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  1. Moon Type

    Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

    https://phalloria.carrd.co Known by many names Madame Pholnaset is a trickster, street performer, shady merchant and con artist. Her masterful use of illusion magic, slight-of-hand and glamours help keep this roguish mage one step ahead of those who suspect her of foul play. Tight-lipped about her origins, abilities and loyalties her presence has become something of an enduring mystery as some swear they've seen her or even met her before in areas she vehemently denies treading. Is this ruby-tongued vagrant a threat or just a simple hustler trying to get by? It's possible that even she doesn't know for certain.
  2. Moon Type

    Phalloria Timeline

    Square Enix has done a great job adding glamour variety and character customization options to the game.
  3. I couldn't agree more, I had a wonderful time RPing with I'delia!
  4. Welcome to the RPC @Ghosty It's been a while since I've played GW2 but I remember thoroughly enjoying that game! My favorite aspects of it were that every class was a delight to play and most (if not all) had some unique twists on old ideas, the developers and community were a joy to interact with and the fashion...*__* GW2 had SO much style going on! My experience with FFXIV has been very similar, so I hope you also have a wonderful time playing this game. Also, having come from SWTOR I think you'll appreciate the glamour save system. I don't recall what the rules were in SWTOR but I remember that game having a pretty cool outfit save function.
  5. A hearty welcome to you @RyuuNoYume ! I think you'll find a fair amount of similarities between RPing over Twitter and RPing in FFXIV. In fact, many FFXIV RPers also use Discord and message board RP on this very website. Your interest in literature and writing will serve you well and there's so much lore to sink your teeth into! I think you're going to have a great time RPing in FFXIV.
  6. You're welcome! I hope you find something suitable.
  7. No worries @BioticNinja , your post was fine I just wasn't sure how to reply at first. The adoption idea shouldn't be a problem in the FFXIV setting as far as I know. Even if Doman society frowns on that sort of thing, which I seriously doubt, would a farming couple living on the outskirts of town, or a wealthy well connected family, really care? There's always a loving person or persons whose hearts are moved at the sight of an abandoned child, and even in a strict society they'll rebel hard against the most stern overlords to raise and protect that child. I don't recall any quests or lore entries contradicting your idea, like 'abandoned children must be raised by the state' or something. And given what Domans have been through in the last 25 years that mentality would be both hypocritical and impractical. There have likely been a lot of orphaned children during that time, that's one of the many bitter realities of war. Viera who move away from their home settlements to venture out into the larger world often change their names in order to denote the new chapter in their life. Their new names are usually inspired by the cultures they've encountered or things which interest them. I see nothing wrong with your character changing their names to Doman for a similar reason. In fact, you could use the name definitions to further reference whatever theme or stylistic choices you have in mind for your character. Is Taemarashi a real name? If so does the definition speak of your character's qualities? If the name is invented that's even better, gives you more room to play with. Another possibility, which is similar to one you already thought of, is the importance of a character changing their name to both blend into a new setting or flee from a previous one. I have a character who is something of a chameleon and she's taken on many names and guises. Part of it is required for her job, part of it is because she's trying to avoid her past, and part of it is because she finds strength in maintaining mystery about herself. Knowledge is power, she wants to minimize the power others might be able to extract from knowing about her. She believes names are the first step or gateway to broader knowledge about a person. One of the cool things about the character you're working on is that you could make up a traditional au ra name that she was born with but only people from her past would know. Things like that provide lots of opportunity for drama and intrigue later on. And if someone innocently comments on her name being Doman, as a compliment or genuine surprise, that would give you another chance to hint at her story by way of her reaction. Is she sick of hearing that from people? Is she worried that someone is onto her? Will she deflect the comment and change the subject? Sorry about the long post and for not replying sooner. ^ ^ I think what you're going for is a great idea that will provide some solid background for you to draw from as you develop your character.
  8. Have you tried the Fellowship system? You could browse that and see if there are any RP communities on Jenova. Another option is searching Discord for Jenova RP groups.
  9. Greetings, Aqua. I was wondering if you'd be interested in RPing Bibigojo with my character Madame Pholnaset, a crafty merchant, shifty street performer and suspicious wisewoman. She crafts the perfumes she sells but I'm sure I can think of a scenario where she purchases alchemy goods from Bibigojo. Maybe Madame Pholnaset needs a rare base component or something. I also have a character named Vikolah who might respond very well to Momoqe. They're about the same age and Momoqe's straightforwardness would remind Vikohla of her mother whose deadpan delivery and flat responses have become endearing to her. Let me know if either RP interests you.
  10. I apologize for the late reply but I was wondering if Luna has room for another friend.
  11. I'm hoping that one day Square Enix will release a chocobo caravan mount. If it could hold up to four players it would be great for small parties and RPers would likely love it to pieces!
  12. Moon Type


    Greetings @Palom , I'm glad you find your way to this website! I understand how you feel about waiting until your comfortable to post an intro. In fact, I still haven't. ^ ^; Like yourself I kind of faded in due to being bashful about posting at all. I envy 1.0 players, though I know that's easy to say in hindsight. Still, it must've been quite a thrill to see the game improve so drastically and in such a relatively short span of time. Once you've got a good sense of your character's background, posting a profile is a good way to cast a net of interest.
  13. Another cool thing about the detail in how aetherytes work is that there's nothing stopping someone from RPing a character who can use them more than the average NPC. But for people who are RPing the average person it means long RP road trips and hikes and stuff! \o/ I have a character who's a chemist student but very young, so hiring a character to help her travel and gather will result in her singing their praises to other RP characters who may also need help. Long trips help foster bonds between characters and allows a nice opportunity for character stories and lore to reinforce one another. I forgot to mention that one can't help another person get through an aetherytes, so this allows character teleportation proficiency to remain a personal RPer choice as it won't effect anyone else. If I have a hankerin' to RP a character who must venture to a far flung corner of The Black Shroud to discover the truth behind their potential biological father, another character can't swoop on in, teleport my dude and cut all the travel and adventure out of the story in mere minutes. X) And by the same token I can't OOCly be like "no teleporting you guys! D:< " if someone wants their character to use an aetherytes.
  14. You're very welcome! ^__^ If I remember right all the people of Eorzea can manipulate aether to some extent, it's just a matter of how much they can channel and how good they are at it. So people who are normies with low anima (I have an engineer character like that) won't be casually shooting fire out of their hands to light the fireplace. Pure blooded Garleans aren't able to manipulate aether at all, not even on a fundamental level. That's one of the reasons why they developed magitek to help close the gap between them and their neighbours. Those born unable to manipulate aerther can't use the aetherytes at all. In fact, the average person can't use aetheryte teleporters as freely as the WoL or Scions due to the cost of using them, the amount of energy it would require and the time and energy it would take to even become attuned to them in the first place. A farmer from LaNoscea would have to put his life on hold for several months just to travel to Ishgard and become attuned to an aetheryte there. And each time he returns would cost a crazy amount of gil and energy. That's why most NPCs are like "Nope, gimmie that chocobo caravan life, bruh!" I remember that part of the thaumaturge quest line, I felt so bad for that character. I absolutely love that the jobs have such detailed quests, even the crafting jobs! And Square Enix continues to support the crafting jobs with content so they don't seem left out. There's apparently even an upcoming event for fishing in the next patch. \o/
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