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  1. Welcome to Norvalla - We are now hosting Morning Events as well as Evening Events. This is to encourage European and North American players to join us as we are trying to cultivate a growing, developing and strengthening community among the varying time zones that exist.
  2. Norvalla - Adventuring out in the open world! We are not scared to use the canvas which is Eorzea, Othard and Beyond. If your looking for more then just Free Company RP (Where your locked in a house 24/7) then come check us out. We utilize the wide open world as our backdrop telling enriching tales, engrossing you in challenges and having your characters face off against the odds. Our D&D styled roleplay system gives players equal footing while also providing our Game Masters with tools to make events unique and different each time. Come and check us out! We host Morning Events (10am to 12:30pm Eastern time) We Host Evening Events (8pm to 11:30pm Eastern Time)
  3. Norvalla - Adventuring out in the open world! We are not scared to use the canvas which is Eorzea, Othard and Beyond. If your looking for more then just Free Company RP (Where your locked in a house 24/7) then come check us out. We utilize the wide open world as our backdrop telling enriching tales, engrossing you in challenges and having your characters face off against the odds. Our D&D styled roleplay system gives players equal footing while also providing our Game Masters with tools to make events unique and different each time. Come and check us out! We host Morning Events (10am to 12:30pm Eastern time) We Host Evening Events (8pm to 11:30pm Eastern Time)
  4. Place for images on Norvalla's Adventures can be posted!
  5. A Sample of our First Episode of our First Season! A new source of Corrupted Crystals had been located in Eastern Thanalan. Arnvidar and Yorah organized a team as quickly as they could to hunt for these crystals after the disaster of the Mor Dhona operation. After explaining the plan, and placing Katsuhiro and Shara in charge of the operation, Yorah explained that he and Arnvidar would be staying behind to plan the next step of the process while the group headed off. Reaching Highbridge the group came across a woman in trouble. A Lalafell who could not get her Chocobo's to move her cart. After observing the chocobo's it was easy to tell they were spooked to high heavens. Meanwhile a few members of the group, such as D'ein, Roric, and Naoh'li, were able to make note of a strange 'roaring' sound in the far distance. Naoh'li and Noir pressed ahead after swearing they could see a corpse. And they did. An Amalj'aa corpse. Everyone quickly caught up and moved to investigate. Ryslo noted that a bloody battle had taken place, yet only one Amalj'aa corpse was preset. Katsuhiro decided that pressing on to Thal's Respite was better than moving towards the crystal site. But it was at the respite that even more corpses were discovered. Dozens more in fact. Three Brass Blades murdered outside, and even more inside of the building. Ryslo quickly rushed inside to search for his friend, Samson, only to quickly realize his mistake. Garleans. Two entire squads in fact with Magitek Reaper support. A bloody battle ensued, in which the Garlean defensive formation proved almost entirely impossible to break. After retreating back outside for more room to fight, the Garleans pursued. Vari quickly broke the formation by a repeat of her trick at the previous night's training, a flash of light from her Eos companion and the whole line was broken and blinded. The group quickly engaged, Roric sustaining heavy injuries in the process. Naoh'li proved to be quite the sniper, rapidly taking foes down, while Katsuhiro was quick to remind everyone that he had trained as Samurai since birth. Abobo rushed in with the ferocity of a Limsan, yet the speed of a Lalafell, with Sulwyn crashing down alongside him to dispatch as many foes as possible. Yet all of that was overshadowed by D'ein Nunh who had managed to slay a Magitek Reaper... with a rock. Emboldened by such a move the heroes of Norvalla quickly pressed on and had slain the last of the Garleans, capturing two officers. It was then clear that this was a setup and the Norvalla house was under attack! After grabbing what crates they could they made a hasty retreat to lick their wounds and head back...
