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  1. Hi Eynar, welcome to the website!
  2. Vikohla: "Sorry if I come off as a little clingy at times, my family helped me to overcome the trauma I suffered during The Calamity but I guess a certain amount of separation anxiety still runs in the background of my mind. Ever notice how I react when certain people seem to be heading towards an exit? And I say something like 'oh, are you leaving?' That's where it stems from. Same goes for my penchant for looping an arm through other people's. It's a mostly benign quirk, but one I have to keep an eye on. I don't want such a trait evolving into being possessive or poisonously paranoid, that w
  3. Moon Type

    Officer Westward

    Welcome to the album of Arcana Westward! o/ This scruffy-haired, bushy eyebrowed, hippy Viera works for the Yellowjacket Department of Transportation as a chocobo caretaker. Influenced heavily by Gridanian culture she hopes to inspire some of the same care for nature and its creatures in La Noscea.
  4. Moon Type


    https://joribri.carrd.co Joribri is but one of many whose families were destroyed by the Garlean juggernaut. Inconsolable despite the efforts of her adopted family she was raised from childhood by a shadow clan intent on the slow, methodical eradication of all Garlean culture, influence and peoples. Executing their design under the creed "knowledge, patience and time" Joribri's role usually involves information gathering and fostering a permanent division among Garleans. She's grown into a well restrained, martially honed operative working to sow the seeds of Garlean demise with p
  5. Moon Type

    Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

    https://phalloria.carrd.co Known by many names Madame Pholnaset is a trickster, street performer, shady merchant and con artist. Her masterful use of illusion magic, slight-of-hand and glamours help keep this roguish mage one step ahead of those who suspect her of foul play. Tight-lipped about her origins, abilities and loyalties her presence has become something of an enduring mystery as some swear they've seen her or even met her before in areas she vehemently denies treading. Is this ruby-tongued vagrant a threat or just a simple hustler trying to get by? It's possible that ev
  6. Thunderbolt300 is a lot of fun to RP with! Friendly, patient and very knowledgeable about combat both in the role play sense and in applying real world martial details to RP. ^.^
  7. Welcome aboard, Sine! Speaking from experience, it can be easy to turn away at the first pang of anxiety, so it's good to see that you're being patient with the transition to in game RPing.
  8. Awesome! I'm glad you found an RP FC! The basics of RPing will become natural to you before long, especially when you're having fun. I hope you make more connections through this website and the FFXIV game in general.
  9. Discord is a good place to start. Some RP Discord groups are even built up around specific themes, like a miqo'te community or a band of adventurers for hire. Individuals looking to make some RP connections will sometimes add their Discord username when they post about their character here.
  10. Welcome aboard, Le'ellane! Do you have any questions or concerns about getting started with RP in FFXIV?
  11. Welcome to the RPC website, @I_Am_Echo ! RPing in an MMO will start to feel familiar if you've been RPing in chat programs or on message boards. Some basic chat commands often used are /say for when you want to post the dialog of your character, and /emote when you want to post any actions they're taking. With /emote you can mix in some dialog as well. For example, let's say we're posting for a character named Little Scion: /emote walks into the room and says "Where did I put our Garlean coffee maker?" as she taps her chin thoughtfully. In the chat window
  12. Greetings, Gideon, and welcome to the RPC! I hope you're able to make some RP connections and lasting friendships through this website.
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