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    Ryslo Suramlo's Character Art

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    Ryslo's Musical Pieces

    Thought I'd share some of my own creations - Though not all that great why make things if not to share =). Anyways I figured I'd start this thread with memories of FFXI.
  3. Ryslo Suramlo

    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    We are recruiting new members all the time! We also have just started something we call Active Adventurer Events which are smaller RP events that are conducted throughout the week that focus upon open world RP that can be utilized to bring cooperation, teamwork and coaching chances for new members to instantly get involved with our older ones. To learn the system, to GM themselves and to be involved in our growing process from the very start. Come check out our site @ www.knightsofeorzea.com
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    Sharing a small part of our communties Creative Work.

    Wanted to Share our Most Recent Adventures depicted in a more RP Friendly Format! Please Enjoy!
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    Random FC Screenshots!

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    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    Just wanted to post here letting people know we are still recruiting new members for both of our paths. We encourage our members to partake in either and to involve themselves in all facades but if you'd like to be just part of one or the other that is more then OK too!
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    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    Thanks Crow! We were very happy to have met you and I look forward to further interactions leading into the future! That said we are always looking to add new and fresh blood to our community and always looking for people who are eager to one-day lead event's, help craft deeper systems and enjoy their time with us. This week is a bit light for us as I just got done a three week vacation and work's been giving my schedule on a day to day basis but next week I should have a set schedule and be back to 'normal'. Anyroad, I look forward to meet new people and engaging the folks we currently have!
  8. Ryslo Suramlo

    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    We are always eager to get new members incorporated into our community as we know its important to not only look at our present state of things but to also keep our eyes forward toward the future. Since we have been established since 2016, December 16th we have made ourselves proud on the fact we have a very inclusive environment where new folks are welcomed just as much as our older crowd. If your looking for a home that isn't just going to disappear one-day, and one that has proven to be rooted for a long term then we are definitely work your gander!
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    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    BOOK XII - Chapter 3 & 4 Summary Chapter 3 Attendance: Sehra Muril, Airis Sakuragi, Sigmund Lorimer, Sehya Veqhici, Kem'a Brom, Olloste Eio, Asher Shadowfang,Rinriyu Riyu, Mitsu Genuri, Waht'ya Zangholo, Ryslo Suramlo, Carmen Arkwright Chapter 4 Attendance: Airis Sakuragi, Ka'haru Tia, Drekki Drakkenheart, Orianne Elandril, Cyneler Fenrir, Tarva Aquilis, Silli Zenobia, Mahde'sae Sua, Caur Haragin, Asher Shadowfang, Caen Macleod, Mitsu Genuri, Sehra Muril, Ryslo Suramlo, Selene Rose, Sehya Veqhici, Kem'a Brom. ---- The Knights would first go onto a Treasure Hunt as they sought out information regarding the where abouts of the Cult led by a person they have dubbed "The Man in White". This treasure hunt more or less was initiated by a clue delivered to the Knights by an Ishgardian Patrol that came across the debris of the Crashed Airship from the previous event. With the clue in hand the Knight's came to realize they were following some sort of initiation setup by the cult to see if they could find potential recruits smart enough to get to the final box. Though it took considerable time the Knights would find the 'X' at the end of the trail. Here they'd get one last clue that would lead them to Othard, Specifically the Steppes. With the information at hand the Knights proceeded by Boat. Heading over the rough sea's to toward the East. Of course no trip is without it's dangers and soon the ocean itself seem to want the boat swallowed as sea creature's boarded the vessel and attacked those on the upper and lower decks. It was a lengthy fight to fend off what nature threw them but in the end they thwarted the attack and the boat was able to get underway again. Next Chapter - Kugane the City of the East.
  10. Ryslo Suramlo

    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    BOOK XII - Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 Summary In Attendance for Chapter 1: Drekki Drakkenheart, Selene Rose, Carmen Arkwright, Ryslo Suramlo, Tarva Aquilis, Waht'ya Zangholo, Caur Haragin, Sehya Veqhici, Sehra Muril, Kem'a Brom, Sigmund Lorimer, Olloste Eio In Attendance for Chapter 2: Drekki Drakkenheart, Sehra Muril, Carmen Arkwright, Ryslo Suramlo, Kem'a Brom, Caen Macleod, Sehya Veqhici, Tarva Aquilis, Sigmund Lorimer, Mitsu Genuri To Be Rewarded for the Prelude: Sehra Muril, Shalarissa Evermore, Light Armeigo, Kem'a Brom, Mitsu Genuri, Cyneler Fenrir, Sigmund Lorimer, Carmen Arkwright, Amara Elisse, Olloste Eio, Tarva Aquilis, Ryslo Suramlo The Knights of Eorzea have traveled to Ishgard where they uncovered a hidden plot created by the machinations of a man they've dubbed as the 'Man in White'. They learned that Children were being taken from the street's being charmed by a string music that manipulated the air with aether charming those who hear it's notes, forcing those who were effected to follow the player of those musical chords. They also learned that the Children were hidden away into crates and put on board a Cargo Ship called the Twilight, Which the Knight's would comb the airways over Ishgardian Owned Territory in hopes of finding this vessel. When they found the vessel a Airship to Airship battle commenced. Creatures from the void would be summoned onto the Knight's Airship while the caster of these creatures was other ship. While some of the knight's dealt with the boarders the two ships would exchange cannon fire trying to bring each other down. After a great deal of time the Enemy vessel appeared to have taken more damage and was about to crash into the surface below. The enemy on board abandoned the ship with the children in tow falling into the icy lands of Western Coerthas. Soon the Knights organized themselves to comb the snowy land. Searching for the whereabouts of the children and their hostage takers. Separated into three groups each group would face slightly different challenges. After each contest most of the Children were saved unfortunately six of the children would not make it to see a new dawn. The rest were brought to safety and kept under twenty four hour surveillance. It would be determind they were not plagued by anything and they'd be sent home to their families. That is all except for one who would be tended by Mitsu, Waht'ya and Olloste while he recovered from nearly having his entire Aether drained from his body. For now the Knight's wait for further information to play off of so they can continue their search for this 'Man in White' and his accomplices. The Knights did find clues that this group could be associated or following the same path as a old enemy they had once faced long ago: The Oracles of Empyrean.
  11. Ryslo Suramlo

    Recruitment [ Read Here ]

    The Knights of Eorzea is seeking to grow its ranks. We host a large assortment of events from Heavy Story to Player Vs. Environment. We pride ourselves on being a family first and a community second; trying to demolish the walls that create clique's and create division. Having been established for well over a year now and leadership still very active in all aspects of the game we are hoping you'll find a place among us and a place to call home.
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