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  1. After reading a post in our recruitment thread and going through this individuals profile I must say that Chce seems to be a very positive, engaging individual and I hope Chce the best as she meets and makes new friends. Definitely nice to see the positivity!

  2. Oh thank you!! If I ever run into you all again I definitely will thanks!!
  3. I actually ran into you guys when you were doing the ceremony for Jalesa I believe! I remember seeing her and talking of her sister! It's awesome to run into you guys, and the clip I overheard while there was really interesting!
  4. I'delia Is wonderful To Rp with! I had a wonderful session with her and hope to have more in the future!!
  5. Hello Everyone!! I've only been playing on FFxiv since October, but I'm not a stranger to MMO's , I used to Play WoW since BC. I am still fairly new to Rp though, but have been doing it for awhile now, and I am no longer afraid! haha Chce is a half Elezen, half Xaela fortune teller who was born in Coerthas, and calls Ishgard her home. She is also a healer, and loves to help out others whenever she can, with her words of wisdom or with her words of healing. In a way she is somewhat a therapist to her friends as well. She is clumsy, and very forgetful, well spoken at times and is easily distracted. This is my first time posting so I have no idea what else to put down or how much, but here is her card I made for her, and will be adding to it shortly for all the people that has made an impact in her life so far. https://chcelihzeh.carrd.co/ I am open to all types of Rp, no ERP though-she is taken (lol) I prefer slice of life, but can do combat, and am willing to try others if the need arises I can do paragraph typing , although i prefer the you say a sentence or two , and i respond in kind type. My time zone is PST I am always on discord , feel free to message me there or on here if you have any questions! Coffee#3579 And I am normally in game at night around 10pm PST and also in the mornings as well. My work has me all over the place, with different hours so If you see me in game that means I have the time to play!
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