it. However, due to Vikohla's gargantuan beak, her grandparents thought she was a good omen ushering in a new era for the lowborn side of the family. It's for these reasons that she was named Vikohla, which means 'victory over the past' or 'victory at last'.
  2. Moon Type


    Joribri is but one of many whose families were destroyed by the Garlean juggernaut. Inconsolable despite the efforts of her adopted family she was raised from childhood by a shadow clan intent on the slow, methodical eradication of all Garlean culture, influence and people. Executing their design under the creed "knowledge, patience and time" Joribri's role usually involves information gathering and fostering a permanent division among Garleans. She's grown into a well restrained, martially honed operative working to sow the seeds of Garlean demise with peaceful mirth and a clear conscience.
  3. Moon Type

    Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

    Madame Pholnaset is a trickster, street performer, shady merchant and outright con artist. In this album are some of her outfits and their variations which will hopefully help convey some of her personality to other RPers. With influences ranging from gypsy punk to ancient Egypt, Madame Pholnaset is a character whose survival depends on reinventing herself.
  4. Hello Kohagura, welcome to the FFXIV RP community! I hope you find plenty of opportunity to enjoy some slice of life RPing in FFXIV. The setting is certainly well catered for it, even from a gameplay perspective crafting jobs are taken as seriously as the more fantastical combat jobs.
  5. Welcome to the FFXIV RP community, Green! o/ A mercenary makes for a very flexible character indeed, lots of potential for moral drama as well! Without saying too much I like the idea of a Scion with anger management issues given all that they've been through.
  6. You're welcome, happy to help! RPing a student, inquisitive person or visiting foreigner are among my go-to characters when I'm new to an MMO and still learning the lore. It provides a fun way for players to share lore information as well as stories about their character's adventures. Even when one knows the lore inside and out it could be nice to RP a very accomplished student who's willing to share what they know to help fellow students, or an ego-maniac who can't wait to show off what they know.
  7. Welcome aboard Clarity! o/ I like the idea of a messenger character, there's lots of potential for funny or thrilling RP with such a job. Plus it gives your character a reason to be in almost any settled area.
  8. Hey there Celestia! I love the character introduction
  9. Hello Blue, welcome to the website, I hope you find the FC that's right for you! Also, I think it's cool that MUDs are still up and about. I have a Lalafell who also started out as a thaumaturge and switched to a conjurer, and with all of the death and destruction that's been visited upon Eorzea I think that's a pretty reasonable direction to take a character in. Such changes would probably happen a lot in the FFXIV setting especially after the recent Calamity. Add to this the connection between thaumaturgy and the much frowned upon black mage school of magic and there's even more reason for someone to want a career change. Your interpretation of this transition, along with your character's motivations and choices, will have ample room for compelling RP.
  10. Welcome to the website, I'm certain your RP experience will be appreciated! I can't comment on how the general community of FFXIV views lore bending. Some people on this site have stated their flexibility on the matter, but if you're walk-up RPing I'd say play it safe and go by the book. As a general rule it's good to treat jobs/classes/professions as we would irl careers of similar distinction. So the White Mage job would be akin to the practice of medicine with varying degrees of proficiency, and becoming a fully fledged doctor takes years of study. The cool thing about the Final Fantasy setting is that one could RP as a Conjurer first while learning about the lore of the job (job quests do a good job of facilitating this). Also the character's journey to becoming a White Mage could be part of their unfolding story. Struggle, adversity and limitations can really help shape a character and make overcoming challenges that much more special. Learning from more experienced characters or bonding with fellow students can also open up a wide range of RP possibilities. I'm not aware of any one site being the go-to for posting character profiles and the like, some even post such details on this website. Whichever platform best serves what you have in mind, go for it! Some people will post information about their characters and express an interest in forming friendships with other characters. Such posts can even be found in other Welcome Desk threads. RP events can also be helpful, especially if the event involves an interest, skill or even curiosity of your character.
  11. Welcome to the FFXIV RP website Verona! o/ The lore for this game is very well fleshed out, it can be dizzying the amount there is to learn and explore. That's a good thing though, FFXIV provides a setting with lots of cultural variation and social ingredients for us to draw from.
  12. I'm glad you came across our website, welcome Derek!
  13. Greetings Aurumborous, welcome to the FFXIV RP website! o/ I hope awesome adventures and fond memories await you.
  14. Hello Thestias, welcome to the FFXIV RP community! I'm glad to hear that FFXIV has made such a positive impression on you and I hope you continue to enjoy the game.
  15. Greetings starryslug, welcome aboard the FFXIV RP website! o/ One of my RP alts is a machinist and one is an astrologian, so I feel your pain. ^ ^ I played through ARR to unlock the class for the first character and I'll need to do the same for the other, there's no way around it from what I can tell besides buying the quest progression packs. Write your character in accordance with whatever her level of education and personal experience would be, I doubt anyone will hold that against you. It's not uncommon for RPers to write around whatever is being literally represented in the game by a power level, body measurement, etc. This may sound odd but knowing a lot about the game will actually help you set the parameters for Beryl's progression as a machinist and crafter. Brilliant illustration of Beryl by the way!
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