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  1. Our Free Company is still recruiting! We are delving deep into a story that involves every single person of our free company and our squads are working on missions that help tell parts of the overall story that come together to make a layered piece of work done by our members and by our leadership. Also we just celebrated our 1 year anniversary 16 days ago! OE-RP is going strong!
  2. Just wanted to share our small X-mas get together. Nothing over the top, just telling the story of Starlight and then sharing our acts of kindness with each other. Was a beautiful evening to spend with some friends!
  3. Thought I would share some grade A photos of the gang after Caroling on the streets of Ul'dah dressed up and full of Holiday Cheer!
  4. Thought I would share our Calendar for folks so we properly demonstrate the sort of events we host in our free company and their frequency. We are very active, very engaged and truly love the world our characters live in. If your looking for Open World RP - Combat, Social, Knowledge and so forth you'll find that all here. Our event types are unique, diverse and we promise we're always trying something new!
  5. We will be out and about spreading holiday cheer today 12/18/2020! Keep your eyes open for our small ensemble!
  6. Our Website got a new make over! Come check it out and see how far we've come! Also our one year anniversary is upon us! 12/31/2020 will mark our official 1 year birthdate as a group! Our Website
  7. Our Xmas Caroling has Started and our Company is excited to host something that's randomly done throughout the season to spread that good Holiday Cheer!
  8. Some Random Pictures during RP done throughout our Company.
  9. We had our official first outing in Gridania (Randomly) as a test run and had a quick growing! It was fun and got some great comments! + Here are some pictures from that event! We will be hosting more Random Showings and still taking offers to perform as your Festivities!
  10. Thursday the 10th, 2021 We will be doing a quick practice session and we will make our first visit to a Grand Company! Which one not yet determined but should be a fun evening for those who come across the merriment (Like real caroling we want to keep it a little random to give off the vibe!)
  11. We are gearing up and have almost 12 full songs fleshed out and expect to add another Six soon! Definitely looking forward to the Holidays!
  12. Just want to say things are going well here at the Oracles. We have almost 30 active members (active within a day or two) and currently got a robust calendar filled with events and other fun in character things for us to do as a company. We are also delving into the game's content as well as its lore. Come check us out and see what we are all about!
  13. We have just formed our official Squads and promoted a few of our members to Acolytes! Our Initiates and those not mentioned will be floating between these squads for each week (which is a good amount of folks) but thats because we have plenty of room to grow and currently a little top heavy (Hey when you stay with a group long enough you get promoted!). So this said we are Recruiting! Cindri’sae Isone Zasoux Tyl Volsa R’aylaan Lothaire Hilda Savage Pumpjin Bakeccha Thanis Bielau Cain Wright Kedha Elakha Yune Kahkol Sarna
  14. Event Scheduled Date Scheduled Caroling Practice 12/5/2020 - 8pm Eastern Time
  15. The Oracles of Empyrean will be hosting a Caroling throughout the month of December. We will be visiting the three Major Grand Companies as well as taking personal requests to visit free company estates for their big festive party's. We have been practicing our melodies, rehearsing our songs and getting our appearances just right to spread Holiday Cheer. While we are a traditional open world RP community, we thought this would be a fantastic way for us to connect with other aspects of RP that is occurring on Mateus by performing this cheerful civic duty. We would love for you to invite us into
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