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  1. Moon Type

    Behind the Bar

    I would love to!
  2. Greetings and welcome to the RPC, Tai! o/ Manmi sounds like an interesting character with a very fleshed out personality. Your screenshot of her looks wonderful as well
  3. Welcome to the RPC @Stormblessed ! o/ I hope you have a wonderful time developing characters and stories with the community
  4. Moon Type

    Behind the Bar

    Absolutely brilliant work with the interior design! I love the name as well.
  5. There's no problem at all. You can visit the Balmung server to join in on the RP events by selecting the World Visit option at the major city state aetherytes (Limsa Lominsa, New Gridania or Ul'dah).
  6. Welcome to the RPC Mai o/ I'm sorry that things aren't working out so well with your current FC.
  7. Which Data Center will you be using? If you're creating a character on a North American Data Center then Crystal is the most popular choice for RPing. You won't have to worry as much about the server selection since you'll be able to visit any server on your chosen Data Center. That being said, servers which have a gold star next to them are currently listed as preferred server. So if you make a character on them you'll get an experience boost from level 1 to 70.
  8. Welcome to FFXIV and the RPC A popular recommendation I've heard is to observe RPing in the game to get an idea of how it normally flows. It'll help familiarize you with the use of some basic RP typing conventions such as the use of /emote when your character is performing an action or brackets (( when typing something out of character )). There's a Making Connections section here as well where people post information about their characters and the type of RP they're looking for.
  9. Moon Type

    Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

    https://phalloria.carrd.co Known by many names Madame Pholnaset is a trickster, street performer, shady merchant and con artist. Her masterful use of illusion magic, slight-of-hand and glamours help keep this roguish mage one step ahead of those who suspect her of foul play. Tight-lipped about her origins, abilities and loyalties her presence has become something of an enduring mystery as some swear they've seen her or even met her before in areas she vehemently denies treading. Is this ruby-tongued vagrant a threat or just a simple hustler trying to get by? It's possible that even she doesn't know for certain.
  10. Welcome back to FFXIV Razzle! I hope you like the lore behind the Lalafells and have fun RPing one.
  11. Moon Type

    Vanta Noir

    Born and raised in the 'docklands' of La Noscea Vanta spent much of her youth bouncing between Aleport and Moraby Docks which granted her considerably exposure to various cultures and goods. Born to an Elezen father, who was a practicing undertaker, and a Hyur mother, who was a practicing mortician, Vanta grew up in a house that was also a registered funeral home. Such an environment had an obvious effect on her development, though not necessarily a negative one. Her childhood friendship with a Hyur who often worked with her parents lab animals and had to bury them when they died further coloured Vanta's view of the world. She became fascinated with insect life, various vermin and the study of physical decay. She was able to ply some of this interest in the later as she studied to become an alchemist and arcanist. Like many she lost much during and after The Calamity. Loved ones, friendships and what little respect she had for some of the city state leadership. Despite her seemingly callous personality and outlook she has great respect for life, she just doesn't recoil from the realities of death.
  12. Welcome aboard @ariasune If it helps soften the blow there are a few preferred serves on the Crystal data center which have experience bonuses at the moment, so you'll be able to rocket your new character's level progression! \o/ I think Mateus is currently listed as a preferred server.
  13. Greetings @Tyrenias I hope you enjoy your time in FFXIV.
  14. You're very welcome, and thanks for the link! I can imagine how thrilled they must've been to see their characters illustrated in that art style
  15. Greetings and welcome to the RPC @cattyonvhs ! Your Oma character sounds cool
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