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Tea Leves

One of Madame Pholnaset's shadier operations involves brokering Leve jobs for those unwilling or unable to do so themselves. There are no background checks of any kind regarding the potential Leve taker or the client requesting help. The big selling point for fresh-faced adventurers, and also the greatest point of contention for her detractors, is that there's no testing Leve required to verify the skill level of the adventurer. Among sanctioned Levemetes this is widely regarded as reckless, irresponsible, abhorrent, shameless and ill-advised. She sometimes accompanies those who take on Leve quests from her but that does little to mend the breach of principle. Madame Pholnaset insists that she comes by her Leves legally and that there's no law against enlisting aid and dividing the profits with those who help. When there's a rush of adventurer's approaching a Leve dealer, or a customer hits their request limit, Madame Pholnaset swoops in to cut deals with the overflow. Sometimes if she needs to broker Leves in a more clandestine fashion she slips them inside an imitation astrologian weapon.

From the album:

Guises of a Kitsch Con Artist

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