  6. Just another sample of our previous roleplay event! The Cast for Episode Two Gamemaster: Ryslo Suramlo Squad Leader: Katsuhiro Attended: Fjola Eryut D'ein Nunh Aladiant Luvonamoux E'tihl Tia Sehra Muril Abobo Abo Linelle Proctie Llanore Aldavaul Elry Pehry Arnvidar Bekker Roric Angura Vari Zelenia Even among the snow swept landscape of Coerthas there are sites where dalamund's shell had marked the land. Their burgundy colored exterior among the frost covered land stand out in great contrast as they rise skyward. Norvalla having followed the trail of these corrupted sites took up a job in Ishgard to look for a group of missing children in a region that scouting parties has yet to transverse. This region so happen to have a corrupted crystal formation upon it and for Norvalla this was a perfect opportunity to do something good while in the meantime trying to follow the clues that were being left behind about the menace that they've been confronted with during the last Moon. So Norvalla was summoned to Western Coerthas and a briefing was conducted. When everyone had arrived people had been informed of the missing children. That a melody of music drew them from their homes and onto the streets where they'd disappear from sight. That the only people that heard this string of notes had been those who lived in the Brume but no one took them at face value until it was to late. Panic struck the city and Ishgards finest combed the streets, the alleys and each house coming up short. They also set scouting parties throughout much of the region surrounding Ishgard and still nothing. So they had no choice but to reach out to the Free Companies in hopes of garnishing additional man power to aid in this task - It was Norvalla who took up the task. With the information provided they deduced that the last area's that were to be investigated seem to also line up with a series of unfortunate events. A corrupted crystal region that required climbing to get to and a site that had yet to be properly examined. For those who were able to deduce this seem to have a faint trace of a trapping - After all it was to specific of an area to bring the kidnapped but none questioned the coincidence as they moved out as a group and proceeded to march toward the site. They'd climb to the upper shelf of the plateau and found themselves in an area with three Monolithic Red Crystals and standing at the center a Man who wore black armor from head to toe surrounded by twelve children. The man was brutal as he requested someone step forward but seem to clarify his statement after he discarded one of the children in a barbaric way. He indicated that Sehra Muril and Katsuhiro possessed something and after throwing a clear crystal toward them demanded they touched it. Sehra and Katsuhiro with no choice did so as the clear crystal filled with a dark cloud-like substance removing whatever it was they carried from a previous event. Tossing it back the man would draw the crystal into his free hand while he held firm to another child by the scruff of his neck. This dark armored man would attempt to book it leaving the other children where they had been. To note the group had also found that these dark crystals seem to have tethered to them 4 children each for an additional 12 children being held hostage. No option the group moved to rescue the children on the Crystals while a handful of people engaged the man in black armor. The terrifying speed and power of this man was unlike anything Norvalla had faced as he utilized the child in his care as a shield forcing Arnvidar to accidentally kill the kid in the process of inflicting some pain upon the Man. With the child dead in his care the adversary that stood before Norvalla tossed the body to the side and found himself engaged. For someone as large as he was he avoided strike after strike only to take a few blows that his armor seemed to absorb. Having what he came for he decided to make a break for it as a purple-black portal opened up behind him. He'd step backwards into it only to get attacked by those around him in a last ditch effort to bring him down. The strikes and blows against him seem to phase him but in what way it'd be hard to tell considering the mass of Umbra that absorbed him eventually from sight. Though one last effort seem to also free the man from the very prize he came to get - The now Dark Crystal Catalyst he had was now in the care of Norvalla.. With the armored man gone from sight - Norvalla would take the rest of the Children back to Falcons nest. Though the man got away and two of the twenty-four children had been murdered.. This was still a success as twenty-two children have been reunited with their families back in Ishgard & they have the Crystal Catalyst that seem to be the center of all this chaos.
  7. Norvalla is happy to announce that we have over 40 members within our organization with 32 of them fully active! We do remove our inactives because we feel its important to display actual numbers when people join our ranks. Plus it keeps things healthy and keeps things moving forward in the most positive way we can! Last night we held our first Knighting Ceremony as you can see through the following images the unity that Norvalla is building as well as its following! We are a community for the community (Not for the leaders!). Come check us out!
  8. Season 1 Episode 1 - Devil's Dance Our Official Storyline has been launched for Norvalla! We are taking Open world RP to the next level as we incorporate a long term storyline that will bind our players together in a meaningful way. A means that will give them depth, purpose and challenges to keep them engaged and involved in the great landscapes that Square Enix has built for us. Come and check us out and see what your missing!
  9. Recent Announcement on our Discord that we are proud to share! We just added a NPC Page to our Website as well! This is where you will find gathered information about NPC's you have all run across (Major NPCs Only) and a place to keep new players informed as well so they are not completely lost as our story grows larger and larger. Each season will have its own unique NPC page, Chapter Pages and so forth. We really want to drive home the message that Norvalla is all about that Roleplay. Right now we have information on Yorah but soon will have Information about Remus as well! Definitely look forward to the work and events we've got in store for everyone! https://norvalla.enjin.com/season1 Also please we urge you all to share whatever details you feel comfortable sharing with us about your characters backstory that you don't mind us utilizing in the Major Storyline (when plausible). Information you post up is extremely private and only shared between the Game Masters and yourself. To find that link go here! We have received 1 Backstory so far (which is also an indication that it is private as no one else can see it except for the thread creator and the gms!) https://norvalla.enjin.com/forum/m/49776708/viewforum/9658988 (You need to be a member to to see this!)
  10. We have plenty of events coming this week as well! Plus we have the introduction to our Free Companies Main Story Event being brought back after some needed hiatus. We needed to work out some solid NPC's, flush and iron out some stories and now we can finally bring things together in a cohesive way which we hope will tell a unified story for all those involved!
  11. Just another adventure into the Shroud - This time a Camping Trip! Not all our events involve combat and some are just simply meant to be utilized for Character Development and building up those bonds! Above pictures are just to show our attendance at our events ^^
  12. Norvalla is growing! We have atleast 2 - 3 roleplay events a week, Plenty of Random RP throughout it too! Great character development, new members melding with our older ones and most importantly we are having fun in a low drama environment. We do intend to also do PvE content as members level closer to 80 such as Map Runs, Mount Runs and so forth! Come check us out!
  13. Norvalla is growing and having amazing events each week with our attendance of said events climbing to an average of 14 members per event! We even host with two GM's giving our event depth and substance as we dive into the rich world of Eorzea! Come check us out and see what you may be missing!
  14. We have had an amazingly fun event yesterday which was light hearted and filled with creative twists and turns! If your looking for varying events, plenty of random RP and Major events with depth and world exploration come check us out! We are constantly recruiting and constantly seeking to add more people to our ever growing family!
  15. We are super excited to welcome the following to our Organization! Arken Revasch Vari Zelenia Katsuhiro
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