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  1. Yeah, I know that feeling. Not many gamers in my family growing up. It's the thought that counts though, and they made the right call not taking a wild guess and hoping they got lucky. I watched a couple of beginners guide videos before trying FFXIV because I didn't want a repeat of Black Desert Online. That game overwhelmed both me and my computer when first tried it. Rolling a new race often helps with finding RP, at least from what I've experienced. It's cool to see the new character models show up and all of the variations players have come up with.
  2. I love the idea of making a graphic novel for the RP arc, it would be a great read for any new RPer looking to join in the fun! Another important part of character history, which is why we make stuff up for brand new characters, is that it helps solidify their personality and guide the decisions we have them make in the RP. I imagine this is twofold for having a legit long running RP arc in that, similar to acting, you know the character like the back of your hand. And similar to a play you also understand the other characters involved. One of the reasons I take a while to get the ball rolling with RP is that it takes a while for my character ideas to congeal, especially knowing so little about the lore and setting. I worry that I'll want to change something drastic after I get started. I like the confident smile Pali has. And the subtle scale pattern is a nice touch as well! @Elrodren Thanks for encouraging Pali to give FFXIV a try. o/
  3. Moon Type

    Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

    Madame Pholnaset is a trickster, street performer, shady merchant and outright con artist. In this album are some of her outfits and their variations which will hopefully help convey some of her personality to other RPers. With influences ranging from gypsy punk to ancient Egypt, Madame Pholnaset is a character whose survival depends on reinventing herself.
  4. If Morrowind is any indication we'll be getting new Skyrim mods for quite some time yet. \o/
  5. For most of my characters their history is invented and comes from their backstory, so I think it's incredible that there are RP characters with so much rich RPed history to reference, to say nothing of the memories created with others that you can look back on together. ^.^ That Elro illustration looks very nice! It's certainly helpful to have artwork to help convey any aspects of a character's look and personality that the game doesn't quite capture. This is especially true for older games or games with more customization limitations than others. I'm always interested in the little details artists use to distinguish their elves (and other races) from those in other stories. Sometimes a few tweaks (like the Elzen's longer limbs and neck) are all it takes to create an interesting visual identity. And even if someone creates Elves that are very traditional looking there's always cultural flavour to help set a fictional work apart.
  6. Skyrim is always a fun game to revisit, so many fond memories. It was my first time playing a game with mods as well, I was so unprepared for the seemingly endless possibilities!
  7. That's something I'm a little fuzzy on myself, I haven't come across that option yet. Were they referring to the in game profile or the FFXIV Lodestone website page?
  8. Ahoy Kodlak! o/ I can relate on the writing stories for characters, it helps when making choices in the game as well since you have a personality, motivations and history to base your decisions on. I even had story ideas written out for the characters I wanted to create in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim while waiting for the game to launch (one of the longest game launch countdowns of my life lol). Your character has a very striking look, very cool!
  9. I'd love to know if you're certain your friend wouldn't mind. And on the subject of elves, what do you think of the FFXIV Elezen?
  10. Welcome to the FFXIV RP community Santuckcasper! o/ From what I understand taking your time with the game is encouraged by the community and the game itself. There's no rush unless you're personally in a hurry to see the Main Quest unfold.
  11. @Disglair I couldn't agree more, the lore is fascinating! I've only played a couple of other Final Fantasy games so I didn't know they went so deep into explaining the function of magic. FFXIV essentially has its own set of meta physics to help the fantastic setting feel as fleshed out as possible. I love it when writers do that.
  12. Learning something new everyday is not only a very beneficial mindset to have, it can also be an easy goal to achieve so long as we're patient with our progress and take things a step at a time if needed. Sometimes our development feels incredibly slow, but then there's that moment when we look back a year and see how much we've actually progressed. ^.^ That illustration looks amazing! Sorry if this is a daft question, but is that a Void Elf?
  13. @Juni You're welcome, glad I could help.
  14. @Juni You've got it! And it can always be turned back on. On the series of option icons at the bottom right of the screen there'll be one that says 'Social', click that and you'll see the option to access the 'Emotes' window. Some of them a very charming and quite entertaining, so when you have the chance play around with them and see which ones help bring out the character you've made. \o/
  15. Welcome to FFXIV Juni! I'd like to share something that may prove useful. You can turn off the emote text that comes up after you use a character expression or emote by opening the Emotes window and clicking the option 'Display log message' located at the bottom. This comes in handy if you'd like to use an expression or emote a few times but don't want to spam the public chat window with emote text.
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