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  1. Hello Sumi, and welcome to the RPC! I can relate to your anxiety. Fortunately there's no shortage of friendly players in FFXIV which should help a great deal as you learn and grow with the RP community and the wonderful world of FFXIV. Your character sounds delightful! Characters with opposing outlooks can bring some of the best or worst traits out of each another, and either outcome can be ideal for story telling purposes. Now is the perfect time to write a student of Sharlayan since Old Sharlayan has been opened up to us. There's plenty of information a
  2. Moon Type

    Hi! :D

    Welcome to the site, Jilexa! I'm sorry you've had such negative experiences, hopefully your time in FFXIV will be free of that sort of thing. Best wishes to you as you develop your character, embark on RP adventures and create new memories. o/
  3. I like the intro, Syno. The play on words of RP and game is appreciated. Also, welcome to the RPC! I hope you find the U.S. servers welcoming and enjoy the crafting and gathering setup in FFXIV. Square Enix has packed great lore tidbits into the crafting and gathering professions as well as most crafting ingredients, food items and minions.
  4. Welcome aboard, Arik! I think it's great that you bring so much RP and MMO experience to the community, as well as your desire to share your knowledge on swordplay. That sort of influence can be very inspiring when it comes to developing a character's strengths, weaknesses and goals. Plus it's educational. I love it when people write up books, journals, study papers and the like for their characters. It reminds me of lore books in The Elder Scrolls series and helps add life to the RP landscape in general.
  5. Welcome to the site, Kalazel_Sternenblau! I'm glad you gave FFXIV another try, they've done such a good job with it. All RP veterans started somewhere, and even those who are very experienced can still learn more. Take your time, have fun and feel free to ask fellow RPers questions.
  6. Welcome to the FFXIV RP community, Helion. I hope you enjoy RPing in FFXIV, the game provides a rich backdrop for all kinds of character and story ideas.
  7. That's awesome! Having a wealth of FF experience to draw from will certainly help lend some perspective on Square's approach to world building, their use of irl mythology and callbacks to old NPC names. ^.^ May Rio's adventures be great and many! \o/
  8. Hello Rio Regulus, nice to meet you! I hope you have a great time RPing in FFXIV. It's a wonderful setting for developing characters, going on adventures and creating fond memories.
  9. Hello Grom, welcome to the community. I hope you find the Free Company you're looking for.
  10. Welcome aboard Diestoslimes! I'm certain you'll fit right in and I wish you all the best on your new journey in Eorzea and beyond.
  11. Welcome to the site, I hope your latest return to FFXIV is going well! o/
  12. Moon Type

    Hey all!

    Welcome aboard, Tooma! I hope you enjoy your time in FFXIV and create wonderful memories with other players.
  13. When the face of Dalmund turned red with wrath Phalloria ventured to Eorzea to lend her aid. The night of fire changed the land of Eorzea forever, and the girl who left Thavnair was destroyed by her own fear and folly. Although her heart longs to return home there isn't much left of who she once was.
  14. Moon Type

    Phalloria Vagabond

    When she's not being pursued by the law, a rival merchant, a disgruntled customer or an investigative journalist, she absolutely adores wearing bright, flashy garments! She's also quite fond of mixing pieces from various cultures as a way of displaying just how well traveled she is.
  15. Moon Type

    Phalloria Mischief

    As an independent Leve Broker, and crafter of perfumes and knick-knacks, she sometimes offers simple sounding quests which lead to trouble. It's not out of her character to hire an Adventurer to be an escort as she gathers herbs, while the real reason is to protect her against someone specific, dangerous and far beyond the pay offered.
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